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Jun 24, 2016
Saw it in another forum so I thought I'd see who might be interested in it here.

The title pretty much explains it all. Everyone posts one number at a time (you can't post two in a row) and see how far you can get without a forum leader having the urge to restart the count. If you do happen to be a forum leader you can cancel the count by posting "Restart!" at any time you would like. That doesn't mean forum leaders cannot help the count as well however. They can still continue the count just like everyone else. If we do happen to beat the high-score we can, of course, continue the game but it'll probably be a little harder than you think. ;)

The users that I would consider a "forum leader" for this game are the admins and mods excluding RP mods listed here:

And no, you cannot skip any numbers...

Anyway, I'll start the count:


Edit: I now also count towards the people who can restart the count as mod of this thread.
Edit 2: I no longer can restart the count. Also it's now a count as high as possible, before we get restarted. High scores will be recorded from now.
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Nov 17, 2010
Re: Count to 150 without a forum leader interrupting

No. I don't think you should get "forum leader status" for having mod powers for the sake of controlling an RP thread. Actual mods and admins fine. But that bloated list is 90% RP mod powers.

150 (you never said we couldn't skip straight to it :) ) I win!


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Dec 31, 2016
Re: Count to 150 without a forum leader interrupting


*Knocks on wood* I take full-responsibility if I did jinx it, you may do to me as you will. :3