Eggplants (Artist)


Jungle Girl
Sep 21, 2014
I Commissioned a piece back in late 2015 to be completed by Eggplants. After payment, work proceeded as usual and then all contact stopped. After months of no contact I receive an email and an update about what has been going on.
Ever since then I have received no word from him and his last login date on HF was early January of this year.

Does anyone know what happened and how I can contact him?
Nov 13, 2013
Re: Eggplants (Artist)

He is just acting like a child who cant deal with his "problems".

After his patreon flopped he cut contact with everyone.

Sorry about you losing your money man.


Jungle Girl
May 22, 2016
Re: Eggplants (Artist)

What form of payment did you do? That would be a good start. As for contacting him, if he's intentionally ignore people about his art/commissions, I would "attempt" (Since this was so long ago), to get your money back if it was a large amount.