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Nov 21, 2008
So, I recently acquired some Rogue Trader PDF's, and, having read into some of them, have decided to try and host an actual Rogue Trader game.

Anyone showing actual interest in playing, there's two questions I want you to answer when you do post your interest:

1) Would you be willing to play if the Rogue Trader/Navigators themselves were NPC's? If not, would you be willing to play one of these two vital roles?

2) Would you prefer it be an IRC game, or an actual forum game done post-by-post?

Questions welcome.

Also, below, will be the books full of optional stuff I've discovered that will be allowed:

Hostile Acquisitions
The Navis Primer
Tau Character Guide
Battlefleet Koronus
Into the Storm

I am also open to suggestions of other books if supplied with a PDF to peruse before rendering judgement.
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Dec 13, 2013
Re: Rogue Trader interest check.

Okay. What the heck's Rogue Trader?


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Nov 21, 2008
Re: Rogue Trader interest check.

Rogue Trader is basically a 40k RPG system built off of Dark Heresy. Instead of being Inquisitors or Acolytes-in-training, however, the PC's serve about the vessel of a Rogue Trader, an influential and free agent of the Imperium of Man.

Rogue Traders often have one thing in very short supply in the grimdark future of the 41st millenia: True freedom.

The best short summation I can think of is, they're privateers of the Imperium on the very edge of known space, and their job is to help expand and maintain the Imperium's presence there. This also allows them unparalleled levels of freedom, away from the Ecclesiarchy and administration of the greater Imperium. As well, it is not uncommon for rogue Traders to encounter things the average citizen can only hope to dream of. From contact with alien species, to braving the perils of Warp travel, to the danger of being space-bound for much of their career.

The Rogue Trader themselves determines where the ship goes, how it goes about its business, and what orders to hand out to the crew. The Navigators should be self-explanatory to anyone that knows 40k lore.


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Nov 24, 2008
Re: Rogue Trader interest check.

Sort of interested, especially if we can play via IRC at a time when I'm available. I'd be willing to try playing Rogue Trader, though I expect to be pretty bad at it because can't into nobility and stuff.


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Nov 21, 2008
Re: Rogue Trader interest check.

Not all Rogue Traders are nobles in the behavioral sense, Spider. All are descended from the original Rogue Traders and carry with them their ancient Warrant of Trade. This basically gives them free reign to do whatever the hell they want in the name of the God-Emperor. Not all maintain the same traditions of nobility, as generations on the fringe of civilized space lend themselves to a reduced need for decorum and noble practices.
Feb 6, 2009
Re: Rogue Trader interest check.

So if you feel like being an ass for fun and profit, it's doable.

I might be willing to give this a bash, but the IRC thing may not work out for me. It all depends on when we'd do it, I suppose. Forums I can always do. Also, I'd need some of dem PDF's.


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May 5, 2009
Re: Rogue Trader interest check.

Rogue Traders are WH40k's equivalent to medieval trade caravans scaled up to space ship level. Armed against brigands, they would travel from outback settlement to far out settlement to give the peasantry much needed goods they couldn't produce on their own, as the relatively low population and tech level meant that professions such as blacksmiths and cobblers couldn't get off the ground, or make enough money off the five or six families that made up the little farming village. So a bunch of dudes would fill their carts with excess junk from larger settlements and go off to the smaller ones and trade away a goat for a barrel of cabbages, or a pair of new(ish) boots for a couple chickens.

If a farmer really needed a new hoe or an ox or something he might even trade away one of his kids. Preferably his daughter as she couldn't do the same kind of work a son could, and she'd probably run off and marry one of the other farmers' sons as soon as she was old enough anyway. Plus he wouldn't know when the next time a trader would roll through town with what he needed, and it wasn't like he had anything else of value he didn't need to keep the farm going and staying alive. The girl could do a few chores for the traders until they reached a town or city and marry her off to town peasantry or get her hired as a maid.

In the dark grimdark age of grimdark 40k Warhammer Tank Tanks, Rogue Traders do the same thing, except they transport and trade huge amounts of old tech as well as normal medieval stuff to settlements. Because warp travel is so fucking fickle at the best of times, planet governors will trade away just about anything they don't need or are not using for something they think they desperately need right then and there. It's even worse than that because planets get hyper specialized into producing one type of thing, like agri-worlds and mining worlds, so sometimes you're going to come upon a settlement suffering from a huge food shortage, and they're more than willing to trade their firstborns for food off your ship. Then they'll be hive worlds that an Imperial Lord General will be siphoning population off from to fuel his latest crusade who'll be more than happy to take in all your extra crewmen in exchange for all the excess tanks and tanks they have been stocking up. And then you'll come upon an agri-world that's having a little chaos cult problem and need a bunch of weapons and tanks and stuff. Well, you got tanks, and they've got food, so guess what you'll fill your ship with?

So, yeah. Harem/sweat-shop ships are totally legit.
Dec 6, 2009
Re: Rogue Trader interest check.

Tenative interest shown. I have a question as you listed the tau character creation guide, will pcs be allowed to play non human characters? As tau were the faction i was most interested from when i thought about playing the acrual table top game.

If I do decide to play, i would prefer forum based; as i cant work around irc scheduling or time zone shrnanigans. Im okay either way on the RY/Navigator deal.


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Nov 21, 2008
Re: Rogue Trader interest check.

Yes, I will be allowing Tau characters if you can give me a damn good reason for them to be amongst the crew. HOWEVER! I would wait on that until the PC that is actually going to be playing the Rogue Trader makes their character, as the character creation in RT is a little awkward.

Normally, the crew (Read: Players) determine the characteristics and components of their ship. What I intend to do is have the person playing the Trader make an actual roll on the Ship Points/Profit table, then have the players work out the ship's components from that amongst themselves.

As well, the Trader character will essentially be the captain, so how the ship is run is decided by them. They may not want Xenos on board.


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Jan 4, 2014
Re: Rogue Trader interest check.

Interest shown. :D

Could I play the Navigator?

And I am fine with either iirc or a forum thread.
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Aug 12, 2010
Re: Rogue Trader interest check.

I will play and I'd like to be the Rogue Trader.

Filthy xenos? On MY ship? Probably not.

Edit: If there's a good reason for a Tau or an Eldar character to be on the ship, I suppose I'd be open to the possibility, but I'm not overly excited about it. Consider the fact that whatever appealed to you about playing a Tau army in the tabletop game is probably not going to be represented well in a Rogue Trader game.

If we're all human, it gives us more leeway in the sorts of missions we can accept. If we have a xeno on board, then we're automatically cast as fringe heretics.

2nd Edit: Just rolled a Rogue Trader character that has 15 insanity points and 5 corruption points at game start. Maybe she'll let some xenos on her ship after all...
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Dec 15, 2011
Re: Rogue Trader interest check.

Interest is to be had by this one.

I forgot to include when I typed the post, I am cool with pc or npc rogue traders or navigators, I can potentially run a rogue trader if it becomes strictly speaking necessary for the rest of the group, and I am alright with either forum or IRC games.

@Blueslime: The main tradeoff for having xenos characters, as I see it, is you can no longer have puritanical or 'holy' characters amongst the crew. Many, many Rogue traders have an annoying tendency of doing heavy business with xenos because that's where the most profit is. (Or less savory elements, hereteks, warp-tainted individuals, etc etc) There are ways to get away with having a xenos heavy crew in many circumstances, especially given the Koronus expanses main Imperium influence is the Battlefleet. So if you -do- get caught, the game can become changed, but the xenos influence can bring much profit with a smart RT. For example, it's always so much easier to pin the blame on an Eldar assassin if you can somehow get your hands on a legitimate eldar long rifle. Doesn't really matter so much what 'brand' of eldar.
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Aug 12, 2010
Re: Rogue Trader interest check.

@Chameon: Yes, I know that many RTs do shady business with Xenos. Given that the character I just rolled is quite the kooky customer, I'm guessing she'll be okay with doing shady business as well.

So if Caulder's okay with me being the Rogue Trader, then xenos with EXCELLENT reasons for being on a human vessel can be there. It's quite possible that my RT has had close encounters with various xenos races.

Character Sheet:
Name: Faydra Undynne
Homeworld: Noble Born (Born on Malfi)
Birthright: Vaunted (Raised on Malfi, living a life of privilege)
Lure of the Void: Chosen by Destiny (Faydra knew that she was bound for some greater destiny of adventure and conquest among the stars, and fate conspired to give her an opportunity to claim a stake as a Rogue Trader)
Trials and Travails: Dark Voyage (The first voyage into the expanse resulted in a close encounter with a terrible warp storm. The ship was lost for months, wandering amid the warp, during which time a minor mutiny arose, goaded by the presence of a terrible spirit that had pierced the ship during a fateful moment when the Geller Field had temporarily failed. The horror of confronting that creature and the corrupted souls it sent at her has tested Faydra's sanity, but strengthened her resolve.)
Motivation: Prestige (More than ever, Faydra's goal is to make her mark upon the galaxy. No prestige is too small. She wants worlds at her feet, undreamed of wealth, and enough power to return triumphantly one day to Malfi and claim her whole dynasty's holdings for herself.)
Career: Rogue Trader

WS 40 (Simple)
BS 38
St 35
Tg 40
Ag 41
Pr 31
In 33
WP 34
FS 46 (simple)

Wounds: 10/10 (unless you're letting us use max)
Fate: 4
Insanity: 15
Corruption: 5

Etiquette - +1 bonus on Interaction Skill tests when dealing with high authority/formal situations
Legacy of Wealth -- +1 to the group's starting Profit Factor
Supremely Connected -- Begin with Peer (Nobility) talent, plus additional Peer.
Vendetta -- Rival Rogue Trader House Zeca, with whom a well-documented blood feud has lasted for over fifteen generations.
Fated for Greatness -- +1 Fate, but gain 1d10+1 Insanity
Things Man was not Meant to Know: Gain Resistance (Fear) talent.
Marked by Darkness -- Gain 1d5 Insanity points.
Prestige Motivation -- Gain either one Talented or one Peer talents.
Exceptional Leader -- Free action once per round, grant ally in line of sight who can hear +10%
to any one test.

Trained Skills:
Speak Language (Low Gothic)
Speak Language (High Gothic)
Common Lore (Imperium)
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy)
Pilot (Space Craft)

Peer (Nobility) (+10 to rolls dealing with the Nobility)
Peer (Mercantile) (+10 to rolls dealing with Merchants)
Resistance (Fear) (Gains +10 bonus to taking Fear tests)
Air of Authority (May affect 1d10 + FB worth of people with a successful command test)
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Decadence (+10 bonus to resist addiction; takes longer to succumb to drink or poison)
Talented: Command (+10 to all tests using Command)

Plasma Pistol
Power Sword
Micro Bead
Void Suit
Fine Clothing
Xeno Pelt Cloak
Storm Trooper Carapace

Unspent Exp: 0
Spent Exp: 5,000

Bio: Faydra was born on the Hive World of Malfi, the labyrinthian capital of the Malfi Sub-Sector in the Calixis Sector. Hers was a privileged upbringing in a world where cutthroat intrigue was a way of life and to cease in politicking and conspiring the downfall of others was to invite your own doom. The Undynne dynasty is a house rivaled by only an elite few, with a powerbase on many worlds. Faydra was tutored on intrigue, scandal weaving, the fine art of hiring assassins, fashion, networking, and in her case, she was groomed for trade. She was never meant to inherit the family's Warrant of Trade, but alas, after a series of devious assassinations that were doubtlessly organized by their hated rivals in House Zeca, the Warrant became up for grabs and in a fine display of her own initiative, Faydra took the key to the Warrant vault for herself and arranged for a small but loyal group of followers to crew the family ship as they made their escape from Malfi. It was obvious that if she stayed on the planet while in control of the warrant key, she would be assassinated, likely by a member of her own family. By charming and befriending a capable navigator, she now has the means to travel to the Koronus Expanse, make her fortune, and build up her strength so that when she returns to Malfi, she will be able to seize the assets of her house without fear of reprisal.


Warrant of Trade roll = 7
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Nov 21, 2008
Re: Rogue Trader interest check.

After some rolls by BlueSlime, the ship's Profit Factor, Ship Points, and Complications have been determined.

The starting Profit Factor for the ship will be 41, and the starting Ship Points will be 50.

The Ship's Complications are as follows:

Machine Spirit Oddity: Blasphemous Tendencies: The ship's machine spirit resonates sympathetically with the Immaterium, allowing it to swim through the Warp as if it were more at home there. All Navigation Tests made to pilot the ship through the Warp gain a +15 bonus, however, all Willpower tests made by the crew while aboard the ship suffer a -5 penalty.

Past History: Finances in Arrears: Faydra's vessel was purchased with funds borrowed from a wealthy mercantile lord, and that debt must be repaid. Whenever the crew attempts to complete an Endeavor's objective, the must accumulate an additional 50 Achievement Points to accomplish the Objective. However, the financier in question supports his investment by providing aid and information, counting as a reliable contact to all crew members. Additionally, he may make requests of them that they're in no position to refuse.

It was also stated by Blueslime that he wanted a Frigate hull for his ship, which would leave 10 Ship Points for you all to decide amongst yourselves on. As well, I will be allowing you to purchase EITHER 2 Archaeotech Components OR a single Xenotech component with your starting Ship Points.

On Character Generation: All rolls done for Character Generation from this point on should be done on InvisibleCastle, and for stats it will be a roll system as opposed to a point buy system. I will also allow placement of the rolls wherever the player decides, and the rerolling of ONE stat, of which you MUST take the new roll, even if it's worse than the old.
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Nov 24, 2008
Re: Rogue Trader interest check.

Not finished

Homeworld: Imperial
Birthright: Savant
Lure of the Void: Duty Bound
Trials and Travails: Dark Voyage
Motivation: Pride
Career: Seneschal
Spent experience: 4950
Unspent experience: 50

WS 36
BS 36
St 40
Tg 33 (31-3+5)
Ag 35
Pr 40
In 35 (32+3)
WP 46 (40+3+3)
FS 33

Wounds: 8
Fate: 3
Insanity: 1

Blessed Ignorance: -5 to forbidden lore
Hagiography: Common lore(imperial creed, imperium, war) are basic(untrained) skills
Liturgical familiarity: Literacy and speak language(high gothic) are basic(untrained) skills
Duty to the Throne:You gain +3 Willpower and (if you meet the WP 40 prerequisite) the Armour of Contempt Talent. You suffer a –10 penalty to Interaction Skill Tests when dealing with any source outside of the Imperium (e.g., aliens and traitors)
Seeker of Lore: The Seneschal may spend a Fate Point to automatically succeed at any Ciphers, Lore, or Logic Test. Doing so means that the Test is resolved in the minimum time required. In addition, the Seneschal adds one bonus Degree of Success to any successful Commerce, Inquiry, or Evaluate Test

Trained Skills:
Commerce (Fel)
Common Lore (Underworld) (Int)
Deceive (Fel)
Evaluate (Int)
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) (Int)
Forbidden Lore (Daemonology) (int)
Inquiry (Fel)
Literacy (Int)
Logic (int) (basic)
Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int)
Speak Language (Trader’s Cant) (int)

Armour of Contempt
Basic Weapon Training(universal)
Pistol Weapon Training(universal)
Sound constitution

Angevin era chainsword(best-craftsmanship chainsword)
common-Craftsmanship inferno pistol
Best-Craftsmanship hellgun
Xeno-mesh armour
two sets of robes
cameleoline cloak.


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Aug 12, 2010
Re: Rogue Trader interest check.

Our Sword Class Frigate: "The Beneficent Murder"
Machine Spirit Oddity: Blasphemous Tendency: Ship has strong connection with the warp. +15 to all navigation rolls, -5 to Willpower while onboard the ship.

Past History: Finances in Arrears: The money for the ship was borrowed and we still owe the debt to the mercantile magnate. We essentially can't refuse his missions, but he does give us information and access to equipment; acts as a contact.

Speed 8
Manouverability +20
Detection +15
Void Shields 1
Armor 18
Hull Integrity 35
Power Generation 45
Space 40
Turret Rating 2
Weapon Capacity Dorsal 2
SP Cost 40

Essential Components

Hull Sword Class Frigate
Plasma Drives Modded Jovian Pattern Cl. 2 Drive (Power +45, Space 6) 3SP
Warp Drives Strelov 1 Warp Engine (P 10, S 10)
Void Shields Single Void Shield Array (P 5, S 1)
Geller Field Geller Field (P 1, S 0)
Life sustainer Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer (P 4, S 2)
Crew compartments Voidsmen Quarters (P 1, S 3)
Bridge Armored Command Bridge (P 2, S 2)
Sensors R-5 Auspex Multi Band (P 4, S 0)

Supplemental Components

Sunsear Battery (P 6, S 4) 1SP
Mars Macrocannon (P 4, S 2) 1SP
Extended Supply Vaults (P 1, S 4) 2SP
Teleportarium (P 1, S 1) 1SP
Barracks (P 2, S 4) 2SP

Total (P 41, S 39) 50SP

Ship's Background:
For many generations after House Undynne had achieved the rarefied air of entrenchment as a noble faction on the hive world of Malfi, the one rankling aspect that still perturbed the house was its own dependency on pre-existing shipping lines with which to transport the immense contracts of its numerous off-world holdings through the warp to reap in huge profits. While their best deals in this endeavor were undoubtedly strengthened by clever political marriage and tried and tested bribery, blackmail, and extortion, it still remained an annoyance that they could not cut out the "middle man" as it were. And so, for quite some time, the house kept a weather eye on the possibility of acquiring a voidfaring vessel.

The ship that was to eventually be theirs was originally created over a millenium ago as a supplementary troop transport and invasion frigate out of Port Wrath, in the Calixis sector. It was first designated as the Vanguard Saint, and for a time served its purpose in bringing the light of the Emperor to the Koronus Expanse, transporting the Imperial Navy and portions of Imperial Guard regiments to new worlds that required conquering. It was on a return voyage from one such mission that the Vanguard Saint entered a warpstorm and veered off course from the main fleet. It was lost for over 400 years, eventually exiting the warp and showing up derelict near a missionary outpost world. The navigator of the ship was the only apparent survivor, and he claimed to remember nothing of what had occurred on the voyage. The rest of the crew had ominously disappeared without a trace. Howeveer, the missionaries declared the sudden provision of a battle frigate long thought to be lost to the warp to be an example of Saint Drusus providing them with the means to further bring the light of the Emperor to the surrounding system, and re-named the ship The Beneficent Saint, which it would hold for a long time as it was used as a pilgrimage vessel in the Expanse by a Drusian Cult leader and the mysteriously unscathed navigator.

Upon returning to the Calixus sector a century later with the intention of transporting more pious souls to the edge of known space, the ship's captain was upheld by a merchant shipping family who accused the missionaries of operating an imperial vessel illegally, without a Warrant of Trade. The ship was seized by the trading cartel and the missionaries were all arrested. Appealing to the Ecclesiarchy, the Drusian cult was able to instigate a very long, politically charged and drawn out investigation, headed by the Ministratum's chief beurocrats, and with different sect bishops coming to the fore to both defend the actions of the Drusians and to condemn them as heretics. The Ordos Xenos was eventually put in charge and an examination of the worlds discovered, the actions of the cultists on those worlds, and the nature of the ship and its navigator were examined thoroughly. The end result was that while the results of the missionaries were to be commended, the acquisition of the ship without imperial mandate from the high lords of terra and the impersonation of a rogue trader were grounds for summary execution of all persons involved on the ship. The missionaries who were considered only to have been legal cargo, illegally transported, were allowed to remain on their new worlds, but they were to be cut off from future imperial provisions and expected to fend for themselves as best they could on the colony world until such a time as a legal, proper exploratory fleet could make the trip back to them.

This was all well and good, but the Beneficent Saint still remained a ship without a master. The Imperial Fleet had long since cut its losses with the lone frigate and had replaced its number many times over. It did not require the ship, and the merchant cartel was loath to give it up. However, the Ministratum did not give the merchant's the right of use for the vessel, only the right to hold it in safekeeping until a Warrant of Trade could be issued through the proper channels. This frustrating decision meant that the cartel was paying upkeep fees on the vessel, without being able to make a profit on it. And so, the search was on for a potential buyer.

Naturally, House Undynne soon came into negotiations with the cartel, and it was determined that both sides wanted to make the transaction, all that was needed was for a Warrant of Trade to be granted. Each side agreed to start building a case for one to be granted to House Undynne. This was to be a monumental investment of time and resources, as the only way to achieve this was to bribe and donate their way into the Warrant, all the way to Terra and back. More generations went by, as interests were funneled in, gradually, piece by piece. As the grant of trade seemed to drift nearer, jockeying for position within House Undynne intensified. A father couldn't trust his own son, and a son should probably do well to kill his siblings before they could kill him. In the interim, the trade cartel became Undynne's biggest backer, and the two did much business together, with the understanding that when the ship finally did start making a profit, the cartel would be getting benefits from their investment beyond mere cash sums. This ship was going to open exclusive trade rights to the cartel into the birth of a new sector of space.

The final part of the ship's story occurs after the grant of the Warrant of Trade came through. With the Warrant officially bequeathed, it now only was required for the Cartel to locate a navigator from a suitable family and for the ship to be transported to the Malfi sub-sector for its maiden voyage. At this time, House Zeca, a blood-rival of House Undynne, had engaged in full out clandestine warfare. Assassins were being hired everywhere, and when that was not enough, outright duels were being declared at balls and galas. Eventually, the patriarch of House Zeca was found butchered with his immediate family in their own homes, causing a power vacuum that effectively ended the struggle as Zeca rebuilt itself. It would have been time for the Undynnes to crush their hated rivals for good, except that the battle for the Warrant rights distracted them. House Zeca rebuilt quickly and actually used their supposed weakness to their advantage, striking out at several smaller houses and overwhelming them in quick succession. The murder of their patriarch had turned out to work quite well for them, while Undynne only fought amongst itself. In this way, by the time of its arrival, the owners of the Beneficent Saint had taken to calling it the Beneficent Murder, to demonstrate the irony of the struggle it had caused their personal fortunes.

At the last, it was Faydra Undynne, a most unlikely candidate, who ordered the final hit, or cajoled the remaining Undynnes to stick with their planetary holdings as the safer ventures. There were still a few candidates that might have had a better claim than her, but enough family members agreed to put her name on the Warrant, and she scooped it up and ran for the ship as quickly as she could, leaving no less than a dozen family members wanting to send assassins after her. Possession on Malfi is 999/1000 of the law, so she gleefully took her status as Rogue Trader and sailed away to the stars. In honor of the events that lead to her acquisition of this amazing destiny, she calls the ship 'The Beneficent Murder.'
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Jan 4, 2014
Re: Rogue Trader interest check.

The ships Navigator.

Anya Nozick
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Dec 15, 2011
Re: Rogue Trader interest check.

I will be running the world's most embarassingly lowstatted Archmilitant

Listed here, far later then it should have been. Backstory to come tommorow.

Name: Siegfried 'Siggy' Siegismund
Birthright: Scavenger
Lure of the Void: Criminal (Judged and found wanting) -300 XP
Trials and Travails: Hand of War
Motivation: Pride (+3 toughness)

Wounds: 11
Fate Points: 3
Insanity: 5
Weapon Skill: 25
Ballistic Skill: 42
Strength: 31
Toughness: 40
Agility: 41
Intelligence: 38
Perception: 36
Fellowship: 29

Common Lore (War)
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis)
Secret Tongue (Military)
Speak Language (Low Gothic)

Basic weapon (Universal)
Pistol weapon (Universal)
Thrown Weapon (Universal)
Sound Con 1 (+1 wounds, +1 further from world)
Technical Knock
Leap Up
Hatred (Orks)

Credo Omnissiah: Gain Technical Knock (Applied)
Fit For Purpose: Gain +3 to Ballistic Skill (applied)
Stranger to the Cult: -10 penalty on tests involving knowledge of imperial creed, -5 fellowship tests with ecclesiarchy in a formal setting.
Weaponmaster: Pistols provide a +10 to ballistic skill, +2 to damage, +2 to initiative.
The Ashes of War: Gain Leap Up and Hatred orks
The Face of the enemy: -10 to all fellowship tests when dealing with orks, react violently to orks given the slightest provocation.

Two boltpistols(Luciel
and Janus
): Range: 30m Rof: S/2 Dam: 1d10+7 X Pen: 4 Clip: 8 Rld: Full Special: Tearing
Two autopistols (Unnamed): Range: 30m Rof: S/-/6 Dam: 1d10+4 I Pen: 0 Clip 18 Rld: Full.
One good craftsmanship monoknife: 1d5+3 R pen 2
Micro-bead: Range of one kilometre under ideal conditions.
Enforcer Light Carapace armour: 5 Everywhere
Bolt shell necklace: Siggy wears a necklace made out of a strand of the first few dozen bolt shells fired from his pistols. Yes. He knows it looks gaudy.
Medikit: +20 medicae skill tests and allows medicae to be used as a basic skill
Arms Coffer

Bionic Implants:
Good quality MIU: Silvery wires spread from around his spinal cord throughout his body, with an occasional greenish tint. These provide a +10 bonus to commune with machine spirits, techuse, pilot, drive, logic, inquiry and ballistic skill tests when interfaced with the technology, and furthermore, the user can experience the sensations of any smallsized familiars he controls as if he were present.
Good Bionic Arm *2: His left and right arms have been replaced with bionic arms that look very nearly human, and have had his mind impulse unit re-threaded throughout them, the make and model of the bionic arms is surprisingly good, providing a +10 to agility tests requiring delicate manipulation as well as strength tests. Furthermore, these provide a +2 to toughness bonus when hit in the arms.
Common Craftsmanship weapon bracing *2: Both of his arms have had weapon bracing interfaced into them with magnetic locks clearly designed for pistols. This design is very clearly for smaller, single-handed weapons. The character can replace the weapon as a full action, and receives a +20 bonus on all weapon skill tests to resist being disarmed.

XP Spent: 5100 (100 XP given by GM as neither of the weapon trainings available from Hand of War made sense with character background.)
XP Remaining: 0
300 Judged and Found Wanting
100 Awareness
200 Ambidextrous

Several billion upon several billion upon several billion people repeated ad infinitum travel back and forth throughout the Imperium. Some stay in their worlds protecting them, some go into space in search of their fortune, for themselves or others. Amongst these was one Janus Siegismund, a nobleman, born on Scintilla 800 years prior to becoming relevant to this story, he made the faithful decision to bring necessary supplies to an up and coming shrineworld. These came in the form of many things, incenses, both native and non-native, to his homeworld, a large supply of rockcrete, some cheap weaponry such as lasrifles and las pistols, etc etc. Then, he bought a space-capable vessel and, not fully understanding the implications, became what is known amongst the Imperium as a chartered trader. Rogue Traders, you see, have two things a chartered trader does not. One: They have a sacred warrant of trade, traditionally signed with a single dot of the emperors' blood, which allows them to traverse throughout space as they please, including traveling through the warp with the aid of a navigator. Two: They have a vessel that can arrive at its' destination in less time than hundreds upon hundreds of years.

Fast-forward a mere onehundred terran years. The vessel is still on its' way, although the incense has long since died out, the weapons have been passed out to deal with a minor disagreement on theology. Most of the materials that can be consumed have been consumed. The rockcrete looms a mountain filling the ship, covering ductwork, and making routes impassable. In this time, the Adeptus Mechanicus have discovered the aforementioned shrine worlds' woes with an Explorator fleet, and have offered to support the planets' development for a few minor concessions.

These minor concession included a land tithe.

However, we go too slow, let us skip to the end of the voyage. One of the bloodline of the noble Janus has given birth to Siegismund. The ship is at the edge of the system. And when they announce, cheerily, expecting to be respond to with prayers to the god-emperor and other jubilant statements, that they have come bearing a mass of building materials, the omnissiah's binary code chatters out of their equipment for a brief period, before they continue with a response that the planet has been mined out.

A thousand tonnes of rockcrete remained on the ship. The crew was down in number to under a hundred, from a starting value of several thousand. In the end, this maiden expedition for a chartered ship turned out to be a waste of resources burning on a colossal scale. The noble line left the ship onto the planet, and, in most reports, that would be the end of the story, as they went from rich to unable to afford the clothes on their backs rapidly.

Siegismund was born into poverty, with his parents always telling him that it was such a shame he wasn't born rich. Which is untrue. It's not a shame he was born poor, as it revealed a latent talent that he had, which would have remained utterly hidden had he been born rich. As it turns out, he had a knack for wrenching bionics out of dead, or potentially living people who had gotten dead drunk. Or, in English, he was a natural Reclaimator. The techpriests paid him dimes and nickles for his work, so that they would continue to have more and more parts to use, constantly recovering them from the seedier parts of the forges as those individuals who were not direct servants of the Omnissiah, who thought that today, maybe, they could try taking something for themselves.

This talent bought him...while not acclaim, acknowledgement amongst the techpriests for his skills. And so, one day, one of the twitchier members of the cult offered him an implant as payment for the parts that he had managed to rip out of a servitor that had been left unaided. Nerves-notwithstanding, the man seemed honest, and Siegismund had been thinking that perhaps he could use it to sympathize more with the Omnissiah's true followers. Perhaps they'd be willing to pay him more if he followed their creed. And so, after hours upon hours of work, he had a system of wires made out of electrum implanted into his body with a 3% copper impurity that were quite visible as unshielded wiring through his skin that occasionally tangled around his veins. Needless to say, the Adeptus Mechanicus shortly found out about this surgery, and while they quite approved of Siegismund's willingness to get enhanced in the manners of the truly wise, the unabashed folly of the techpriest and Siegismund for daring to use a 3% impurity of materials and breaking the Standard Template for that material, for experimenting with such a manner, resulted in the near-immediate execution of the techpriest.

Siegismund, however, was saved by the Battlefleet Calixis who, as it had turned out, also believed this world to be a shrine world, as it still appeared in Imperial Records as that. Having to tithe out people, as the Adeptus Mechanicus hardly had any say over what a Shrine World was to have done, and not having any major technological achievements to attract a Magos of any renown, they had to tithe off people. The first to go were the criminals, amongst them was Siegismund.

Siggy traveled throughout the void with the fleet, constantly trying to sell things that were not, necessarily, his, to anybody who would listen, earning more then one particular scar from his proclivities, however, he was, thankfully, smart enough to avoid informing the commissariat of his steadily expanding cache of stolen drugs, scavenged body parts etc. Throughout this time with the Battlefleet Calixis, he was most often involved in repelling boarding actions from Orks, amongst other unsavory individuals. While other species, and the occasional instance of pirates, resulted in him and his fellow crewmembers dying en masse to ship damage should they be unlucky and take a hit from a lance battery, only orks were insane enough to storm his ship and get into a fight with them. And somehow, that made it all more personal. In his mind, it was out of spite that the bastards dared to kill his fellow crew in front of him. Yes, that was it, they wanted it to hurt more.

Siegismund left the Battlefleet Calixis after 20 years of service, simply vanishing into the mists of a conveniently timed variation of shore leave, however, to put it lightly, he was addicted to traveling through space, and he fully believes that he is one of the best fighters to be placed on a ship. So, when Faydra Undynne and her entourage arrived in Port Wander, he cheerily volunteered himself and the few dozen members of his gang he had since formed in the planet for service aboard her vessel, offering the aid of a Navy Veteran and a few dozen young thugs for practically cost.

Starting Acquisitions:
Must end as a +0.
Combining acquisitions provides a -5 penalty per acquisition
Rare acquisitions (-10) are the same acquisition difficulty as good craftsmanship scarce acquisitions (Contacted GM to confirm)
Bionics start at and remain at +20 for the first few, as the difficulty is in finding a trustworthy and reliable techpriest to apply the bionics, on top of the bionics themselves, making the 'techpriests aid' an effective acquisition as well.
+20-10-5=+5. Two good bionic arms and weapon bracing applied to both, total of '5' acquisitions including the techpriest's assistance.
41+5=46 Dice roll was stated to be unnecessary by GM.

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Re: Rogue Trader interest check.

My turn!

Name: Noemi
Homeworld: Forgeworld
Birthright: Stubjack
Lure of the Void: Renegade Dark Visionary
Trials and Travails: The Hand of War
Motivation: Endurance
Career: Voidmaster (Mastery of Space)
Spent experience: 4950
Unspent experience: 50

WS 32 (37-5)
BS 43 (38+5)
St 36
Tg 33
Ag 52 (39+3+10)
Pr 37
In 41 (36+5)
WP 37
FS 39 (44-5)

Wounds: 13 (6+6+1)
Fate: 2
Insanity: 10

Credo Omnissiah: All forge world characters begin with the Technical Knock
Fit For Purpose: A starting forge world character may increase a Characteristic of his choice by +3.
Stranger to the Cult: Forge world characters suffer a –10 penalty on Tests involving knowledge of the Imperial Creed and a –5 penalty on Fellowship Tests to interact with members of the Ecclesiarchy in formal settings.
Stubjack: You gain the Quick Draw Talent and gain Intimidate as a trained Basic Skill. You gain a bonus of +5 to your choice of Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill, but you suffer both –5 Fellowship and 1d5 Insanity Points.
Dark Visionary: You suffer your choice of 1d5+1 Corruption Points or 1d5+1 Insanity Points. In return, you gain the Dark Soul Talent and Forbidden Lore (choose one) as a trained Basic Skill.
The Ashes of War: You gain one Weapon Training Talent of your choice as well as the Hatred Talent against Imperial Guard.
The Face of the Enemy: You will never willingly have dealings with your sworn enemy except under the direst circumstances, and if you must do so, you suffer –10 to all Fellowship Tests in those dealings. Also, if given the slightest
provocation, you will react violently towards them. (You may take a Willpower Test to avert this, modified by the provocation and the consequences of succumbing to your hatred.)
Endurance: +1 Wound

Trained Skills:
Awareness [Per]
Intimidate [Str]
Forbidden Lore (Xenos, Adeptus Mechanus) [Int]
Common Lore (Imperial Navy, War) [Int]
Navigation (Stellar) [Int]
Pilot (Spacecraft, Flyers)[Agi]
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) [Int]
Speak Language (Low Gothic) [Int]

Technical Knack (Trait)
Quickdraw (Trait)
Dark Soul (Trait)
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Basic Weapon Training [Universal] (Trait)
Nerves of Steel
Hatred (Imperial Guard) [Trait]

Best-Craftsmanship Mono-Sword
Common-Craftsmanship Bolt Pistol
Guard Flak Armour
Void Suit
Blessed Ship Token
Beggar’s Cloak
2 Bottles of Amasec

Intermediate Agility: 350
Awareness: 100
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