Maiko's Game - Loot Thread

Nov 12, 2008
Where all of your phat lewt will be recorded.

Session 1 results:
From the pack found in the cavern:
1 Potion of Resist Energy(Electricity) 10, Duration 30 minutes
21gp and 1sp
A set of ragged travelers clothes sized for a small person (not advisable for wearing)
A journal written in the ratfolk language. (Translation will follow)

From Fumei in payment for clearing the rats from his cellar:
100gp each and free room and board for however long you want to stay.

The journal has suffered some damage from rats trying to eat it. The earlier entries seem to suggest that the owner was something of a pickpocket. The most recent entries are as follows, with some damage:

...ted a pouch from this westerner in a b... robe. Thou...t there'd ... coins but only this ... What a waste of ti...
Damn wes...ers! Heard some gu...king about some thefts in the are... have to leave to...n.
Fuck, s... gry. Didn't have time t... food. Hope I come someone or somepl..ce soon. At lea..t I got out bef... ted to snow.
Roc... I can't believe I... de it. Got some food at th... id some too. Not a bad h...l. Heard that the o...r of the tea ho.. as looking for people to solve a ... problem. Offering good... oo. Still hu...y.
So hungry... n't eat ra... nuck down here... ter trying to lift a... from one of the peo... t the tea house. ...ool old man sa... n't get out the front. Now I'm go... arve...
...n my head... te that ... from that rob... an. Was desp...ate. Now they wo... top! So hung...
(The rest looks like it was bitten off)
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Dec 14, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Loot Thread

even split on the cash is 4 gold, two silver each. 1 silver unaccounted, goes to Robern I say, because he braved the pit to get it.

pack, we toss, clothes we toss. journal has info, but is essentially worthless as well. potion, can anyone discover it's use?
Jan 8, 2011
Re: Maiko's Game - Loot Thread

I can identify it given a good roll, yes. Rissiki has fairly little interest in the gold or silver, so any excess above even she'll never ask for. She probably wouldn't ask for an even share either, but whatever happens happens.


Panda King
Nov 10, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Loot Thread

Meh, ask Fumei for change and hand out 2 copper to everybody. Robern is into even exchange.
Nov 12, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Loot Thread

So, the loot from the Spirit's home is as follows:

Not-gold lump (value: unknown)

The junk pile:
Inside are a few weapons, rusted and rotted beyond use, except for one, a jutte with just a little corrosion that is easy to take off.
There's also an oiled leather pouch that seems to have survived however long it had been abandoned with relative ease. Inside is a small metal rod that Rissiki identifies as a sunrod and a few gems and coins.
Gems: Aquamarine (134gp), Garnet (96gp), Carnelian (21gp), two hematites (4gp and 3gp), and a Citrine (12gp). Total: 270gp
Coins: 269gp

Total in gems and coins: 539gp split six ways is 89gp, 8sp, 3cp with 2cp left over.

Payment from Fumei: 100gp each.

Also, not exactly loot, but as a reward for curing the spirit, everyone gets a levelup. Let there be rejoicing!
Nov 12, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Loot Thread

Reward from the gluttony shrine cave thing and the selling of stuff:
Potion of Pass Without Trace (I believe Fu has this one)
Potion of Remove Blindness/Deafness (In Rissiki's possession)
Chain Shirt armor (sold for 80gp, included below)
Shortbow (sold for 30gp, included below)
Good Quality Lock (I'll assume sold for 30gp, slightly less than normal because of missing key, included below)
Merchant's scale (claimed by Rissiki)
Signet Ring, unidentified (claimed by Nyktan)
Collapsible grappling hook (claimed by Robern)
Hooded Lantern (sold for 2gp, 8sp, I assume, included below)

115gp worth of coins and gems

Total: 257gp, 8sp
Each: 42gp, 9sp, 6cp, with 1 cp left over (if I'm reading my calculator properly)

Also, a hairpin from Asuka's village worth 100gp, though someone might want to keep that for whatever reason.

Also, a small box with a high quality lock on it that has yet to be opened. I believe it's in Zurui's possession currently.
Dec 14, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Loot Thread

Zurui can take 10 for a 15 nobility/royalty to identify that ring, if nobody handled that before i showed up.

Hairpin would be nice, dont recall it being mentioned.

If taking ten doesnt open that lockbox, I'll prolly be hanging onto it for a while. might do an actual roll once per game or sommat, but that bonus i get wont be improving overly much as we go. Something to look forward to, hehe.