Maiko's Game - Session Logs

Nov 12, 2008
This is where the logs of the session will be posted.
First Session, Woo! Edited out OOC comments, rolling and so on. Also, it's too long for one post.

Maiko: Rockside was a pretty small village. Less than a hundred people called it home. During the demon invasion, it was surprisingly overlooked by the attacking army, probably because of its small size. The Westerners, however, didn't leave it quite so alone. Since the village sat on the road to the gold-rich mountains to the south, it quickly started to see a great number of travelers. Most passed through, but a few decided to stay. Some inns and taverns were built for the travelers, but there seemed to be something about the town that made most people want to move on, rather than settle down.

Maiko: The most prominant building in the town was Fumei's tea house, an old relic of previous times. Even with the western-style taverns and inns, the tea house still seemed to be the most popular venue for travelers looking for a place to relax after a long trip on the road. Although the tea house's main fare was, of course, tea, Fumei made sure to keep some sake available, and had recently started to serve western drinks as well. Still, those looking to get smashed would be advised to drink at one of the western taverns, as Fumei makes sure that any disruption is quickly ejected from the building.

Maiko: The winter had closed the trading routes for the most part, though there were still travelers seen passing through the small village at least weekly. The western-run inns and taverns had closed up due to the decreased traffic, but Fumei's stayed open.

Maiko: Currently there were a couple of western trappers, an eastern man who looked like a miner, a well dressed western man with an attractive eastern woman, and a figure in a black cloak at the tea house that night. The two trappers, one male, one female, were talking about where they'd most likely be able to find some game at this time of year. The miner looked tired, staring down at the table. The well dressed man had his female partner in his lap. She was wearing a simple, though slightly decorative collar and was smiling as she served him his drinks. The black cloaked figure looked like he had found the darkest corner of the tea house to sit in. Occasionally, when the figure turned, a black beak could be seen, marking him as one of the tengu.

Maiko: Fumei, accompanied by two young eastern girls, seemed to be the only staff at the time, bringing more tea or other drinks to the guests as requested.

Maiko: With snow falling softly outside in the fading twilight, several more figures started to arrive at the tea house.

You whisper to MAF: Nyktan had recieved an invitation a few weeks ago to perform at Fumei's tea house if he were ever in the area. After coming into some conflicts with various parties at his current haunt, he figured the time was right for a change of scenery.

You whisper to Zurui: Robern and Zurui had been traveling along the road, having heard that Fumei was currently looking for some sellswords to solve a few problems of his. If nothing else, the stopover would give them some time to relax from the cold of the road.

You whisper to Tassadar: Robern and Zurui had been traveling along the road, having heard that Fumei was currently looking for some sellswords to solve a few problems of his. If nothing else, the stopover would give them some time to relax from the cold of the road.

You whisper to Lang Fu: Fu Fu had heard that the owner of a tea house along the road north was looking for some skilled individuals to solve a few of his problems, with compensation available of course. Although traveling through the winter hadn't been the most pleasant experience, Fu's natural resistance to the cold mean he hadn't needed to bundle up that much.

Maiko: In what order you arrive at the tea house is up to you. Feel free to post a bit about what you've been doing on the travel to Rockside, or not, as you wish. The current date is about mid-February. It's lightly snowing with some snow cover on the ground, though not enough to hinder movement. It's currently about 7pm. The sun has already set, though it hasn't gone completely dark yet.

Robern (Tass): Robern walked into Fumei's teahouse after shaking the snow from his armored form, a grumpy look on his face as he beckoned Zurui in after him. It was one of those times in which he was particularly annoyed by the necessities of slave treatment in this culture, as the kitsune slave simply didn't have his constitution where winter's bite was concerned, not even in her fox form as she was then. His gaze swept across the teahouse before he picked out an isolated table and swept off toward it, largely ignoring the others present inside for the moment.

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui follows in closely. Even with all her fur, she still walked with her arms wrapped around herself, her tail coiled around her waist for the extra warmth, her silk robes doing little to keep out the cold. She kept her head bowed as she stayed behind him, noting the other people around as she went. Taking the seat beside his at the table, she leaned in close for a short while, warming up now that they were out of the cold. She ordered tea for the both of them when Fumei or one of the girls came around, then shifted into her human form, no longer needing the fur in the warm building.

Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan was third to follow, after Robern and Zurui. Winter was truly one of the more stressful times of the year, because fashion was limited to wearing as much as possible to remain warm. He kept a simple fur hat on to warm his ears, and a nice coat with long pants and snow shoes. He walked into the tea house, a bit thankful that his services were called for instead of him having to find someone to offer them to. It was even more of a hassle when his reputation of a naughty feline came before his actual work as a bard. With a deep breath, Nyktan walked into the warmth of the tea house, and looked all around at the patrons, immediately examining his audience to he could learn what best to pla-oh, Robern was there with Zurui. It was quite hard to get too far from that fox, he'd notice. He passed it off as her being his guardian angel and left it at that, with a smile. He'd first seek out Fumei. Robern and Zurui wasn't the reason he came here, after all.

Lang Fu (Spider): A tall, lanky man quietly enters the teahouse clad in woollen clothes, his face mostly covered by the hood of his dark blue cloak with a staff on his hand. Having spent the day traveling, he heads straight to the bar to get some tea before seeking a seat as far from lights as he could.

Rissiki (Tiff): Winter sucked. It always had in these parts, near the mountains, but it was worse when out and about traveling. Rissiki had been able to tell that the snow was coming for a bit beforehand, and had headed towards Rockside a little earlier than she normally did in her circuit. As she trudged through the snow towards the tea house she had visited a time or two before she made a mental note to invest in shoes one of these days, the cloth bits she wrapped her footpaws in doing little to protect her from the cold, her fur more or less the only protection she had considering how tattered were her simple gray clothes... She breathed a sigh of relief as she entered into the warm room, shaking the snow off her shoulders and feet, making her way quickly towards the fireplace and huddling close. She saw some familiar faces here amongst the guests, two in fact, but she wasn't concerned with that just yet. She needed warmth and tea, in that order, and everything else could wait. Just behind her a cat slunk into the tea house and shook itself, its fur black as pitch to contrast with the snow outside, and it padded over silently to the shadows as if to hide.

Story Telling: One of the girls came over to Robern and Zurui's table, the later having drawn a few glances as she shifted into human form, and took their order. The other welcomed Fu and took his order, taking it to his table after he had sat down. Fumei had been watching the area where the guests were, his hands folded into his long sleeves. He gave a short bow in greeting to Nyktan. "Welcome. I hope the road wasn't too hard." The old man said to the bard. After a moment, one of the girls came over to Rssiki and asked what she would like to drink.

Nyktan (MAF): "Thank you for the invitation, Master Fumei." Nyktan bowed to the elderly man courteously. "The roads were a little rough, but it only made your tea house feel that much more welcoming~" he said with flattery on his tongue.

Zurui (Shrike): "Apologies if I caused a disturbance, the Ser prefers this form, it is simply too chill to remain in it outside." THe kitsune told the serving girl with a dip of her head. "He will have a rooibos with some honey, perhaps a spoon or so, and I woulk like some green tea." She told her in a pleasant tone, her eyes drifting over to the other arrivals. "Familiar faces." She said to Robern, eyebrows raised in surprise.

Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki took a moment to reply to the girl, holding her cloth-wrapped hands close to the fire as her tail curled down around one furry leg. Finally she turned to the girl and smiled, replying "tea, please" in a nasal voice. "Just a cup for now."

Robern (Tass): "Aye," Robern replied once the serving girl had gone. He didn't sound particularly excited about it, but he also hadn't apparently recognized Rissiki as yet, as his gaze had settled with a muted frown upon Nyktan.

Lang Fu (Spider): Taking his cup of herbal tea to a nearby table, Fu sits down and pushes back the hood of his cloak, revealing a silvery hair and green eyes set in a young face. Observing the old man who was apparently behind the job offer, he takes a sip from his cup.

Story Telling: "I'm glad to hear that." Fumei replied, giving a mirthful smile. "I trust your abilities wouldn't have been hindered because of the cold. As you can see, we have quite a full house." The later was obviously a joke as he motioned to the mostly empty tea house. "I think it's just that most people haven't seen a kitsune do that before." The girl replied to Zurui with a friendly smile. "I'll be right back with your tea." She hurried off to the kitchen, returning a few minutes after with their drinks. Placing them on the table, she gave a bow and turned to attend to some of the other guests. The girl that was by Rissiki nodded and also returned to the kitchen, then back with a cup of green tea. "Would you like a table?" She asked, after Rissiki had taken the drink.

Rissiki (Tiff): "No thank you" Rissiki replied, taking the tea and holding it in her hands for a moment to warm them, "I'm just fine without one." The nezumi took a sip of her tea, eyes drifting over to the kitsune and westerner she had met along the road not long ago, wondering what they were doing here. After all, there were places more befitting of a westerner in this little town than this tea house...

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui nodded, giving the girl a smile and a seated bow when she returned with the teas. "Thank you." She said, setting Robern's tea in front of him. It was sweet from teh honey with a fruity undertaste, peaches or perhaps the small oranges that grew around here. considering he knew the one she drank tasted like fieldgrass, it wasn't all that bad. The kitsune nodded back at Rissiki, giving the ratfolk a friendly smile.

Nyktan (MAF): "I'm not feeling too bothered. I can perform as well as I always do." Nyktan said with a smile. "This audience doesn't seem to need a song for the eyes, so I won't have to find a private area to change." he announced, pulling out his lute. "I think a more calm and relaxing tune is fit here, do you agree, Master Fumei?"

Robern (Tass): Robern looked questioningly at the small person as they drifted closer, and took a long moment to realize that he recognized them. "Oh! It's you.... Hello," he said as the ratfolk drifted over, surprised to see her and making no effort to hide the fact. He took a sip of the tea that Zurui had ordered for him, a pleasantly sweet drink, and gave her a grateful nod before glancing back at the ratfolk questioningly.

Story Telling: "Indeed. I was thinking the same." Fumei replied. "Perhaps we can talk again once you have finished. There's another job I'd like to ask of you." He frowned and looked past Nyktan to the fanicily dressed westerner. The others would have seen the man, with one hand groping his slave's breast, and with the other having slapped one of the serving girls on the bottom. He had clearly been drinking alcohal, as his face was flushed. The serving girl had swatted his hand away and moved away.

Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki chuckled slightly at the way Robern expressed his surprise at her presence, her tail curling up a bit and swishing behind her. "Hello to the two of you as well. What brings you here?" she asked before turning specifically to Zurui. "I trust you've been feeling better, that the medicine worked?"

You whisper to Zurui: She's giggling a bit, seeming to enjoy the groping, not looking drunk though. She either didn't notice, or didn't care about the slap to the serving girl.

Zurui (Shrike): "It did, very well. Thank you again." Zurui answered, bowing her head to teh ratfolk. Her eyes kept flicking back to teh other westerner in the room though. The man's slave seemed to be enjoying herself, giggling along, but the looks she saw from the rest of the place showed her that the man was starting to disturb the feel of the room. She expected the old man would ask him to leave, soon.

Robern (Tass): "Just a convenient place to stop in our travels," Robern replied noncommitally. He had heard of the teamaster's request for aid, but hadn't thought much on it at the time. A scowl crossed his face at the audible smack that occurred when the drunken man smacked the serving girl on the ass, and continued to watch him carefully for the moment, thus letting Zurui speak to Rissiki for the moment.

Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan hummed at the sight of the man. The feline had more often than not been in that man's position. It usually didn't end well when you had someone frowning at you as the old man was. Still, it wasn't Nyktan's concern as of yet. He took to an area where all could see him, before making a bow to the crowd. "Sorry to disturb you all, but I hope you will enjoy my music." Nyktan said in a soft voice, before leaning against whatever was available, and playing a tune.

Lang Fu (Spider): Fu's eyes fall on the disruptive westerner as Fumei talks with the odd group, making a mental note of the mention of a job. He had always found slavery somewhat distasteful, and drunks even more so. Casually taking a sip of his tea, Fu flexes his fingers and turns his attention to the other westerner who seems less out of place, taking a note of his mannerisms.

Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki was somewhat jarred by the sound of the bit of trouble, turning to look over her shoulder nervously as her tail curled downward again. She got a feeling, not the best one, out of the atmosphere. The other westerner in the room was drunk, which presented a problem; drunks were a dangerous bunch often enough in her experience, some of the few who ever caused her trouble. "Oh... well, that's good to hear, miss. I try to do good work whenever I can" she replied after a pause, turning back to look at the kitsune in disguise. Another sip of tea as she scooted almost imperceptibly towards the shadow, as if to melt into the background as not to be seen.

Story Telling: For the moment, Fumei seemed content to simply keep his eye on the disruptive man, as though giving him a silent warning. At the sound of Nyktan's music, however, even the westerner seemed to calm down. Given the new atmosphere, the old man took a look around the room before heading into the kitchen.

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui nodded in agreement. "Indeed, we were lucky to have stumbled upon you when we did. What brings you here, Rissiki? It's quite a ways from where we met you last." She glanced over to Robern every so often as she conversed, noting his frowning expression and laying her hand on his thigh to soothe him some.

Rissiki (Tiff): "Oh, I could feel the snow coming on" the nezumi replied, "and this is as nice a place as there is in the area I travel. Rockside is a nice, peaceful little town, and the tea here is good." For the first time Rissiki's eyes scanned the room more closely, giving the tengu in the corner and the blue-cloaked man a good glance before her eyes wandered to the bard playing a tune. She was still ever so slightly paranoid as she gauged the atmosphere, but things seemed somewhat calmer since the music had begun to play.

Robern (Tass): "So it seems," Robern said as he glanced reassuringly at Zurui, though he spoke to Sofia rather than to his slave. "The cat is at least good at his trade... When he opts to keep his mouth shut. Things should remain quiet here so long as he keeps his sense," Robern said as he noticed the ratgirl glancing Nyktan's way.

Rissiki (Tiff): "So you know him? The bard, that is" Rissiki asked curiously. It seemed an odd connection for someone like Robern, what little she knew of him.

Zurui (Shrike): The kitsune smiled up at the larger man, sipping from her tea. "We've met him before, in another tavern closer to home. I had met him before that as well, under similar circumstances." She explained, leaving out the details of how rowdy Nyktan had been the last time they had met.

Rissiki (Tiff): "Ahhhh, I see. Nice enough fellow?" the nezumi asked, taking a hefty drink of tea. It made more sense that the kitsune would be the one who had known him, at least.

Zurui (Shrike): "Pleasant enough. Lacking in... dignity, would be the best way to put it, I think." She answered, glancing up at teh barbarian again, expecting him to add a comment himself.

Story Telling: While Rissiki, Zurui and Robern were talking, one of the serving girls, the one that had had the run-in with the drunken man, walked over to Fu's table. "Would you like more tea?" She asked, smiling, seeming as though nothing had happened earlier.

Robern (Tass): "Sense," Robern grunted, "Nyktan would be lacking in sense most of all."

Lang Fu (Spider): The fetchling smiles warmly at the serving girl. "My cup is still quite full, thank you very much." he replies, nodding towards the aforementioned dish.

Story Telling: The woman returned the smile and bowed. "Very well." She replied and turned away, checking on the cloaked tengu while the other girl attended to the trappers.

Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki nodded silently as she watched the nekugami play, wondering just what that meant. Lacking in sense and dignity? An odd thing to say. It seemed that Robern at least was none too fond of the one whose name was apparently Nyktan. Finally she slid her heavy backpack off her shoulders and laid it gently on the floor beside her, sighing with relief to have the weight off her.

Story Telling: As the night went on, there were no more disruptions, perhaps because of the calming music from the bard. The two trappers paid for their drinks and left together while, at some point during the night, the tengu seemed to have disappeared. The miner also left after paying, having been otherwise forgotten until now. The drunken westerner seemed to be wobbling a bit as his slave helped him to his feet. They headed towards the staircase leading to the second floor, where the rooms that Fumei rented out were located. As the serving girls cleaned up, they spoke to each of the remaining people, asking them to stay for a moment, if they wouldn't mind, that Fumei had something he wanted to ask of them.
After the westerner left the main room, Fumei returned. "If you would all be so kind as to come here; save an old man his voice, I have something I'd like to ask of you." He motioned to a table near the fireplace.

Robern (Tass): "Very well," Robern said to the serving girls, and then again to Fumei. The barbarian rose ponderously and offered both Zurui and Sofia a hand up if they hadn't risen before him, out of courtesy if nothing else, and then strode over to where the old teamaster had indicated.

Nyktan (MAF): What a wonderful thing, a break. Nyktan was happy to accept the request as he finished his song and came closer, taking a seat near Fumei. "How may a humble feline aid you, Master Fumei?" he asked with a friendly smile.

Lang Fu (Spider): Fu sets aside his staff and backpack and stands up, confidently walking to the table and taking a seat opposite of the fire. "This is about the job posting master Fumei, I presume?"

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui took his hand silently, giving it a light squeeze before letting it go, taking he rplace behind him once they reached the table. In this large of a group, it was better to let someone else have the seats.

Rissiki (Tiff): The evening passed quietly and without incident, Rissiki sipping down a cup more of tea before settling down by the fire. At some point the cat emerged from the shadows to sit beside her regally, almost as if demanding attention, as cats sometimes did... She scritched behind its ears quietly as many of the others left, eyes on the dancing flames... Later on one of the serving girls asked her and the others who remained to stay, which struck her as a little odd... she had intended to rent a room, of course, so it was no trouble. When old man Fumei asked them to approach she got up and did so, taking Robern's hand when offered and following behind the others. The cat stayed beside the fire, tail swishing behind it in a way that was difficult to read.

Story Telling: Fumei remained standing at the table, letting those that wished to sit. "It is." He replied to Fu, nodding. "You see, during this season, it's rather common for rats and mice and other problematic creatures to seek shelter from the cold. No offense, intended, I am referring to the animals, not the people." He bowed slightly to Rissiki, making sure he wasn't misunderstood. "I know it may seem trivial, to persons such as yourselves, but the rats that have infested my cellars are simply too much for an old man to handle on his own. Even though it's a simple task, you would be paid, if you'd choose to assist me."

Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki's ears perked up a bit when the old man mentioned rats in his cellar, quickly offering "none taken" when he mentioned that he meant no offense. They could cause a problem for a place such as this in large numbers, that was sure, and maybe she could help out. "I may be able to lead them out of your tea house, provided their attitude is right" she said, nodding quietly. "I have a way with... rats, after all"

Zurui (Shrike): The Kitsune stood quietly, listening to Fumei's plea for help. She didn't see why they couldn't lend a hand, but it was more up to Robern than herself. Sidling in a little closer, she'd give the man a small nod if he turned to look at her, remaining silent.

Lang Fu (Spider): "A simple task," Fu says as if tasting the words. "I for one am not too proud to deny an old man such aid."

Nyktan (MAF): "My... Rats you say..." Nyktan didn't look too pleased. "May I ask that part of my payment goes towards a bath afterwards? Just the mention has me wanting to cleanse myself."

Robern (Tass): Though he obviously didn't find the idea particularly appealing, Robern glanced at Zurui and nodded back. Turning to Fumei, he said; "Very well."

Story Telling: Fumei nodded to Nyktan. "Of course, I'm willing to offer you free rooms for this service, including use of the bath, in addition to monetary compensation."

Story Telling: He turned to Sophia. "And however you wish remove them is acceptable."

Rissiki (Tiff): A bath, that sounded nice. Rissiki ignored the vague insult Nyktan had just made, likely unintentional on his part. She was used to that sort of thinking by now. She was a little grimy herself in any case, and hadn't gotten a bath in a decent while. She spent most of her nights outside, and it was fairly rare for her to stay too long in any one place.

Robern (Tass): "Well, where's the cellar? Lets have done with it," Robern stated gruffly.
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Nov 12, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Session Logs

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui nodded, giving the large man a pat on the shoulder to hold him still a moment, pulling a sap from his pack and carrying it loosely.

Lang Fu (Spider): Lang Fu mutters a few words and points at his quarterstaff, which falls over and rolls towards the table until he picks it up.

Nyktan (MAF): "I concur with my dear Robern. Best get the job done sooner than later."

Story Telling: "Through here." Fumei led them into the kitchen. It looked a bit cluttered at the moment, with a few wooden boxes stacked against a wall. The floor sloped down near the back with a small wooden door set into a frame. It looked as though Robern might need to stoop to fit through it. "Unfortunately, the candles that I normally use to light it have burned down. I can offer one if you have no means of carrying your own light."

Zurui (Shrike): "Please." Zurui offered with a bow, volunteering to carry the light for the group. Seems the stranger didn't need light, but she knew Robern did, and she didn't expect to need both hands if they were emptying rats from a basement.

Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki pulled on her backpack again, fetching her walking stick from where she had left it near the cat, which did not budge from its spot, at least not yet. Tentatively she fetched a small flask from the backpack, a bit of pale green liquid inside. That would be fine for now. She eyed the others carefully as she followed into the kitchen, wondering how much she would be able to reveal without troubles. Tentatively she began to speak to Zurui when old man Fumei spoke of lights, in her native tongue. "How would your master feel about magic? About the fact that I'm... a witch? Do I need to hide it from him?"> She had done so when they had first met as a precaution, but she hoped it wasn't necessary now... What of the other she didn't know? She couldn't tell if he was western or not, but he seemed it."

Robern (Tass): "Have you a lantern, or something more stable in case your rats prove less than agreeable to being removed?"

Story Telling: "One moment." Fumei said, and retrieved an iron lantern from under a counter. "There should be enough oil." He said, handing it to Robern.

Zurui (Shrike): Stepping a bit closer to Sophia for the semi-private conversation, she answered. "It should be fine. He doesn't trust some magic, but I don't suspect that anything you may wish to use against rats will disturb him overly much. For the most part, he distrusts mental magic, and that magic which deals with dead things." She answered back in Fet, reaching out to take the lantern from Fumei instead.

Robern (Tass): Robern nodded gratefully to Zurui as he unlimbered his shield, more so as to keep it from getting caught in the small doorway than out of expecting to actually use it. He left his axe at his hip for the moment, and then waited for the others to finish their conversations with a patient look.

Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki nodded silently in reply, eyeing the cloaked man as she considered. If there were a lantern she would hardly be needed to provide light herself. Besides, her rattish eyes were well-adapted to the dark in any case. Now the only problem would be if her healing magic were necessary. Hopefully there wouldn't even be a problem, of course, the rats would listen to her and be easy to move.

Story Telling: With someone with the lantern, Fumei stepped forward and pulled an iron key from his sleeve and unlocked the door. "Do be careful. They can carry disease." He added as he stepped out of the way.

Rissiki (Tiff): "Allow me to try and speak with them first, if you would" Rissiki asked, watching as the old man unlocked the door. Not every rat carried disease.

Robern (Tass): "Zurui, behind me with the lantern if you please. You may enter first if you like, Sofia."

Nyktan (MAF): "Eh-heh... After you, sir." Nyktan offered to Lang Fu.

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui nodded, holding the lantern up to spread the light further, falling into step behind the barbarian. The sap was still in her other hand, held loosely, but ready if she needed it.

Lang Fu (Spider): Fu gives Nyktan an amused glance, following Robern and Zurui inside

Robern (Tass): Allowing the tiny ratgirl to go first, Robern followed a few steps behind, stooping to enter the small doorway as the group entered into the basement of the teahouse.

Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki stepped into the semi-dark of the cellar, prodding around on the ground with her walking stick and clicking her tongue softly. It was a technique she had used often when dealing with animals, and it seemed to attract them in an almost calming way. At least, with rats. "Come out, my ancestors"> she said quietly in her native tonge, "we have things we must discuss.">

Nyktan (MAF): In the back, Nyktan was having inner conflict. Quietly, he merely thought to himself. 'Ugh... My feline instincts... Must... Not... Chase rats...'

Zurui (Shrike): The foxwoman slippe din beside RObern, settling intot he corner to stay out of the way, lantern held high still.

Story Telling: The lantern illuminated a rather clean cellar. There were wooden shelves lining the walls, most with some sacks on them. The sacks, almost entirely, had been chewed into, and the contents, grain, tea leaves, and so on, were spilling out. There were several squeeks of surprise at the sudden flood of light, and there was a flurry as several rats ran around in a bit of a panic. Near the opposite corner, there was a deeper hiss, where three, much larger rats were, having been interrupted from eating into a rather foul looking corpse, about the size of a human, though it had clearly decayed beyond recognizability.
The smaller rats looked like they were trying to find somewhere to hide from the sudden intruders while the three larger ones just looked angry at the interruption.

* Lang Fu (Spider) casts Ghost Sound to create a sound of hissing cat from behind the large rats

Story Telling: At the illusionary sound, the smaller rodents didn't seem to change their attitude much, still scrambling around for cover, while the three larger ones turned around to investigate the sound, giving aggressive snarls in response.

Rissiki (Tiff): This wasn't particularly promising... The smaller of the rats seemed scared out of their wits by the sudden light, something Rissiki felt remiss for not having considered, while the larger ones were quite aggressive. It seemed that they wouldn't listen to reason... At least not now. There was one possible option, of course... The ratgirl pointed her walking stick at the rear of the dire rats and uttered a simple word, casting a spell she had prepared earlier...

Story Telling: The three large rats, after Rissiki finished her spell, paused, then lay down, asleep.

Story Telling: *One of the smaller ones stopped its running around and fell asleep too.

Robern (Tass): "Hrmph. Shall we kill them, or just toss them outside then?" he asked, directing the question at Sofia.

Rissiki (Tiff): "I don't know... I'm not sure if they'll listen to me once they awake, if they wouldn't listen before. They didn't seem the most pleasant representatives unfortunately. If I knew we could find a place where they wouldn't cause trouble I would advocate moving them there, but as it is..."

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui stepped forward a little closer as well, peeking aorund the barbarian to look at teh corpse the sleeping rats were huddled around, more or less ignoring the smaller ones still scurrying about. "Looks like this rat problem has been going on for some time...

* Nyktan (MAF) moves 10 feet north around Fu and ends turn

* Lang Fu moves past Nyktan and Rissiki and ends turns

* Rissiki (Tiff) ends turn

Lang Fu (Spider): "I don't think I introduced myself yet. My name is Lang Fu."

Robern (Tass): "So... Kill the larger ones then? It looks like they'll be causing trouble wherever we put them," Robern remarked as he walked over to the larger ones, drawing his axe and readying it to take off one of the heads of the larger sleeping rats.

Nyktan (MAF): "Nyktan, it's a pleasure, Sir Fu."

Rissiki (Tiff): "I'm Sofia, it's a pleasure to meet you" the ratgirl replied, before looking to Robern. "Sure, go ahead" she said, giving her blessing to kill the dire rat, though she didn't necessarily wish to see the act.

Nyktan (MAF): "I don't quite see the need to address for sympathy, if you ask me. Lady Sofia, you appear far more alluring beyond the scope of these little biters."

Zurui (Shrike): "I am Zurui, and that is Ser Robern Helmarch, pleasure to meet you." She Answered for the pair. The lantern lit the room well enough from where she was, so she remained, making sure the smaller ones didn't scuttle up teh stairs. (doing nada this turn, heh.)

Story Telling: The smaller, ordinary rats continued to flee from the terrifying army invading their home. As they disappeared into a small hole in the earthen wall, there was a sound that was a cross between a hiss and a very human-like cry.

Rissiki (Tiff): "..."

* Nyktan (MAF) edges a bit closer, keeping within range while drawing his light crossbow, in case Robern needs supporting fire.

* Lang Fu ends turn

You whisper to Lang Fu: Fu could see inside the small hole a ways, his eyes able to make out features in the darkness beyond the light of the lantern. It opened into a small cavern. There looked to be another of the big rats inside, but the angle was awkward and the hole rather small.

* Rissiki (Tiff) ends turn

Rissiki (Tiff): "You'd be surprised what a rat can gnaw through" Rissiki replied, "especially in a dedicated group. They may be too scared to return, though."

Robern (Tass): "Lets have done with them before they wake and start looking for seconds then. Look away if you wish," Robern grunted, and then raised his axe and brought it down on the neck of one of the sleeping dire rats.

Zurui (Shrike): "They'll return. Hunger always wins out, this would just be a reprieve if we left as-is." Zurui commented, speaking up from the back.

Story Telling: The rats disappeared into the hole, but it wasn't long before something came out. A much larger rat, followed by a second, each about the size of the two sleeping and one dead one. Both rushed out and bit at Robern.

You whisper to Lang Fu: Fu watched as after the two rats ran out, another figure followed behind them. It looked like a humanoid rat, like Sophia, but was naked and very gaunt.

Story Telling: As Robern avoided one of the rat bites, he felt the other one sink its teeth into his leg. Looking down, he saw its muzzle, like the others, was stained with gore from the corpse they had been feeding on, probably not a clean wound.

Zurui: Zurui gasped softly when more rats emerged, biting at the barbarian, one of them even scoring a hit. Stepping around Nykarn, she moved up to hit at one of them, anger on her expression.

Robern (Tass): Robern let out a low grunt of annoyance, and looked down at the rat that had bit him. Its muzzle was filthy, and it would likely take infection if he didn't see to it quickly.

Nyktan (MAF): "Look lively, Robern!" Nyktan called out, before taking aim at the unwounded rat and firing his bolt.

(Note: Nyktan misses his target, but strikes another rat, killing it instead)

Lang Fu (Spider): The fetchling takes a step to his right and gestures with the staff in one hand before muttering a short incantation. A burst of bright colors shoots out from the tip of the staff into the narrow tunnel

Nyktan (MAF): "Eh.... He-he... I meant to kill that one. Certainly."

Story Telling: The remaining rat was caught in the bright spray. Seeming overwhelmed by it, it collapsed to the ground.

* Nyktan (MAF) grumbles 'If I had hit Robern... I imagine his lack of forgiveness would take itself out on my neck.'

* Robern (Tass) coup de-grace's the rat that the brilliant spray of colors just crippled.

Story Telling: As the spray of colours faded, there was another cry/hiss from the hole.

Robern (Tass): "Damn rats!"

Robern (Tass): "Present company excluded of - what in Gorum's name is that?"

Story Telling: As Robern annihilates the rat caught by the spray of colour, another creature ran out from the hole. This one looked like an almost feral ratfolk, naked and gaunt to the point of near skeletalness. It had patches of fur missing and its claws looked extremely sharp. Most disturbing was it's mouth, hugely distorted, opening far wider than was natural and filled with sharp teeth. It screeched as it swiped a claw at Robern.

Zurui (Shrike): "It's Feral." Zurui said quickly, stepping close to swing at the thing. She was more intent on getting it to back off, aiming for it's face to disrupt it, giving Robern a better chance to hit it himself.

Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki's eyes widened as she watched the creature that approached through the hole, the sickening creature that looked like a sort of cruel mockery of her own kind... She had heard of them before, but never seen one. This thing was not to be trifled with...

Nyktan (MAF): "Ah... Well, I can't shoot it like that." Nyktan hummed, before looking at the rat at his feet. "... Ugh..." he winced, putting his bow away and getting his reinforced instrument out to squish the rat. "This will end nasty..."

Lang Fu (Spider): Fu steps over the sleeping rat and approaches the rat-creature from behind, taking a swing at it

Story Telling: The creature was moving erratically, making Fu's strike go wide of it.

Rissiki (Tiff): ((Look at me, I'm Tiff! :3) move a touch, pass turn.

Robern (Tass): "Die foul creature!" Robern spat, swinging his axe with a powerful hit, hoping to distract it from Zurui or the man who had moved to its opposite side from her.

Robern (Tass): Robern sunk his axe into the thing's side and quickly yanked it free, readying his shield to deflect a counter attack.

Story Telling: The blow sent the creature reeling, but it didn't fall. Instead it seemed to turn into a mad ball of fur and teeth and claws as it lashed out at everyone around it.

Zurui (Shrike): The Kitsune jumped back as the thing started flailing, taking a moment before lashing out at it again

Lang Fu (Spider): Fu takes another controlled swing at the creature, aiming for the body and trying to stay away from the claws

Rissiki (Tiff): (tiff passes)

Robern (Tass): "Die cretin!"

Story Telling: Robern's swing hits the ratling hard in the shoulder, spinning it around as it drops to the ground. It gave out one last, eerie cry and lay still.

Nyktan (MAF): "That..." Nyktan blinked. "What was that? It looked like a kind of mutant."

Robern (Tass): Robern spat on the fallen creature, and then glanced at Zurui to ensure that she was unharmed. Seeing that she was, he turned and killed the next sleeping rat if Nyktan didn't look to be doing it himself.

* Nyktan (MAF) killed a sleeping rat via his KA-BOOONG move, mastered from the great Master Garg

Lang Fu (Spider): Fu crouches next to the corpse, taking a closer look to see if there was anything unusual about it.

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui backed away a few steps, just in cas ethe thing wasn't fully dead. "I'm not too sure what it was. Looks like a ratkin, but... wrong."

Story Telling: The creature was impossibly gaunt and its mouth was opened nearly as wide as the creature's entire head. It still superficially looked like a ratfolk, with a long tail and the rat-like ears, but the other changes were impossible to ignore.

Story Telling: Its blood, leaking from the two major wounds Robern had given it, was also black and glistened in the lantern light.

Robern (Tass): "Sofia," Robern stated as he turned towards the rat girl, "One of those rats bit me. Might you have something to keep it from getting infected?"

Lang Fu (Spider): "Black blood," Fu mutters to himself before standing up and looking down into the tunnel where the creature came from.

Nyktan (MAF): "Fu, did you touch it!? Please do not say you touched it!"

Story Telling: It was hard to tell, but the tunnel looked like it opened up into a natural cavern. The remaining, normal sized rats had retreated into it, so their den was likely there. The creature had also come from there as well and there looked to be a small bed made from torn sacks and other detritus in the far corner of the cave.

Lang Fu (Spider): "I wouldn't dream of touching it with a bare hand. Hey, looks like it had a bed there. Anyone want to go and take a look?" Fu replies, peering into the tunnel.

Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki strode up, giving the dead rat-thing a disgusted look before looking over Robern's wound. "I'm not sure, I may have to brew something special for it. I don't have anything brewed to halt infection at the moment, used all of them in the last village." She explained, brodding around the edges of the bite. "In the meanwhile though.." she pulled a small flask from one of her pockets, the contents a pinkish red. "Drink this, should help the wound close faster, prevent anything new from getting in."

Robern (Tass): The barbarian took the drink without question, and when the wound largely closed under its influence he certainly didn't seem about to question the source of Sofia's abilities.

Nyktan (MAF): "Not it." Nyktan replied following the suggestion of going in.

Rissiki (Tiff): "I'll have to check for a deeper infection tomorrow, but you should be alright for now." The ratfolk concluded, offering the barbarian a friendly smile, her bedside manner impeccable.

Robern (Tass): "Thank you."

Robern (Tass): "Move," Robern said to the eastern sorcerer, directing him to get out of the way.

Lang Fu (Spider): Fu steps away from the tunnel, giving Robern a small bow

Nyktan (MAF): "Do be careful, dear Robern~" Nyktan pats the barbarian on the back.

Robern (Tass): "Zurui, give me the lantern," he said as he stepped in the man's place. Once he had it, Robern hung his axe back onto his belt and crouched, carrying the lantern in one hand and his shield in the other.

Zurui (Shrike): "Be safe." Zurui added, leaning in to kiss him on the cheek. She shook her head at the request for the lantern, instead summoning some of her racial magic, givng the man a foursome of light mores, more than enough to see by, framing his head and a little behind, so they didn't glare in his eyes.

Robern (Tass): "That works too," Robern stated, having not thought of that. Armed with his axe in hand instead, he crept into the tunnel.

Story Telling: The cavern almost had enough room for Robern to stand up in, as it was he had to stoop slightly to keep from hitting his head. The light illuminated a small, ragged bed in the corner, which, with the light, revealed that some of its constituents included scraps of clothing and a few bones, not to mention patches of fur. There was another pile of junk to the left of the entrance that seemed to be the den of the rats, with only the three small ones that had ran away now cowering inside of it. There was a small, ragged backpack thrown against the wall of the cave near the bed as well.

Robern (Tass): "Not much else in here," Robern reported after his initial sweep. Standing in place for a moment, he gave the room a second sweep, concentrating particularly on the backpack if there didn't seem to be any threats.

Story Telling: There didn't seem to be any hidden threats. The pack didn't look like it was empty, though.

Robern (Tass): Deciding that the rats were no threat, Robern moved over and examined the pack, opening it if nothing else seemed present.

Nyktan (MAF): "If you find some jewelry, give one to me, would you?" Nyktan called to Robern.

Story Telling: It was well worn, but there also looked to be teeth marks on it. Inside was a bundle of simple clothes, sized for a smaller person, about Sophia's size. There was also a small bottle with a clear liquid inside and a pouch with some coins (Exact amount I'll figure later). As he moved the pack to look through it, Robern saw an old journal underneith it.

Nyktan (MAF): "We will need to patch up that hole just in case future cretins seek to use it... Oh, we should wait for Robern to come out, of course."

Lang Fu (Spider): "It might be better to expand it. More storage space is always good, right?"

Nyktan (MAF): "I'd expect payment for that... Though I fear for poor Master Fumei's wallet."

Robern (Tass): Looking through all of it, Robern opted to make sure that the bottle was carefully cushioned in the clothing before carefully sealing the pack. "Incoming," he said loudly, and then tossed it carefully down the passageway for the others to peruse. The throw was light and he kept it low, and after that he looked to the rats, though he had not the heart to kill the frightened little creatures at that point.

Zurui (Shrike): If this is teh only connection tot hat cavern, then yes, he can raise the path some and gain a room from it, after some cleaning."

Robern (Tass): "It doesn't look like there's anything else here. Sofia, if you could get the rest of the rats out, I think we're about done here."

-----End Session 1-----
Nov 12, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Session Logs

Several weeks late, session 2 logs!

You whisper to AustNailo: Lyna arrived at Rockside around midday. She had been sent by her order to the town, on request from one of its residents. She was to meet the man, Fumei, at his teahouse when she arrived. There was a hitching post, new, by the looks of it, near the building for her horse, but no stables.

Storytelling: The trappers finished telling the group their story and waited for any other questions that may be forthcoming. There were a few other villagers in the teahouse, though not many. The obnoxious westerner and his slave were sitting near one of the fireplaces, surprisingly quiet tonight. The miner from the night before was also there. There was no sign of the tengu from their first night. Fumei was busy attending to the patrons while the two serving girls assisted him. One of them seemed a bit distracted though, her gaze straying to Nyktan more than a few times.

Lyna (Aust): Damn cold. Damn wind. Damn weather. If there was one thing Lyna was not prepared for it was the cold. Even in the middle of the day. Whatever her order had sent her for, she could only guess. But for now, she had to meet with a man by the name of Fumei. Should be easy enough.. Climbing off her mount, she would hitch her up to the hitching post and remove her helm. Lyna bore a strange mixture of features both human and elven. Eastern and western. She knew she'd stand out in a heart beat. "Stay here girl. I'll be right back." She'd whisper to the creature as she headed inside. Hopefully another patron wouldn't be much of a disturbance.

Lang Fu (Spider): You say that the demon was seven feet tall? Can you describe it any further?

Storytelling: The other patrons didn't react much to Lyna's entrance. Her armor caused a few looks, but those went away pretty quickly. Fumei himself noticed her and walked over to her. "Ah, you must be Lady Lyna of the Order of the Blue Rose. You arrived at just the right time. There's been word of a demon in our area." He looked over to the other group, talking with the trappers. "They've offered to make sure it's removed from our lands, but with demons, it's always safer to have as much help as possible. I'm sure they'd agree."
"It was night time in a forest, there wasn't much visibility." The male trapper replied. "It was dark, had red eyes..." He paused to think, when Shalla, the sister, spoke up. "It had a screeching roar, like that of a hawk. I don't know if that would help."

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui listened quietly, not thinking of much to add in terms of questions for the pair. Her eyes drifted over to the new arrival, Fumie going to greet the armoured woman immediately. If their eyes met, the kitsune in human form would offer a smile and a nod, before her gaze returned to the trappers.

Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki sat with the others, seemingly lost in thought. She had been traveling this region for a while now, serving as doctor to its people. She had never heard of a demon in these parts before. Then again, demons were rare things in this day and age, supposedly anyway. She noticed the armored woman enter into the tea house, but paid her little mind for the moment, her attention more focused on the trappers and their story.

Robern (Tass): Watching the trappers, Robern noticed the entrance of the armored woman but didn't direct any attention to her as he paid attention to their answers to Fu's question.

Lyna (Aust): Well, at least the owner was nice enough. And quite polite at that. She gave the man a polite bow before speaking. "Yes. My order insisted that I arrive as soon as possible given the demon problem. Anything they can do to help, they will." She said plainly. She would look at the assorted help that was gathered, catching the attention of a rat person, a human barbarian and a Kitsune. She would return the kitsune's nod before approaching, saying nothing and allowing the trappers to speak.

Nyktan (MAF): "Well, it certainly sounds like it's a rather unique and nasty looking thing." Nyktan hummed. "I wonder if I've heard of something like that before..."

You whisper to MAF: Nyktan can recall hearing about rather powerful demons called Vrocks, that had a screeching cry, but they had big wings, which the trappers probably would have seen, even in the low light, so it's unlikely to be one of those.

You whisper to Lang Fu: Fu Fu can't recall any demons matching the small description they had been given.

Nyktan (MAF): "You did not happen to see wings on the beasts, did you?" Nyktan inquired. "What you mention sounds familiar."

Storytelling: Both trappers shook their head. "I'm pretty sure it didn't have wings." The brother replied.

Lyna (Aust): "At least we won't have to worry about them raining death from the sky." The cavalier said in a rather straightforward manner.

Nyktan (MAF): "Well... It's either a powerful demon, or it's not." Nyktan shrugged. "I've heard of creatures called Vrocks in a bar once, but they had big wings, along with all the other features the trappers mentioned."

You whisper to Tassadar: As the trappers and Nyktan were talking about the demon, Robern noticed the miner paying attention to them and looking a bit worried.

Zurui (Shrike): "The demon likely hunts at night. Do we wish to confront it then. or perhaps find where ti sleeps during the day?" The kitsune inquired during a break in the conversation.

Nyktan (MAF): "The... Day option sounds much better."

Lyna (Aust): "Both equally valid options, miss."

Rissiki (Tiff): "Perhaps the demon can hide its features in some way. It seems the sort of thing a demon would be able to do" Rissiki offered, and when Zurui made her question the ratgirl would speak up in favor of going after it in the daytime.

Lyna (Aust): "But if they can disguise as you said, how would we be able to find out who it is? Especially if they look like a regular civilian."

Robern (Tass): Robern, being a direct man, looked to the miner when he seemed to be paying attention to them, and said; "Need something, stranger?"

Storytelling: "Ah, no, sorry..." The miner looked surprised and a little scared that the big westerner addressed him. "I'm... just worried about a demon being so close to town..." He replied, looking like he was trying to disappear into his chair.

You whisper to Tiffanian: Now that her attention had been brought to him, Rissiki thought that the miner wasn't being entirely truthful with his comments.

You whisper to Shrike7: Zurui had a feeling that the miner wasn't being entirely truthful with his comments.

Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki noticed the miner, listening to his exchange with Robern quietly, her whiskers twitching softly. She leaned towards Zurui then, whispering {He's not telling what he knows} in her native tongue.

Zurui (Shrike): The girl, leaned a bit closer to the barbarian, a hand sliding arouns his waist, giving him a light squeeze. She'd meet his gaze for the span of a breath, then look over at the miner once more, directing his attention back there.

Robern (Tass): Glancing back at Zurui for an instance, Robern looked back to the miner and replied; "Uh huh. You sure about that?"

Lyna (Aust): Lyna would glance at the miner from the corner of her eyes, a strange feeling running through her. Well, she could hazard a guess at the very least, but couldn't determine anything

Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan blinked. "I feel as if I'm missing something. It looks like we're bullying a stranger."

Storytelling: The stranger did look like he was being bullied. "Uh... yes, I mean, no I mean..." The miner stammered a bit before shutting his mouth and looking down at the table.

Robern (Tass): "Anything yeh could tell us would be appreciated lad. No sense being frightened."

Lyna (Aust): "No ill intent here. Just a casual observation. Any help is welcome in this endevor."

Storytelling: "I don't know anything..." The miner replied quietly, not looking up.

Nyktan (MAF): "Wait, I'm starting to see it now." Nyktan's ears perked up. "You are suspicious..."

Nyktan (MAF): "Well, friend..." Nyktan chuckled. "You've attracted a lot of attention to yourself. Let's start off on a friendly note, shall we? My name is Nyktan."

Robern (Tass): Robern, assuming Zurui gave him a look of some sort, stood up and walked over to the man to stand towering over him with an impassive look, his arms crossed. He didn't say anything, allowing Nyktan to speak but making his presence very much known.

Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki sort of faded into the background, behind the others. She felt no need to try and intimidate the man when the rest of the group seemed to be doing quite the job of it on their own, and she had little to add that they wouldn't.

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui repeated her squeeze as the man responded, her entire attention focused on him now. Robern stalked forward, but she stayed back, backing off to go and speak with Fumei instead, taking some of the coin she earned from her performances with Nyktan and getting a fresh cup of what the miner was drinking. It would serve as an apology once they had finished speaking with him.

Lyna (Aust): Lyna would follow closly behind Nyktan, standing just behind him. Her stance was relaxed, knowing she had to play it carefully here. "Sir, we mean no harm. Just want to ask a few questions."

Lang Fu (Spider): Fu gives Rissiki a sidelong glance before turning his attention to the miner quite intently, yet he says nothing, leaving speaking to those more skilled with words.

Nyktan (MAF): "Sir, you must allow me to apologize. You look quite frightened... Rightly so." Nyktan looked to Robern. "There is nothing to fear at all. We simply want to know a few things, because we made a promise to the kind old man over there... I humbly request your aid. Don't you know something that could be useful to our search for the demon?"

Lyna (Aust): "Any information you have would be most appreciated sir. I promise as a member of the Blue Rose, you won't be questioned beyond this."

Storytelling: The miner looked up at the assembled group. "Look, I really don't know anything that can help." He repeated.

Robern (Tass): Robern simply stood scowling slightly over the man, letting the others do the actual talking for the moment.

Nyktan (MAF): "I shall be the judge of that, sir." Nyktan replied. "I mean, you clearly know something... Perhaps your problem is something we can aid with? I'm feeling particularly helpful, you see."

Rissiki (Tiff): "I don't know about that" Rissiki spoke up, "we're very helpful people. You just have to let us hear you out."

Robern (Tass): "You may want us to be the judge of that," Robern stated coldly, "Given that we're going out to kill the otherworldly beast, I think I'd prefer to know all that I can."

Storytelling: "You can't..." The miner was about to say something then bit his tongue. "I mean, it would just be best to avoid the forest."

Nyktan (MAF): "Kill is a strong word, Robern... Perhaps this man wants to protect the demon?"

Lang Fu (Spider): "The man's clearly a coward. I'd be surprised if anything he knows would be of use." Fu says quietly yet loudly enough to be heard by the miner.

Robern (Tass): "Then he's an idiot. And consorting with the thing." Robern's arms slowly unfolded down to his sides, "Are you?"

Nyktan (MAF): "Ah... I think my friend is getting angry... I don't want to be affiliated with a criminal, so won't you please tell us something? Anything?"

Rissiki (Tiff): "People can't just avoid the forest forever, you know. They live here."

Storytelling: "L-look..." The miner was looking rather scared at this point. "I really can't help you, they-" He shut up pretty quickly. "I need to go." He said and stood up, moving, rather quickly, to leave the tea house, unless anyone wanted to stop him.

Lang Fu (Spider): "They? Who exactly are they?" Fu asks pointedly after the retreating miner

Robern (Tass): Robern quickly glanced at Zurui questioningly, but if she displayed a desire to not move on her own would quite calmly put a hand on the miner's shoulder and sit him right back down.

Lyna (Aust): "They?" Lyna never like that term. They could be dealing with a couple more people or a whole damn army. The odds were not in their favor

Robern (Tass): Robern stopped the man by the shoulder, scowling, and said; "Yer a daft fool if yer trying to preserve the thing we are to hunt. Yer riskin the lives of people over it too. I can't make ye help even though I know yer knowin more than ye let on, but if you get in the way you'll get the same treatment as the demon." With that he would simply release the man and let him be on his way, still scowling after him.

Storytelling: The man looked rather scared at that. "I'm not..." He started, then hurried towards the door.

Zurui (Shrike): "Sorry for the bother, s-" Zurui started, intentionally putting herself in the way just enough that the man bumped her in his rush. "So sorry. Please, take this tea with you as an apology." She said, passing him the teacup.

Nyktan (MAF): "... That guy is an asshole." Nyktan would say after the man left.

Storytelling: "Ah, no it's okay!" The man replied, jumping a bit in surprise and spilling the tea as he hurried for the door. Zurui still got a feel through his pockets, however, but found only a small leather pouch with some coins in it.

Lyna (Aust): "Agreed. Something dosen't smell right here about all this."

Lang Fu (Spider): "A mysterious they. A demon slightly larger than a tall man. Glowing eyes would be easy enough to achieve. This reeks of banditry."

Zurui (Shrike): "Whatever it is, I fear that man is involved. Should we attempt to follow him, perhaps?" Zurui asked, rejoining the group at the man's former table. "Before he gets too far away?"

Rissiki (Tiff): "Seems a sophisticated bit of work to go through just to nick some coin off of people" Rissiki said, "the sort of people who become bandits aren't often that smart, I think."

Nyktan (MAF): "By all means, let's quickly follow him. I'm slightly pissed."

Robern (Tass): "Aye, lets be after him."

Lyna (Aust): "Banditry, maybe. Or authentic. Either way, we must act and act fast. The lady does offer a good suggestion. But my armor does not permit me to sneak all that well."

Lang Fu (Spider): "Might not be bandits, but someone clearly doesn't want people to wander in those woods."

Nyktan (MAF): "Wait, isn't that a bit backwards? Bandits who don't want people to come into their territory?"

Nyktan (MAF): "... Reverse bandits?"

Zurui (Shrike): "Two groups. THe quiet ones stay close, leave marks for the ones that cannot follow as well. I'm sure everyone knows their own abilities, split as you may." The slave said, taking a moment to retrieve a blanket from Robern's pack before heading out into the cold.

Lang Fu (Spider): "Bandits who don't want authorities to find their camp.

Lang Fu (Spider): Fu nods, following a few steps after Zurui

Lyna (Aust): "I'll take group B. Given that I stand out like a sore thumb."

Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki's black cat padded out from the darkness then, rubbing himself against her leg and mewling. "I'm not terrible at sneaking about. I can follow along with Zurui" she said, hugging her new winter clothing close to herself as she made her way towards the door, the cat following at a distance.

Nyktan (MAF): "I wonder if such a thing as reverse bandits exist... I do believe they're things of legend called... A charity." Nyktan said aloud as he walked along.

Robern (Tass): "Aye, signal if you need help." Robern stated, and opted to follow along behind a ways so as not to spoil Zurui's attempts at stealth.

Storytelling: Zurui, Fu and Sophia, with the other three trailing behind them, were quickly able to spot the miner as he headed towards the woods, in the same direction as the trappers had reported the demon had been spotted. He didn't seem to have spotted them.

Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan hummed as they'd follow in the back. "Robern, would you be against the idea of carrying me?"

Robern (Tass): "If it were actually necessary, no. There's nothing wrong with your legs."

Lyna (Aust): "Why would you even suggest that? Are you truely that lazy?"

Nyktan (MAF): "Well, what if I get tired? This snow isn't good for my skin either."

Lyna (Aust): "How could you possibly get tired? Do you see what I'm wearing? I'd get tired long before you in any situation. Man up and walk."

Nyktan (MAF): "Shall I carry you?" he hummed with a smile.

Storytelling: After following the miner into the woods a ways, the three in the front suddenly realized they had lost him. Fu had an advantage, being able to see in the dark, but even he couldn't spot the miner through the trees.

Lyna (Aust): "N...Not necessary!" She turned her attention away, ready to move at a moments notice.

Nyktan (MAF): "So, Robern, how's your wound? Healing?"

Robern (Tass): "It's fine."

Nyktan (MAF): When the others come into view, Nyktan couldn't help but comment. "You all suck at tracking."

Lang Fu (Spider): Fu throws a snowball at Nyktan

Zurui (Shrike): "I'm better at following." Zurui answered, glancing at Robern "Should be close, at least."

Storytelling: Robern and Lyna were able to find the miner's tracks in the snow.

Nyktan (MAF): "I found a squirrels tracks... I'll get you one day, you elusive beast."

Lyna (Aust): "Found something here. Seems the miner was moving this way..." She trailed off, pointing in the direction of the tracks. Here she thought tracking was a weak spot for her. Guess she got lucky

Robern (Tass): "We aren't hunting squirrels," Robern stated as he pulled his shield from his back and lifted his axe from its holster on his belt. "Bandits or devils, these woods hold danger of some sort. Be on your guard."

Zurui (Shrike): "One moment. I think we should prepare for a fight." Zurui said, going for Robern's pack again. A moment later she had slipped a simple cuirass in teh easter style out of the pack, and was slipping it on over her loose robes, not wanting to brave the cold any more than she already was.

Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan nodded, getting behind Robern and holding his instrument. "I can't wait to play something exciting for you all. It'll surely encourage you."

Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki reached into her backpack, fetching out a vial of light green liquid and clutching it tightly. She hoped it didn't begin to snow again.

Lang Fu (Spider): Fu nods, slipping his quarterstaff through loops in his backpack and readying his crossbow.

Storytelling: While they were following the tracks, Nyktan, Robern and Sophia heard the sound of a creature approaching from their right. Shortly after, a tall, not quite seven foot tall creature emerged from behind a tree. It had dark skin, covered in bony plates and had a pair of sharp looking pincers at the end of its arms. Though in the daylight it was hard to make out any glow, its eyes were red as it started to move towards the group.

Rissiki (Tiff): "I can see it... off to our right, in the midst of those trees" Rissiki said, pointing where she saw the demon. Besides that, of course, she did nothing.

Storytelling: The demon approached, roaring menacingly.
Nyktan (MAF): "The hell...? I've got your back, Robern." Nyktan said affirmitively.

Robern (Tass): Robern, advancing to block the advance of ye demon, let out a grunt and raised his shield, banging his axe against it menacingly in an effort to draw the creature's full attention.

Nyktan (MAF): "Here's a number for you," Nyktan announced, before using his lute to string up a song that seemed to make everyone feel a little more couragous.

Zurui (Shrike): Trusting in her current hiding spot, Zurui remained still, waiting for the demon to come closer while she readied her bow

Lang Fu (Spider): Fu mutters an arcane incantation, sending a ray of sickly green towards the demon

Storytelling: The ray struck the demon, surrounding it with a green glow for a moment before faiding, leaving the demon looking noticably weaker.

Storytelling: Snarling at the weakening spell, the demon nonetheless rushed at Robern, trying to get him with one of its pincers.

Lyna (Aust): Lyna, seeing the barbarian was in need of aid, would rush towards his position.

Robern (Tass): "Foul creature..." Robern grunted as he deflected a swing from the creature's claws, swinging his axe at the joint in its arm in turn.

Robern (Tass): "Come and die, beast!" Robern spat as his weapon crunched through the creature's hide at the shulder.

Zurui (Shrike): The kitsune watched the battle get underway, waiting untilt he creature was comitted between the two fighters to pop up herself, sending an arrow flying in it's direction.

Lang Fu (Spider): Fu calmly takes his crossbow in both hands and quickly aiming at the creature, sends a botl towards it before reloading the crossbow

Storytelling: The demon slashed at Robern with its pincers, but the warrior was able to avoid getting hit by either.

Lyna (Aust): "Think you can run from me, demon? No chance." Lyna would take a 5 foot step before swinging at the creature with her weapon

Storytelling: Lyna's attack strikes the demon, but instead of collapsing, the demon instead vanishes in a black and red burst of energy, leaving nothing behind.

Nyktan (MAF): "... I'll accept that as a victory."

Robern (Tass): "What?" Robern grunted, and then looked around in surprise after the creature vanished.

Lyna (Aust): "The damn thing ran away! Gah!" Lyna kicked at the snow, frustrated with the lack of a sign of victory

You whisper to Lang Fu: Normal demons would collapse, as expected, leaving a corpse behind. Only summoned demons would disappear, rather than die.

Zurui (Shrike): "Stay wary. The miner said 'they', we don't know what he meant by that. Can his tracks still be found?"

Storytelling: The demon's tracks were still in the snow.

Lang Fu (Spider): There's more to this than just the demon. We should try to see who summoned it.

You whisper to Tiffanian: Rissiki knows that the way the creature 'died' was definately not normal, but doesn't have an idea why.

Storytelling: While the miner's tracks had been obscured during the scuffle with the demon, Lyna was able to follow the creature's tracks back a ways.

Lyna (Aust): "Shh. I have something here. Give me a moment." She would crouch down and scan the tracks, carefully following them.

Storytelling: With Lyna leading, the group followed the demon's tracks. After about twenty minutes, Robern noticed some people through the trees, who had apparently also noticed them. Three men in chain armor and wielding swords or bows. "Stay where you are and drop your weapons!" One of them called. "We've got you surrounded!"

-------End Session 2-------
Nov 12, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Session Logs

And just in time for the next session, Session 3 logs!

Storytelling: With Lyna leading, the group followed the demon's tracks. After about twenty minutes, Robern noticed some people through the trees, who had apparently also noticed them. Three men in chain armor and wielding swords or bows. "Stay where you are and drop your weapons!" One of them called. "We've got you surrounded!"

Taking a quick look around didn't reveal any other bandits, but then, they were probably well hidden.

You whisper to AustNailo: Lyna could tell that the lead bandit was saying they were surrounded in order to get the party to surrender. Chances are they weren't surrounded she figured.

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui startled at the sudden call, ducking down where she was before glancing around, spotting the three bandits out in the open. FIguring she was decently hid where she was, she nocked an arrow of her own, looking over to Robern to see what he planned to do.

Robern (Tass): "Hah! Why don't you drop yours, and save me the trouble of splitting your skulls, wretched cowards!" Robern spat derisively in response to the bandit's demands, holding his shield up and at the ready. It was looking like a far more mundane sort of problem than he had imagined, but the barbarian could hardly find fault with that.

Nyktan (MAF): "Why, that's right! You don't know what you've gotten yourselves into! We're a mere scouting band for much larger forces! Flee while you can!" Nyktan attempts to bluff if possible.

Lyna (Aust): "You must be joking right? Your feeble attempts at scare mongering were in vain. Do you really want to throw your lives away so recklessly? I reccommend you make a run for it before we bring the hammer down."

* Rissiki (Tiff) turned to look at the bandits, and then nervously looked around the little group for possible others. She wasn't in the best of positions at the moment, she would have to find someone to hide behind a bit before they unleashed those arrows.

Lang Fu (Spider): Fu merely turns to face the bandits, carefully considering their options, though he makes no move to drop the quarterstaff.

Storytelling: The bandits looked unnerved at the response, clearly expecting something different. The leader waved one of the others off. Wasting no time, the indicated bandit turned and started to run back, away from the group.
"Last chance!" The leader shouted, though he sounded much less confident than before.

Lyna (Aust): "Do you really want to waste your lives so rashly? You're clearly outnumbered and at a severe disadvantage. Think about it for a moment."

Storytelling: The two remaining bandits looked unsure, but didn't move from where they were, nor did they drop their weapons. They seemed to be giving time for the third one to flee the scene.

Lyna (Aust): "You can't say I didn't try to talk them out of it. They chose this path and they will see it to the end."

Rissiki (Tiff): "The very end, it would seem."

Robern (Tass): As Lyna tried to talk the badnits down, Robern subtly tilted his head off to the left of the bandits (South)

Nyktan (MAF): "Well, the outcome was never really in doubt. Why don't you turn on your ally, mister bandit? Who knows, you might be regarded as a hero~"

Storytelling: The bandit holding the bow looked between the group and the lead bandit, but didn't move his aim.

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui saw Robern's small nod, and started making her was around that side, picking her way low to the ground, and trying to keep behind the sparse plants and snowdrifts around. She shiverred a tthe cold, but kept focus, the light layer of snow coatiing the blanket she was halfway wrapped in helping her to blend in.

Lang Fu (Spider): "Ast tasarak sinuralar krynawi!" Lang Fu quickly mutters an incantation of power, sending a burst of enchantment towards the bandits

Storytelling: The bandit Nyktan had convinced to rethink his allegiences blinked at Fu's spell before collapsing to the ground.

Nyktan (MAF): "Stole my thunder! Jerk!"

Storytelling: Looking back to his collapsed ally and the fleeing one, the lead bandit let out a battle cry and moved foward, slashing at Robern with his sword.

Robern (Tass): Robern let out a minor grunt of pain at the bandit's attack, but otherwise offered no response to the attack that had managed to slip past his shield.

Nyktan (MAF): "That bandit is brave... Does that mean he has a reason? More bandits?"

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui kept moving, glancing up in alarm as the bandit rushed Robern. Standing up in her spot, she fired an arrow off towards him in retaliation, exposing her position.

Robern (Tass): Robern, though he could feel his blood boiling at the hit even as it spilled from his minor wound, would hold himself in restraint for the moment and take a swing in return at the bandit's sword-arm.

Robern (Tass): The barbarian grimaced as his axe sunk into flesh, but quickly pulled it back and prepared to rebound the bandit's next attack

Storytelling: The bandit looked pretty wounded by the blow, but continued to fight, looking rather desperate.

Nyktan (MAF): "I would say put your weapon down and give up, but you kind of hurt the big scary muscle man. Sorry, friend."

Robern (Tass): "Kind of..." Robern repeated with a grim chuckle.

Nyktan (MAF): "Do you suddenly feel exposed, speaks-in-tongues?" Nyktan gave a verbal name to Fu.

Lyna (Aust): Stepping up to her wounded companion, Lynn would aim to end this folly before it continued any longer. This man was outmatched. Killing him at this point would be barbaric.

Storytelling: The bandit ducked away from Lyna's strike before slashing out at Robern again.

Nyktan (MAF): "Right... I don't want to be out here on my lonesome." Nyktan says as he heads closer to Rissiki, also putting his music down as it was a bit tiring.

Zurui (Shrike): Now that her cover was blown, the kitsune moved a good deal faster, getting closer to the bandit before firing off another shot at him.

Storytelling: The bandit nearly fell from Zurui's shot, but he maintained his footing.

Robern (Tass): Robern shifted to the side as he swung, aiming this time for the bandit's ribs.

Storytelling: The bandit collapsed from Robern's blow, blood spilling onto the forest floor.

Robern (Tass): "Fool," Robern grunted.

Nyktan (MAF): "Want to make a red snowman, Robern?"

Storytelling: The slumbering bandit continued to do so, but the one that had fled was now out of the group's sight.

Robern (Tass): "More may be coming," the barbarian added as he noticed that the other bandit was gone, offering no reply to Nyktan's quip.

Lyna (Aust): "Just take his weapons and tie him up or something. He's harmless now and killing him as is would serve nothing."

Lyna (Aust): Lyna said, refering to the sleeping bandit

Zurui (Shrike): "We can do the same to this one as well, if we can stop the bleeding." Zurui said, shouldering her bow and picking the blanket off the ground, wrapping ehrself up again.

Rissiki (Tiff): "Shall I try to help him? I'm not sure I can anymore, after what Sir Robern did to him..." Rissiki asks, stepping towards the bleeding bandit

Lyna (Aust): "At least try. I can say for certain they've learned their lesson."

Rissiki (Tiff): "You can never say for certain" the nezumi replied gently, though she stooped beside the dying man and went to work.

Nyktan (MAF): "... Did he really learn his lesson? He kept swinging at the man trying to chop him to pieces."

Zurui (Shrike): "We can ask him afterwards, once he's both safe and secure." Zurui answered, glancing over at the catman with a worried expression.

* Nyktan (MAF) steps aside while the other fuss over the bandits and idly looks at the ground, ears twitching and nose smelling.

Zurui (Shrike): "We also need to worry about more. The third one was likely off for reinforcements, or at least a warning to those ahead."

Lyna (Aust): "We'lll worry about that later. Meanwhile we can at least get some information out of these two."

Nyktan (MAF): "How's that wound, Robern? You didn't catch another infection I hope." Nyktan asked after losing sight of what he saw.

Lang Fu (Spider): "Anyone have rope? We should tie them up."

Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki murmured quietly, reaching into her backpack and making as if to bind the wound in the bandit's guts, but it was all for show; she gave him a bit of healing in the most efficient way she knew how, at least at the moment.

Robern (Tass): "Just a scratch," Robern grunted, putting his axe back onto his belt in order to apply pressure against the wound, quickly stopping the bleeding.

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui nodded, glancing at robern. "Some in his pack. I have more myself, if needed." She answered.

Storytelling: Sophia's healing caused the wounded bandit's eyes to flutter open. He looked around for an instant before hurrying to his feet. He still looked as though he might try to fight, even though he didn't have his sword in hand and was still badly wounded.

Rissiki (Tiff): "Sit down" Rissiki commanded, "you'll rip something open."

Zurui (Shrike): "Please don't. We mean you no harm, but you are going to have to co-operate some."

Lyna (Aust): "You're in no position to fight. Now stow the attitude and cooperate. "

Nyktan (MAF): "What's your deal anyway? Was that your leader who abandoned you? You're in an unnaturally big hurry to die." Nyktan says, trying to see if he can't fetch some answers by trying to seem a little friendly.

Storytelling: Looking around and seeing himself at a severe disadvantage, the guard sighed, seeming to lose his spirit. "Fine." He mumbled, sitting down. "Would have been better just to let me die."

Lyna (Aust): "Well, we decided to give you a second chance. I recommend you use it."

Storytelling: The man sighed again. "Not much of a chance. So what are you going to do now?" He asked.

Nyktan (MAF): "We're going to spare you because I unfortunately have this thing called a heart. It's very tiny though, not a whole lot of substance. You may begin by answering my questions to help me with my condition."

Lang Fu (Spider): "How about we start by you telling us who summoned the demon?" Lang Fu interrupts Nyktan wtih a calm tone.

Storytelling: The man looked like he was debating answering but then shrugged. "Fine, I'm as good as dead either way. I don't know his name, but he hired us to keep people away."

Lang Fu (Spider): "Did he give you a reason?"

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui let the others do the interrogation, walking up to Sophia instead. "Can you see to Robern as well, please?" She asked, then moved to check the sleeping guard for any clues on his person.

Storytelling: Shortly after Zurui started to search him, the sleeping man woke up. He was a bit panicked at finding himself tied up. "Don't bother, we're done." The first bandit said to his bound partner, who also seemed to give up the fight.

Nyktan (MAF): "Where is this place you're supposed to keep others away from?" Nyktan inquired.

Zurui (Shrike): "I'm sorry. I won't take anything." She said softly, checking the man's pockets.

Storytelling: "Over to the west." The man replied, mostioning in the direction the third bandit had run off to."

Zurui found a pouch with about nine gold coins in it in the man's pocket, but not much else besides his weapons and chain mail shirt.

Robern (Tass): "How many with you?"

Nyktan (MAF): "Since you've not a name to list him with, then I assume you have no idea why you were tasked with this, correct?"

Zurui (Shrike): The kitsune peeked into teh pouch, seeing only coins. Glancing up at the man meaningfully, she replaced it where she found it, otherwise untouched. "How many of you did this man hire, please." She asked the man, staying close.

Rissiki (Tiff): "Yes, I can do that" Rissiki says, walking over to Sir Robern and fishing a potion out of her backpack, handing over to him. "I made some of these a few days ago, you can have one for later if you want." Of course, she would heal him anyway.

Robern (Tass): "Thank you," Robern said calmly.

Storytelling: "He said he wanted to keep his operation secret from the town." The man answered Nyktan. "And there's about twenty of us, though ten or so are usually out on patrol."

Lyna (Aust): "Thats a much larger number then I was hoping to hear"

Rissiki (Tiff): "Twenty, you say? How much is he paying the lot of you?" Rissiki asked

Nyktan (MAF): "Why are you so convinced of your demise? It's not as if we're holding edges to your flesh."

Storytelling: The man looked at Sophia a bit oddly. "Uh, about five silver a day. Better than you can get hauling wood."

Lyna (Aust): "Well it at least seems he's offering men more then conventional work. A troubling sign at the very least. More people could catch wind and sign up."

Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki nodded quietly. That was a fair bit of money indeed. 10 gold a day in outlays.

Lang Fu (Spider): "We should probably move. I've no wish to fight 10 more the likes of them without more back-up."

Nyktan (MAF): "Chump change! I usually earn three times as much singing and dancing."

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui paused, wrapping the blanket a bit closer around herself. "And the third of you. Was he to bring more, or simply warn of our approach?"

Storytelling: The man didn't reply to the talk of his employer's payments, but turned to face Zurui. "Warn them. They'll be ready for the rest of your group." It occurred to them that he had apparently beleived the lie about them being the front of a much larger force.

Nyktan (MAF): "Heh.... Hehehe..." Nyktan chuckled.

Zurui (Shrike): "Thank you." She answered, standing again and motioning for the group to seperate from the prisoners a small space, so they could meet in private. "I think we should try to talk our way in, under the pretense of discussing terms, or similar."

Robern (Tass): "I doubt we would get past the door without surrendering our weapons. Not the circumstances under which I would like to face a sorcerer and a contingent of armed men."

Lang Fu (Spider): "That sounds risky."

Lyna (Aust): "You mean concinve them to reloacate? Or what? If we speak for the town, I'm sure we can appeal to their sense of humanity."

Rissiki (Tiff): "Terms for what?"

Nyktan (MAF): "Might be a bad plan. I may have given them the impression that we're marching a small army to their front door."

Nyktan (MAF): "I won't apologize."

Zurui (Shrike): "Which is why they might talk to us, instead of simply attacking. I hadn't thought about the weapons, but I have enough daggers hidden to arm most of us, if need be."

Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan looked over to their prisoners. "Is your guard consisting of mostly men?"

Lang Fu (Spider): "A group of well-armed people doesn't sound like negotiation to someone with only twenty of his own."

Lyna (Aust): "What are you thinking of doing, bard?"

Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki fidgeted nervously. "I'm not much good with a dagger. Beyond that, I would rather not try and negotiate directly with the one doing all this. We might be able to pick off some of his hired help bit by bit, but I doubt he'll just give in to any words we utter."

Storytelling: "Uh... Yes." The first man replied to Nyktan, a little confused by the question.

Nyktan (MAF): "Out of the question. I refuse to be fondled by a man, regardless of intentions."

Lang Fu (Spider): "We could send Nyktan to negotiate and spread rumours about a coming armed force to see if he can get some of the men to flee."

Nyktan (MAF): "I'll definitely get fondled then. No."

Zurui (Shrike): "I can do it." Zurui offered. "They aren't likely to attack me if I appear unarmed, in any case."

Nov 12, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Session Logs

Lyna (Aust): "My order specializes in diplomacy. If anyone would do something that it would be me"

Rissiki (Tiff): "I doubt they would fondle you" Rissiki spoke up, somewhat confused at what Nyktan was on about.

Lyna (Aust): *Something that crazy

Nyktan (MAF): "You're twice as likely to get fondled! Though, that's entirely on you."

Robern (Tass): "No," Robern said quickly and decisively to Zurui's suggestion. The idea of the kitsune going in alone was inately unappealing. "We will get no negotiation worth having from the man who hired these ones, and sending anyone in alone would only give them a prisoner as a bargaining chip, even if they believed that there were more of us."

Nyktan (MAF): "Ah... Well, that's another reason."

Lyna (Aust): "Well a direct assault is out of the option and it seems talking is off the table. What do you suggest we do then?" She said, a rather unpleasent look on her face

Rissiki (Tiff): "It would be better to ambush their patrols one by one, in my opinion."

Robern (Tass): "Aye, scout them out, kill or capture them in small groups at a time. Break their morale, make the money not worth it, and they will surrender."

Nyktan (MAF): "That'd be a bit tedious... And I want to get out of this awful cold as soon as possible. My poor beautiful skin is at stake!"

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui looked over to Robern at his refusal, simply dipping her head in response. "We could buy them out, perhaps? faster in a general sense, so long as we offer enough."

Lyna (Aust): "It is a more long term option. Could take days, if not weeks to whittle down any force that is theoretically under siege."

Lyna (Aust): "And bribery could work as well. More direct. Provide the men with something their master isn't providing them"

Robern (Tass): "That is also an option, assuming they could be bought."

Rissiki (Tiff): "Perhaps if Nyktan agreed to fondle them they would join us" Rissiki offered jokingly, poking fun at the catboy and his seeming obsession with such things.

Nyktan (MAF): "I... You think I would..!?"

Nyktan (MAF): "I may dress like a woman, miss mouse, but I have a strict hands off policy!"

Lyna (Aust): "Well, those are our options. Weaken them piece by piece and break their spirit or offer them a much large pay then what their master is offering them."

Lang Fu (Spider): "I'm sure you could come up with something creative even without needing their hands."

Storytelling: "So... what's going to happen with us?" The bound bandit asked after a while.

Nyktan (MAF): "You are all... So..." Nyktan growled. "Whatever! I don't want to talk about that anymore. I cast my vote in with whatever Robern said to do!"

Robern (Tass): "If we're going to try and bribe them, we might as well take those two with us. Show them that we won't just kill them and take our money back when they break ranks," Robern suggested.

Rissiki (Tiff): "That could work, yes. We shouldn' rearm them, of course, regardless."

Zurui (Shrike): The kitsune turned from the group, returning to the bound pair and keeping them company. "Sent home, most likely. We have no quarrel with you, and would like to deal with this demon problem without causing any more injury to you folk. Can you think of anything that may help with that?"

Lang Fu (Spider): "That will still leave us to deal with this conjurer. Does anyone have any ideas regarding that?"
Robern (Tass): "Kill him?"

Rissiki (Tiff): "It depends on what his game is. Killing him doesn't sound like a bad option if he's conjuring demons, though."

Lyna (Aust): "Without an army, what could he possibly do? He can't summon an unlimited supply of monsters."

Storytelling: The bandits both shook their heads. "Not really..." One of them replied.

Lang Fu (Spider): "Binding a demon for a long duration takes considerable skill. I doubt challenging him to an open fight would result in an easy kill."

Storytelling: The other seemed to get an idea. "Well, if no one else comes into the forest, they won't be in danger."

Rissiki (Tiff): "There's no need to announce ourselves, or fight him traditionally. We just have to learn his habits, right?"

Nyktan (MAF): "We already know one of those habis. 'Summons demons'."

Lang Fu (Spider): "What kind of water supply does your camp have?" Fu asks, turning to talk to the bandits.

Lyna (Aust): "You aren't suggesting what I think you're suggesting, are you?"

Lang Fu (Spider): "I'm sure a skilled healer such as Rissiki could find a substance that will incapacitate the conjurer and his men without killing them."

Storytelling: "Uh, there's a small pool near the camp." The unbound man replied. "The boss said it was fed by an underground spring or something. It drains off further west."

Rissiki (Tiff): "I doubtless could. Even just something to give them stomach pains and whatnot."

Nyktan (MAF): "We certainly are showing a lot of mercy to these westerners... Ah, no offense." Nyktan said to the westerners of the group.

Lyna (Aust): "If we can convince them of their folly in some way, any one is worth the effort."

Zurui (Shrike): "They're just trying to make a living, just like anyone." Zurui added in, falling silent again.

Rissiki (Tiff): "Westerners are little different, motivated by the same things we are more or less. I don't know what you're suggesting we ought to do with them or why."

Robern (Tass): "We might as well take a look before we make any real decision. We'll bring those two, gagged, and see what is to be seen at their lair."

Robern (Tass): "Hopefully we can remain hidden, and if need be we can pull back to further decide on a plan of action."

Nyktan (MAF): "Well, that's something."

Lang Fu (Spider): "I think it would be best if we kept out of sight and only one or two of us went to take a look to see if we can do it safely."

Lyna (Aust): "Agreed. Someone like me trying to be stealthy for that long is bound to backfire."

Robern (Tass): "Agreed."

Robern (Tass): "But the others should stay nearby in case our scouts are discovered."

Nyktan (MAF): "..." Nyktan looks through his group. Asides from perhaps Rissiki, only he and Zurui look like they could be sneaky. "... I suppose I'm one of those two."

Nyktan (MAF): "Just... Make sure you all are close by... REALLY close by if possible... In fact I wouldn't mind a full scale assault, with me in the back..."

Zurui (Shrike): "Same groups as before, then." Zurui replied, shuffling her feet some to get the blood moving again. "We'll take our time. they're already prepared for us most likely, rushing earns us nothing."

Lyna (Aust): "We should be fine. We keep our wits abour us and plan carefully, we'll get out of this with our heads intact."

Lang Fu (Spider): "Nyktan and Zurui go ahead, then. The more people go close, the higher chances of them being spotted."

Nyktan (MAF): "Zurui... Can you run fast?" Nyktan inquired hopefully.

Zurui (Shrike): "Fast enough, though it's harder in the snow." She said, nodding.

Nyktan (MAF): "... O-okay fine! I'm fairly confident in my running ability (because I do it often)... So I'll go in first. If I'm spotted, I'll run, and you might have better odds of finding something."

Robern (Tass): "Well, lets get to it then,"

Nyktan (MAF): "N-not even a 'be careful, Nyktan!' I feel this sense of doom about me..." Nyktan grumbled as he marched onward.

Lyna (Aust): "Best of luck, kitten. Learn to man up a little while you're ou there."

Rissiki (Tiff): "You'll do fine. No one will grope you."

Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan tried sneaking along the snow, keeping low to the ground and moving about like a feline.

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui nodded at Robern's prompting, waiting for Nyktan to get his griping over with before starting off with him, keeping some distance

Storytelling: Nyktan and Zurui crept forward while the rest of the group waited with the captive men.
The two were able to get close enough to the camp to make out a number of tents, five small ones and a larger, pavilion style tent set up around a campfire near an outcropping of rock. A hole had been dug into the rock, heading down. There was a small pond, as the bandit had said, near the far end of the camp, with a small stream flowing downhill away from the camp.
There were ten armed men, each with a bow drawn and with a sword at their side, standing at the ready, obviously having been alerted by the bandit that had fled earlier. Four other men, easterners, were near the outcrop and both Zurui and Nyktan could recognize one of them as being from the tea house, the one they had followed.
Just as they got within range to make out everything about the camp, there was a shout from the guards. "There!" One of them yelled, pointing towards where the two were sneaking. Rather than demand surrender, however, the guards fired their bows at the general area.

Nyktan (MAF): "Hiiiii-!" Nyktan cried out in fear.

Storytelling: Arrows rained down around Nyktan and Zurui, but thankfully none of them hit either, though there were a few close calls. "Come out or we'll fire again!" One of the guards called. The whole camp seemed to draw their bows back again, indicating it was no idle threat.

Nyktan (MAF): Bad. This was Bad. How Bad? Very bad. There were so many guards, what would leading them back to the group do? Robern already took a wound from one, and now there's ten more to do the same job. "Zurui... Go back, and and complete the objective with the others." he whispered. He wondered how they'd react to what he was going to do, but he had little time to wonder.

Nyktan (MAF): With that, Nyktan bolted south. He wondered how many he could get to pull away from the camp. If none bought it, it was fine, he was safe. If some followed, the others had a better chance.

Zurui (Shrike): The kitsune stiffened, ducking under a falling log to cover herself from the incoming arrows. The bandits called out again, and she glanced over to Nyktan, eyes widening at his response. "They'd kill you befo-" She started, but her was already off and running. Not really knowing what else to do, she listened to him, bolting back towards the group.

Storytelling: There was some yelling from the guards and shortly after, they broke up, six chasing after Nyktan while the remaining four chased Zurui.

Nyktan (MAF): "G-good they bought it..." Nyktan saw six of them. "S-SHIT THEY BOUGHT IT!" he cursed under his breath.

Storytelling: Back at the rest of the group, there were the sounds of some yelling and before long the three that remained behind saw Zurui fleeing back towards them.

Zurui (Shrike): The kitsune didn't dare look back, though she caught the sounds of frantic pursuit easily enough. "Look out!" She called out when she saw the group, aiming to run past them before regrouping.

Robern (Tass): "Shit," Robern grunted, pulling out his axe and gripping it in both hands.

* Lang Fu (Spider) calmly stoves his quarterstaff, hanging it from a loop in his backpack and pulls out his crossbow

Lyna (Aust): "Damnit. Damnit all." Lyna drew her blade and made sure her shield was ready to go as well.

Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki clutched at a bottle of clear green liquid once more, though there wasn't much chance of it doing much good. She would just have to do the best she could, and hope the others would pick up her slack. She didn't see Nyktan though... where had he gone?

Nyktan (MAF): "Why am I doing this!? Why am I risking myself for them!?" Nyktan cursed at what he'd done. "I refuse to die here!"

Nyktan (MAF): "You won't catch me!" Nyktan announced to his persuers, while trying to contain his panic. Despite all his lies, he wasn't retreating to some guard. He was completely on his own now. His only option was to keep running.

Nyktan (MAF): 'I'm hardly losing them...!' Nyktan cursed. 'If I hit an obstruction of some sort, I'm done for! Persistent bastards!' Nyktan thought to himself, sweat on his brow sending cold chills through his spine from the cold.

Robern (Tass): Leaving the two bound men on their knees, where he had put them while setting up to block them, Robern moved forward to take some cover from a tree and pulled out his sling, quickly pulling a bullet from his pouch to go with it so that he could hit the incoming men from range if it came to that.

* Lang Fu (Spider) loads his crossbow and waits patiently.

* Lyna (Aust) moves behind cover, looking to remain hidden till last possible moment.

* Rissiki (Tiff) somewhat hides behind a tree, readying Sleep for the first enemy she spots

Storytelling: The four men chasing after Zurui come into view of the rest of the group. If they notice Lyna or Robern, they don't seem to show it.
Meanwhile, the chase with Nyktan continues...

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui kept going right past the group, slowing herself down considerably and coming to a stop a little ways after them, ducking behind another tree for some cover herself. Shrugging off the blanket, she started fumbling for ehr bow, the cold air having chilled her during her flight.

Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan huffs, and puffs... Looking behind him after a considerable time of running, he was sure that he'd collapse from all the cold hair freezing up his throat and lungs. Looking back, he seemed to lose the soldiers. "... Who'd... Hah... Hah..." he takes heavy breaths. "Who'd think all those days of fleeing from angry husbands and fathers would pay off?"

Nyktan (MAF): "Hopefully, that means those soldiers are tired as well. They should only be reaching my comrades, if at all, when they've dealt with the other half of the soldiers... If I don't see some respect from them after this, I'm going to flip my lid."

Storytelling: Fu's bolt struck one of the guards in the chest, but the chainmail seemed to absorb the brunt of the damage.

Storytelling: Two of the guards moved forward, dropping their bows to the ground and reaching for their swords while the other two skidded to a stop behind some trees, firing at Rissiki as she started to cast her spell.

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui finally got her fingers around her bow properly, lining up an arrow and sending it towards of of the guards that had chased her.

Storytelling: The guards moved forward, one drawing his sword just in time to duck a sling stone from Robern while the two with their bows out fired at Lang Fu and Rissiki, hitting both of them, despite their cover.

Lyna (Aust): Not wasting this opportunity, Lyna would burst out from cover, charging towards the guard that was at the front of the group.

Robern (Tass): (Robern never pulled out his shield. I had him using his axe two handed, then switched to the sling with his main hand. He always puts his shield away when traveling unless expecting to go directly into a fight, which he didn't this time because scouting run. Also, you can draw a weapon on a charge as normal if you move your speed or less.) Throwing aside his sling, Robern takes up his axe in both hands once again, muscles bulging as fury overwhelmed him. Breaking from cover, Robern rushed forward and aimed to deliver a powerful blow to the man fighting with Lyna.

Robern (Tass): "RRRRaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhrrrrggg!!!!"

Lyna (Aust): One down. two to go. Letting out a yell herself, she charged at another of the incoming guards, aiming to finish things fast.

Lyna (Aust): Having taken several hits, Lyna was starting to feel a good deal of pain. Her armor could only save her from so much. Not wanting to waste time, she'd strike at the guard in front of her. "You bastards got lucky! No more!"

Storytelling: The guards seemed to continue to be lucky, striking at both Lyna and Robern.

Robern (Tass): Not even recoiling from the slash across his arm, Robern let out an enraged shout and swung his axe across, striking at the man who had him in and aiming to just keep on going.

Robern (Tass): Robern's axe swung out and took the head off of the shoulders of the man before him, repaying the cut he had received ten fold. The momentum of his swing, unperturbed by cutting through flesh and bone, carried through to the man fighting beside his first target, but his reach was such that he didn't quite cleanly decapitate his second opponent. The man's head tumbled from his shoulders still, but it was yet attached by a small flap of skin and bone. Looking down on his opponents and heaving, Robern began to come down from his rage, as no more opponents were around for him to slay.

Nyktan (MAF): "... You know what would be great...?" Nyktan asked himself while his teeth were chattering from the cold. "IF ALL OF THESE DAMN TREES DIDN'T LOOK THE SAME!"

--------End Session 3----------
Nov 12, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Session Logs

Session 4, or Everyone Gets Tired at the End.
Storytelling: With Robern's slash, the last two of the standing men fell to the ground, leaving the group in quiet again. There was still no sign of Nyktan.

Lyna (Aust): Despite her strong stance during the fight, the moment the battle ended, Lyna fell to one knee, her breathing labored. "D...Damn bandits..."

Zurui (Shrike): "Sophia!" Zurui called back, having just reached the melee as Robern ended it, calling for their medic as she reached out to suppor tthe wounded woman. "Keep focus, Dear. You'll be fine in just a moment."

Lyna (Aust): "I guess...walking around in all this armor...made me a target..."

Robern (Tass): Cooling off from his wild fury, Robern slowly allowed himself to unwind and began to calm more fully. Glancing at Lyna with a frown as she dropped, he left the tending to Zurui and Sofia for the moment while he went about tying together the men who had been put to sleep.

Storytelling: For Nyktan's part, he had managed to slip the guards and was heading back to regroup. Following the trail of the chase wasn't hard, and keeping his pace slow kept him from meeting up with the men again.

Rissiki (Tiff): The battle over, Rissiki made her way to the front lines, seeing that their new companion was injured, and fairly severely. She wasn't too concerned at the moment about hiding her magical abilities any more; this wasn't the time. No, she laid her hands on the woman's shoulders and cast her spell.

Lang Fu (Spider): Lang Fu glances at the women, holding back a sharp comment about fools rushing in, then helps Robern tie up the unconscious men.

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui reached out, giving Robern's thigh a soft squeeze before he walked off, her gaze not leaving the wounded woman.

Lyna (Aust): Feeling a good amount of strength returning, Lyna would pick herself up. She'd focus her attention on her two female companions. "Thank you for the aid. And the concern. I get in over my head sometimes "

Rissiki (Tiff): "Apparently. It's not a problem, just... be careful. There's only so much I can heal."

Zurui (Shrike): "You still look wounded, are you well enough?" She asked, glancing over to sophia. "I have a potion, or some ointment, but not much of either."

You whisper to MAF: As he was on his way back, Nyktan heard a soft voice off to his right. He couldn't make out any words, however, nor even whether it was male or female.

Rissiki (Tiff): "I have a few potions as well. I'm a little hurt myself right now... but not too much."

Lyna (Aust): "I understand. Magic does have it's limits and I would rather you not waste them on my. And would any of the potions or ointments do much more? If we can save our magics, those might be at least handy in an emergency."

MAF whispers: Nyktan's ears perk in the direction of the whispering. Quietly, he thought to himself. 'Is it more misfortune and trouble without reward?' he wondered with a grumpy disposition. Still, stealthily, he went to investigate the whispering.

Rissiki (Tiff): "They're about the same, I believe" the ratgirl said with a little shrug.

Robern (Tass): "If we must enter another battle like that, we may need all the strength that we can gather," Robern commented while tying up the other men and dragging them over to their companions.

Zurui (Shrike): "Mine as well, from what I understand. And the ointment has to be massaged in near the wound, it's generally for less timely use." She said Robern commented, and she nodded in response, reaching under her blanket and inside her robe to retreive a small vial, passing it over. "In case you need it before we're done. You can give it back after, if not."

You whisper to MAF: as he got closer, the whispering seemed to stop. There was a moment of silence before he heard a voice, as though someone were whispering into his ear. "Take care in your wanderings." When he turned to look, there was no one there, or anywhere near him. The voice had been feminine, and not threatening.

Lyna (Aust): "Then I guess I can't see the harm in using one of those. I would rather not be a hinderance in the coming fights if I fail to hold my own. Plus, I wouldn't want you worrying about how to drag me back to down."

Rissiki (Tiff): "You look like you might have been injured as well... would you like a potion?" Rissiki asks the cloaked figure, reaching into her backpack to produce one of the health potions she had brewed up over the last few days.

Lang Fu (Spider): "I would be grateful," Lang Fu replies, extending a hand to accept the offered vial

* Lang Fu (Spider) drinks the potion « 1d8+1 = 6 + 1 = 7 »

Lyna (Aust): "I must say, having someone handy with making potion is fantastic. Means we'll hopefully be in no short supply for aid."

MAF whispers: Nyktan's hair stood straight, before he decided he was as good as seen. "... I would tell you to mind your own business, but I'll accept the concern." he replied. It seemed the voice's owner wouldn't show herself, so Nyktan simply pressed on. He wouldn't say one word to those ingrates. His selfless act something he was already cursing himself for, as there was no point in saving the thankless.

Rissiki (Tiff): "Hopefully" Rissiki echos, scratching her head somewhat nervously.

You whisper to MAF: There was no response from the voice, but shortly after he said that, Nyktan heard a familiar voice saying "Hopefully." off to the side.

Nyktan (MAF) whispers: "It seems I've found them." Nyktan would whisper. No point in idling about. They weren't in a big hurry to check on his welfare. No, 'where's Nyktan?' Likely the fox had him written off as dead and the others accepted it. There were no friends here.

Lyna (Aust): "I mean nothing serious. Your skills are handy for a variety of things. Much more then I. All I benefit from is a good head for combat, tactics and a silver tongue to talk down foes."

Storytelling: As Lyna spoke, Nyktan came into view from behind a few trees to the south.

Lang Fu (Spider): Lang Fu turns to address Zurui. "What did you find out?"

Robern (Tass): "Nyktan! You're alive!"

Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan had a sour look on his face, and did not immediately reply to Robern.

Robern (Tass): "What happened? Were you injured?"

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui let the two converse, standing herself and returning to Robern's side, checking his wounds as well. "How do you feel?" She asked quietly. She spotted the catman approach after he replied, looking him over as well, a frown of concern on her face.

Nyktan (MAF): "No." He replied simply.

Robern (Tass): Robern would frown at Nyktan's uncharacteristic quiet, but then glanced at Zurui and frowned as well. "I've had better days. Had worse too. You?"

Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan would walk closer to the group. "There are more soldiers at the camp. Four or five. Maybe more."

Zurui (Shrike): "Tired, but unharmed." She answered reassuringly. Turning to address the group at large, she spoke again, a little louder. "What now, then?"

Rissiki (Tiff): "Weren't there supposedly 20 some odd? That would leave ten or more unaccounted for."

Robern (Tass): "Dammit."

Zurui (Shrike): "Must still be patrols out. It would take some time to recall them."

Lyna (Aust): "And a good count of them were archers. A dangerous prospect indeed."

Zurui (Shrike): "we didn't get the chance to discover much. They spotted us before we neared. A larger pavillion tent, a few smaller ones scattered about, with the water hole mentioned and waht looked like an entrance into some caves."

Nyktan (MAF): "There were miners." Nyktan added. "One of them was the man we questioned from the tea house."

Lang Fu (Spider): "Do you think we could manage to sneak something into the water hole?"

Rissiki (Tiff): "The one from the tea house? That's... odd."

Nyktan (MAF): "That's not odd at all," Nyktan snapped bitterly. "It explains his tight lips."

Zurui (Shrike): "I'm not sure. Even if we apprached from the side nearest to it, they spotted Nyktan and myself before we got even that close. I think I maybe could, if I appeared as one of these guards..."

Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki took a step back and seemed to try and melt behind Lyna.

Lang Fu (Spider): "What if we waited for dark?"

Lyna (Aust): "A possibilty. Only have the night watch to consider. But if they spot us, they'd awake the entire camp and we'd have a legion on top of us."

Robern (Tass): "We would risk allowing their patrols to return."

Lyna (Aust): "Exactly.. Too many men to deal with and we'd be in a worse situation then I could imagine."

Rissiki (Tiff): "They already know we're here. I doubt they would leave a small night watch, at least for tonight."

Lang Fu (Spider): "It would be easier to get away from the in the dark even if that happened. In any case, I don't think we should risk another skirnish today. We've been lucky and managed to cause some casualties so far, but there's no telling how long our luck will last."

Rissiki (Tiff): "We could trying to find signs of the other patrols" Rissiki offered. "If we ambushed them we could cut their numbers by more than half."

Lyna (Aust): "Especially mine, given how close I came to defeat in the recent scuffle."

Robern (Tass): "Aye, limiting the number we would need to fight at once would be best. I can try to find the paths they prefer that we may lay an ambush."

Zurui (Shrike): That would be something to spend our time on at least, if we're waiting for nightfall." The kitsune agreed, glancing towards their captives. "Someone should stay with them, away from the ambush sites."

Lang Fu (Spider): "I suppose I volunteer. I wouldn't be of much use to you anyway, as I have little magic left."

Nyktan (MAF): "I volunteer as well. So we have more than one guard." Nyktan offered.

Zurui (Shrike): "They've been fairly cooperative, I'm not sure we need two. We could use your aid in a more active role, nyktan."

Nyktan (MAF): "Oh really?" Nyktan replied. "Fine."

* Robern (Tass) goes about doing this survival check. « 1d20+6 = 12 + 6 = 18 »

Storytelling: Robern was able to find a path that looked like it was routinely walked upon.

Robern (Tass): "It looks as if they come this way. If we have time, we can lie in wait and take them by surprise."

Zurui (Shrike): "Right here? What about the prisoners, and the bodies?"

Rissiki (Tiff): "We just have to move farther up the path to find a good spot."

Zurui (Shrike): "Be safe, Fu. If trouble occurs, run, don't fight. We shouldn't be far."

Lang Fu (Spider): "I'll try to keep out of view"

* Lang Fu (Spider) moves himself and the prisoners so that they're at least partially covered from the direction of the path.

Storytelling: The group, sans Fu, hid themselves by the side of the path. It took a bit of time of waiting before they heard the sounds of footsteps approaching. Robern and Lyna were able to spot the patrol, three men armed and armored similarly to those they had fought previously. However, as the group readied themselves for the ambush, the patrolmen seemed to notice them. The three men drew longswords. "Come out where we can see you!" The lead man shouted.

Nyktan (MAF): "Don't stand in my way, Rissiki." Nyktan said coldly.

Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki stepped up and tossed the bottle of acid she had been carrying at the men, hoping to at the very least frighten them with the effects, but she wasn't quite the strongest of rats.
Nyktan (MAF) has received initiative.

Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan Fires his Crossbow

Storytelling: The bottle of acid landed short, splashing a bit of it on her intended target.

Storytelling: Seeing the group not surrendering, the men charged forward. The one having been splashed with acid rushing at Rissiki, while the other two went for the two more dangerous looking foes next to her.

* Lyna (Aust) grunts in pain as the blow strikes her armor hard, leaving a bruise underneath. Her own blade swiftly replies in kind, striking towards the man's abdomen « d20+3 = 12 + 3 = 15 »

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui shiverred under her blanket. She had accumulated a fine layer of snow over it while they waited, and without a fir, the nearing dark was starting to bring a biting cold. Apparently, their hiding job wasn't good enough, the trio calling out for the hidden group to reveal themselves before they could pass by. Zurui stiffened, but waited, not wanting to be the first to move. The other's attacked shortly after, so she followed suit, gripping the bow she had been practically laying on and firing a shot past Robern at the guard that had rushed him. « 1d20+5 = 5 + 5 = 10 »

Robern (Tass): Seeing Lyna take a hit and nearly taking one of his own, Robern again let out an enraged grunt and took up his axe in both hands as the fury of battle overtook him. Swinging with all his might at the man in front of him, and trying to go for the one next to him attacking Lyna as well. (Power attack, cleave, activated rage. « 1d20+9 = 5 + 9 = 14 » )

Rissiki (Tiff): Realizing her mistake, Rissiki quickly finds some people to hide behind.

Storytelling: Robern's slash deeply cut into the man in front of him and carried through into the other guard, causing the later to fall to the ground.

Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan Fires his Crossbow

Storytelling: The guard that Rissiki ran away from stepped up and attacked the most dangerous seeming threat, delivering a deep slash of his own to Robern, while the one Robern had wounded wasn't able to hit the barbarian.

* Lyna (Aust) turns her attention to the other man as the one she was facing collapses after Robern's fierce attack and easily swings her sword towards his shoulder « d20+3 = 9 + 3 = 12 »

Robern (Tass): Barely noticing the vicious blow in his rage-fueled haze, Robern turned to the man that had hit him first and swung his axe in a savage arc that caught the man who had missed in the throat. It took a wrench that was accompanied by a sickening crunch to lift the weapon free, but hopefully Zurui's distraction would prove to allow him to avoid further injury, the pile up of wounds starting to wear on him.

Storytelling: The guard, despite being badly wounded, didn't run, instead attacking Robern, but not landing his hit.

* Lyna (Aust) steps over the corpse and stabs the guard with her sword « d20+3 = 2 + 3 = 5 »

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui frowned as the remaining guard continued to focus on the barbarian, but she continued nonetheless, trying to keep the guard off balance to make his attacks less effective. « 1d20+2 = 12 + 2 = 14 »

Robern (Tass): Missed again thanks to Zurui, Robern gives no thought to the bandit's continued desire to fight and lifts his axe high. Aiming only at one now, Robern aims downwards as if to split his opponent in half. « 1d20+9 = 11 + 9 = 20 »

Robern (Tass): Cooling off, Robern relaxed and blanched at the pain of his now numerous sword wounds.

Storytelling: The group set up a camp away from the patrol route. Rissiki cared for Robern and Lyna, using both normal and magical techniques.

Lang Fu (Spider): Lang Fu, having awakened earlier than usual, spends the first hour of the morning leafing through his spellbook on firelight and muttering to himself.

Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan was asleep and then he was awake.

Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki shivered as she awoke, curled into the fetal position in her bedroll. It was cold, damn cold, and earlier than she normally got up. The sun wasn't even up yet... The nezumi sighed heavily, looking around the tiny tent she had pitched, only to see the small, beady eyes of her familiar staring at her from the darkness after having made himself quite scarce the night before. That fucker. He wasn't just going to give her her ability to cast spells, was he? She wondered if she should tell the others that she had to go out for a bit, or if she should just sneak away and hope they didn't notice...

Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki, having made her decision, slinks off into the darkness with her familiar... She'll return some time later, having made her best effort not to appear dissheveled and hoping none of them had a particularly good sense of smell.

Nyktan (MAF): "Ugh," Nyktan would gesture.

Nyktan (MAF): Turns out, he was having a nightmare
Nov 12, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Session Logs

Session 5 - Battle at the Mine Camp
Storytelling: The group continued to discuss how best to deal with the bandit camp. Their four prisoners seemed to still be asleep. Any of the group on guard duity would have noticed the prisoners seemed to have a hard time sleeping, what with being bound up in the cold with not much protection.

Lang Fu (Spider): Lang Fu shoots a glare at Nyktan

You whisper to AustNailo: Lyna, in addition to hearing Nyktan mumble about the group being not too different from the bandit's group, also noticed a strange bird... no, not a bird. Rather a strange mix of bat and... something with horns. It was small and high, and flying in the opposite direction as the bandit camp, roughly overhead.

Lyna (Aust): Unsurprised that Nyktan would be complaining about something, Lyna's eyes would catch the sight of something rather odd. Something small in the distance that was a cross betwen a bat and something with horns. It had been moving in the opposide direction of the bandit camp raising a couple quesitons. "Anyone know anything about animals?

Lyna (Aust): I swore I saw something rather odd in the distance."

Zurui (Shrike): "Perhaps a little, but not much. What was it?"

Lyna (Aust): "All I could glean was that it could fly and it looked like a bat but with...horns

Robern (Tass): "That sounds like no natural creature that I have ever heard of," Robern would comment, "it sounds like the summoner called upon another demon."

Zurui (Shrike): "I'm afraid I don't know it either. The mage's familiar, perhaps? Should we try and catch it before it reports back?"
You whisper to Spider: Fu had a feeling that it was a small messenger demon that Lyna was describing. Virtually harmless in combat, but mainly used to ferry messages, much like carrier pigeons used among mortal armies.

Lyna (Aust): "Well it wasn't a humanoid demon if that's what it was. It was a rather small creature, so the familiar is the most likely"

Storytelling: Looking up, all, even Lyna could see that whatever it was was now out of sight.

Lang Fu (Spider): "It could be a demonic messenger of some sort. Looks like we've been found."

Lyna (Aust): "Either way, I don't like any prospect that that thing might come back. We should finish this now."

Lang Fu (Spider): "I suggest we decide what to do rather quickly. Flying creatures move fast and I doubt we'll have long to consider our options if it indeed was a demon like I believe."

Robern (Tass): "Will it likely be returning with aid, or could such a small creature truly be a threat? I don't mean that we ought to be slow, but if there is danger I would have you who know more tell of it."

You whisper to Spider: The messenger demons might be a threat to a lone person without much combat experience, but against even one of the group members, it would most likely try to run away rather than stand and fight.

Lang Fu (Spider): "I doubt it alone could pose much of a threat, though even the least of demons can be dangerous. My fear is that it will be bringing the conjurer's attention to us and thus either men or more demons."

Robern (Tass): "Ahhh... Well, is it decided that we'll be demanding the surrender of the other men then? I have no qualms with allowing Lyna to argue such."

Lyna (Aust): "At the very least, an armored figure would intimidate some of the weaker willed among them. At least I can hope they would."

Zurui (Shrike): "I think that's our best option. We should g
o now."

Robern (Tass): "Nyktan can likely help with that as well, if he can hold back his tomfoolery for a moment."

Lyna (Aust): "Well he did suggest someting of an escape route. I am open to having a means of escaping should the situation turn sour

Zurui (Shrike): "We simply stay near the fringe, and refuse to enter the camp itself for talks. I'm not sure what else can be done in that direction."

Lang Fu (Spider): "And if the demon brought them word that we are but a small group?"

Zurui (Shrike): "Not moving makes that more likely as we speak. And if so, then what? We go home?"

Robern (Tass): "Then we will simply have to kill more of them until we are more than they."

Robern (Tass): "Or capture, I suppose."

Lang Fu (Spider): "Perhaps if we attack quickly we can drive most of them to run for their lives. Men in dark have a way of seeming more than their number."

Lyna (Aust): "Capture is preferable, but I would pray that our words can scare them off rather then out actions. If it does come to blows, we will need to be fast."

Nyktan (MAF): "If it comes to words, I'd prefer to be far from them. If it comes to blows, even further."

Tassadar: Robern wakes up the prisoners, gets them to move a little bit closer, and then ties all but one to a tree so he can watch them. Whoever wants to go negotiate may do so.

* Nyktan (MAF) whispers to Zurui

MAF: "Best you instruct Lyna on what to say. I feel she may not handle the situation well." Nyktan whispers.

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui gives Nyktan a pat on the shoulder. "We'll be fine, thank you." She says back softly, before turning to Lyna. "I'm ready whenever you are, we shouldn't wait too long."

Lyna (Aust): Lyna closed her eyes for a moment, taking a few deep breath. She could only hope her first real effort as a diplomat would pay off. Failure was going to be be ostly.. "Well...I see no reason to wait. Lets go." She grabed a hold of the prisoner, making sure he was at the very least complacent

Storytelling: The prisoner looked a little put off by the binding and gag, but seemed to realize he didn't have a whole lot of choice in the matter and followed the two women, grumbling through the gag every now and then.

Nyktan (MAF): "Suck it up, man. Getting gagged by two women isn't that bad, I should know."

Storytelling: With the rest of the group hanging back the two women headed towards the camp. It seemed like they spotted the guards before they themselves were spotted. There were only four visible figures, two of the guards and another who looked ot be the leader. He was wearing heavier scale mail that looked like it had a tabard over top of it, though any markings on the tabard were obscured by crudely sewn on leather. He was talking with the two guards, both of which looked rather nervous, each glancing over their shoulder to the demon from the day before that was standing behind them.

Nyktan (MAF): "Aren't you worried that something will happen? You know, to Zurui?" Nyktan said to Robern.

Robern (Tass): "Yes," Robern grunted simply, but his tone suggested that it was more a worry that may soon involve violence than something that he felt helpless over.

Nyktan (MAF): "Good to know you care about 'someone'."

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui followed a little behind Lyna, the blanket wrapped a little lower around her than it had been, to let the guards see her collar. With luck, she'd be mostly ignored as a decoration, and a distraction for the same reason. She kept quiet for now, glancing over at their prisoner every so often, and at Lyna herself.

Lyna (Aust): Lyna tightened her grip on the prisoner, the words almost failing to reach her. But they finally came to her. She looked at Zurui, making sure she was prepared as well. "We request that the senior most member of the guard step forward. We wish to discuss terms. Our host grows tired of waiting."

Robern (Tass): "That your opinion of my concerns over those around me is so negative is a subject best left for later discussion," the barbarian would reply flatly, "we are in danger, Nyktan. Calm yourself and concentrate on what needs to happen now."

Nyktan (MAF): "I'm more concentrated than I was before." he replied equally flat in his tone. "If I wasn't, I'd be dead."

Storytelling: The guard captain paused in mid sentence and looked over to where Lyna and Zurui were, as did the two guards, and, most worryingly, the demon, the last of which let out a menacing growl, but didn't advance. The guard captain's face darkened when he saw the prisoner but stepped forward. "What sort of terms?" The man asked, stepping forward, hand on his sword pommel.

Robern (Tass): "Then why are you snapping at me over your perception that I do not care about anyone besides myself and Zurui?"

Nyktan (MAF): "Twas not a snap."

Lyna (Aust): "Terms where you disperse. Break this camp and leave so that our host can pass through. We are offering you the chance to not face our true might. You will live, your men will live and no more blood will have to be spilled today."

Lang Fu (Spider): "Calm yourselves. Robern is right, this is neither the time nor the place for pointless bickering.

Robern (Tass): "Mmmmm," Robern would make a noncommital noise at Nyktan and leave the conversation at that, instead concentrating on listening for signs of violence from up ahead.

Storytelling: "And how big is your host?" The captain asked, not looking as though he were about to back down.

Lyna (Aust): We stand at just around 200 strong. As you can see, our small team has prooven more then capable of dealing with your men. What makes you think you are ready to stand against more of us?"

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui remained quiet, using the time to glance around the camp from where they stood. She didn't make a concerted effort to hide the fact either, should the guards focus on her.

Storytelling: "You've proven yourself capable of taking out patrols, which I now see in hindsight were in too small groups, and in handling a disorganized persuit." The guard captain folded his arms. It was hard to tell how he was thinking about the situation. "I assume the rest of your... advance party is staying back and letting a girl barely out of her squire spurs and her slave handle the 'negotiations'?"

Lyna (Aust): "They are back with our host, preparing for our next task. We are trusted with only the most important tasks." She could not however ignore the insult . "I do not take kindly to such words, sir. Such actions could have dire consequences. Surely you do not wish to die before your time?"

Storytelling: The captain frowned, but both of the girls could see him quickly glance at the demon, still standing there, its pincers opening and closing, seemingly barely holding back rushing at the two. "What I wish doesn't always enter into it. Now, we've got this thing." He motioned to the demon, less surreptitiously this time. "And can get more like him as needed. Do you really want to risk the loss of life on your side?"

Zurui (Shrike): "That isn't up to you, is it?" Zurui asked, speaking up. "The demons follow another, the same you do. Which would he see dead first, you or them? Which would we?"

Nyktan (MAF): "I want to get closer, in all honesty. Since I'm apparently horrible about whispering, you all know how I feel about Lyna as our negotiator."

Lyna (Aust): Lyna could pick up some strange vibe from the man and his words. He seemed shifty, like he was trying to hide or protect himself from something. "My companion speaks true. This demons masters only cares for them. You're mearly a means to an end. Don't you want your lives to mean something more?"

Robern (Tass): "Yourself and Sofia are the most adept at stealth among us, I wouldn't object to you being closer to warn us should something go wrong," Robern replied quickly.

Nyktan (MAF): "Right." Nyktan sighed. "Watch for my tail. I'll make it wiggle when you should advance."

* Nyktan (MAF) then began sneaking closer.

Lang Fu (Spider): "Don't worry, I'm sure you won't forget it."

Storytelling: The demon snarled and took a step forward but stopped as though something were holding him back. The man looked over at it. "The demons are expendable." This time the demon snarled at him, he just glared back. "Your master brought you back. He can do it again." The demon didn't exactly look happy at that, but it turned its attention back to the two women, as did the captain. "And what would you do? Protect us from the demons?" He asked. "This one's closer to us than to you. If it comes to it, we're more likely to get killed by it than you are." Lyna and Zurui got a feeling that the demon didn't really care who it killed at this point.

Lyna (Aust): "We've proven we can defeat these demons. I would like to remind you that my host has no qualms with you or your men. You leave and we would be able to deal with the demons and their master."

Nyktan (MAF): 'So, this is where the conversation has gone.' Nyktan thought to himself with a sigh. 'Should have listened to me, Zurui.'

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui twitched lightly as she heard something behind them, but didn't turn to look. "The ones we captured have told us that you and your men are hires. Something can be worked out in that direction, as well."
Nov 12, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Session Logs

Storytelling: The guard captain seemed conflicted. The two guards near him were watching him expectantly, while the demon looked like it straining at some invisible leash, just trying to get at Lyna and Zurui. Finally the captain spoke, drawing his sword and readying his shield as he did so. "I don't want to hurt women." He said solemnly. "You two surrender, and I promise no harm will come to you. If the rest of your force comes and defeats us, well that's how it goes, but I'm a soldier, and even if I don't like them, I have to follow orders." His two men drew their swords grimly as well. The demon looked almost aroused (if one could tell demon arousal under a full body armor of chitin) at the thought of the coming battle.

Nyktan (MAF): 'Uh... Time to wiggle, I think.'

* Nyktan (MAF) wiggles his tail wildly at Robern

Robern (Tass): "That'd be time to move then," Robern stated calmly, and pulled out his shield as he started forward. Whether or not the others followed was up to them, but he left the prisoners tied to the tree.
Tassadar: Are we on initiative yet?

Zurui (Shrike): "You know the one you work for is evil. Soldier or no, you know better than this." Zurui said slowly, remaining still as the guards drew weapons.

Lang Fu (Spider): Fu nods, following a few steps behind Robern.
Maiko: Not yet, but you get one 30ft move before stuff happens.

Lyna (Aust): "My order will now not hold this against me." She said, drawing her own sword and shield. "Even if you fight for such a man, you'll at least die with some honor today."

* Nyktan (MAF) holds up his hand to Robern, and four fingers. He also uses his LV0 spell "Message" to whisper to Robern. "Three guards and a demon."

Lang Fu (Spider): "Robern, if you will?" Fu calls out and, without waiting for an answer, pronounces the words of a spell clearly, feeding more strength to the mighty barbarian(casting enlarge person on Robern)

Robern (Tass): "Three men and a demon..." Robern grunts aloud following a moment of surprise at hearing Nyktan's voice whispering into his ear. Finding himself able to speak back, he simply said; "Got it, thanks"

Robern (Tass): And then, suddenly, Robern was standing nearly twice as tall as before, and grunted in surprise before proceeding forward at a steady jog that left his footfalls thumping loudly.

Nyktan (MAF): "What... The fuck." Nyktan comments on the massive Robern.

Lyna (Aust): "Hell take you back, foul creation! RAH!" With as powerful a yell as she could muster, Lyna burst into a charge, aiming to strike the demon first.

Lyna (Aust): Advancing forward, Lyna would march forward, locking her stance and raising her shield as she prepared for the demons inevitable advance.

Storytelling: The captain stepped up slowly behind the demon, partly due to obvious hesitation, but also because he started to bang his sword on his shield. "We're under attack!" He called out. There was the sound of people starting to move in the tents. (The black squares.)

Storytelling: The two guards or bandits or whatever near the captain followed their leader while the sounds of men getting weapons ready came from the tents.

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui glanced back, eyes widening in surprise as she saw Robern crashing out of the forest, much larger than he normally was. She stayed near the prisoner, reaching up and drawing a dagger from underneath her clothes near the shoulder, holding it at the ready but otherwise staying back.

Nyktan (MAF): "I wonder if he'll even be able to hear my music, being so loud." Nyktan hummed, before starting up a song.

Lang Fu (Spider): Fu jogs through the forest, grumbling about the snow under his breath, but in no particular hurry to involve himself in the battle further.

Robern (Tass): Robern slowed his pace as he drew nearer, readying his shield and smashing his axe against it to cause enough noise to draw attention to himself. (move and full defense)

Nyktan (MAF): "Woe to the vanquished! Charge!"

Storytelling: The demon rushed at the group, perhaps, but not likely inspired by Nyktan's call. It swiped at the defending Lyna with its pincers.

Storytelling: Lyna easily blocked the blow, pushing her shield back just as the blow connected, sending the demon stumbling back.

Lyna (Aust): Easily block and deflecting the demons strike, Lyna would cause the demon to stumble back, She'd take advantage of his weakened stance and would strike.

Storytelling: Lyna's sword deflects off the demon's chitin.

Storytelling: The guard captain moved up, keeping his shield up in front of him.

Storytelling: The two soldiers that had been by the captain moved up, adopting similar defensive stances. Meanwhile, more soldiers emerged from the tents. Some had swords in hand, others had bows at the ready. Those with swords took cues from their allies, keeping them up in defensive positions while the ones in the rear with the bows took aim... though only three had clear shots, and then only at one target, Robern.

Zurui (Shrike): Watching the additional guards pour from the tents, Zurui's eyes widened. They needed to find a solution to this fast. Shifting to put herself fully between the guards and their own prisoner, she flipped the dagger around in her hand, sending it past Lyna and towards teh demon. If they down it fast enough, they could still get the guards to surender.

Storytelling: All three arrows missed their mark, though Robern actually had to dodge one of them as it would have hit otherwise.

Storytelling: The dagger pinged off the demon's hard plates.

Storytelling: Nyktan's bolt is just barely dodged in time by the guard he fired at.

Lang Fu (Spider): Lang Fu continues his easy jog through the forest, eyeing the situation ahead as he arrives to the range where his spells may be of use.

Nyktan (MAF): "I DON'T SUCK AT USING THIS! WHY DO I ALWAYS MISS!? Some greater force above is giving me bad luck."

Robern (Tass): Catching the arrows aimed at him on his shield, Robern let out a curse as one nearly hit him above the edge of his shield, slightly unused to the size that he now was. Seeing Lyna fighting the demon, Robern briefly abandoned his defense as the barrage ended and rushed the creature with his axe held high. « 1d20+11 = 6 + 11 = 17 »

Storytelling: At some point during the battle, the bound guard had thrown himself to the ground to avoid becoming a casulty.

Storytelling: Even with his greater strength, Robern wasn't able to break through the demon's plates. For some reason, its armor felt stronger than the last time he had fought it, where a similar blow would have cleaved clean through.

Robern (Tass): "Arrrggg!"

Storytelling: Robern was able to block one pincer, but the other dug into his side, ripping painfully into him.

Nyktan (MAF): "Don't worry about losing blood! You've got more."

Lyna (Aust): "You'll regreat that, you twisted spawn!" Eager to come to her allies aid, Lyna would swing again, hoping the beast was distracted enough for her to strike.

Storytelling: Lyna's sword wasn't able to penetrate the creature's shell.

Lyna (Aust): "D...Damnit! Why won't you die!"

Nyktan (MAF): "Because it wants to live!"

Storytelling: The guard captain moved forward, keeping his shield in a defensive posture.

Lyna (Aust): "Shut up and do something useful!"

Nyktan (MAF): "I'm playing music!"

Storytelling: The guards moved forward, with only one reaching combat with Lyna. As they moved around the tent and the fire pit, the archers moved into such a position that now only two had lines of fire.

Storytelling: The guard that came into range of Lyna cautiously struck out at her, but the careful blow was able to be blocked by the knight's shield. The two archers who fired sent their arrows well wide of their targets.

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui let out a low growl. something needed to change, or the fight would go downhill very fast. Moving quickly, she left the prone prisoner behind and dipped between Robern and the demon, moving gracefully to get around and behind it, The thing would take a swipe at her, she knew, but she'd get one back of her own, a fresh dagger already in her hands.

Nyktan (MAF): "Zurui!?" Nyktan exclaimed at her sudden rush that led her straight into the demon's claws. "This is... Not good."

Storytelling: As Zurui moved around the demon, it slashed at her with its pincers, stabbing her in the shoulder as she moved past. Even with her fancy move, however, she was still not able to find a soft spot in the creature's chitin.

* Nyktan (MAF) directs his finger at one of the guards

Nyktan (MAF): "Become mine."

Storytelling: The man Nyktan pointed at blinked and backed off slightly from attacking Lyna, leaving her free to focus on the demon again, for now.

* Lang Fu (Spider) slows to stop and mutters an enchantment, sending waves of sleepiness towards a pair of guards(Sleep, DC 15)

Nyktan (MAF): "Listen to me, my new friend. You must aid me! Incapacitate your friends... And I suppose I'll give you double what they're paying you."

Storytelling: The guard nearest the melee stumbled and fell to the ground while his compatriot gritted his teeth and stayed up.

Robern (Tass): Seeing Zurui injured was more than enough to set the barbarian off immediately. Rage flooded his system, blanking his mind and turning his vision red, and with a quick wrench he tore off his shield and hurled it aside, before taking his axe in both hands and swinging it downwards with all his might. (Step back, remove shield, rage, swing. « 1d20+13 = 14 + 13 = 27 » )

Storytelling: The rage fueled attack crunched into the hardened armor of the demon, sending dark green blood (or whatever I described it as earlier) spraying.

Storytelling: The creature looked as though it were about to turn its attention to the softer Zurui until Robern's attack struck it. It let out a piercing cry and lunged at the warrior, swinging madly.

Storytelling: Robern's attack prevented one of the demon's arms from being particularly effective, but the other sliced into Robern's leg. It didn't seem concerned about the vulnerable position it was in.

Lyna (Aust): With all the spells and charms flying around, Lyna could be forgiven for at least breathing a tiny bit easier as 2 of their enemies were either taken out of the picture or charmed by that wily cat. With a new found confidence, she would strike the wounded demon, hoping to finally find a weakness in his defenses.

Storytelling: With the demon distracted by its assault on Robern, Lyna was able to take her time to line her attack up with the wounded area Robern had opened up. Slicing her sword into it, the demon once again vanished into a black-red burst of arcane energy as it was banished back to wherever it was called from.

Lyna (Aust): FInally finding the opening she needed, Lyna struck the demons already severe wound. A satisfying hit followed and the creature vanished in a black-red burst. Now to focus on the human foes that decided to step forward

Storytelling: The warriors looked a bit worried as the demon discorporated. The captain, however, shook his head and stepped forward as Lyna turned around. "Maybe you've got what it takes," He said, slashing at the knight. "But I can't just surrender without even trying."

Storytelling: Crossing swords with Lyna, the captain called out, "Try to take them alive!"

Nyktan (MAF): "They listen to your orders? Interesting~" Nyktan hummed.

Storytelling: The charmed guard attempted to grab his ally, but the man brushed him off and instead grabbed at Zurui. Though the woman was able to jab her dagger into his arm, he was still able to grab her by the wrists. The other sword wielding guards moved forward, one keeping his sword in a warding position as he stepped within range of the enlarged Robern. The archers fired into the melee. Two arrows grazed Lyna while a third strike Robern hard in the chest.

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui did her best to ignore the pain from the gash the demon had given her, turning to the guard captain through the small crowd between them, just as a second guard glomped her. "Aah! The demon is gone! Stop attacking, leave and let us deal with the one who summoned it!" She called out, trying to squirm free of the guard's grip.

Storytelling: The captain looked uncertain, but didn't surrender.

Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan gets a bit closer to the guard captain. "If her words are not good enough, then why not listen to mine?" he asks, pointing his hand in a beckoning motion to the captain.

Storytelling: The captain seemed like he was trying to resist it but gave up, planting his sword in the ground and dropping to a knee. "Everyone... stop fighting." He said. While some of the archers were getting ready to loose some more arrows, and the man near Robern was bracing for a big attack from the giant, they all looked over and slowly lowered their weapons.

Nyktan (MAF): "Words cannot express how awesome I feel right now."

Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki could hear the sounds of battle even from the distant spot where she was stationed, and it quickly began to concern her... Just the sound of it didn't seem right. There was too much pained screaming from voices she recognized. After taking precautions to ensure that the prisoners were properly bound she would rush towards the fight, sure that her new friends were in need of her abilities.

Lyna (Aust): Lyna looked more than a little surprised at the sudden change of heart the captain had with the fighting. She stood down, effectively ending the fight. All because of that furball. She had to admit, even he had his moments. But there was more pressing issues at hands. "We need to check on Zurui and Robern. Both are severly wounded."
Maiko: Zurui: I could have done that...

Rissiki (Tiff): "Is everyone okay?"

Zurui (Shrike): Zurui backed away from the guards, looking over to Robern once they seemed unwilling to continue. Stepping closer to him, she gave the larger man some support, noticing how unsteady he seemed. "Sophia, here." She said quickly as the ratfolk neared.

Lang Fu (Spider): "Where is the conjurer?" Fu asks as he approaches the captain. "I do believe our business is with him, not with you. No offense meant, of course."

Nyktan (MAF): "Robern and Zurui require your aid, Rissiki. Take care of them won't you?" Nyktan said, before discreetly moving around the group. Perhaps he wouldn't be noticed by his friends.

Lyna (Aust): "Yes. We need to know where he is so we can ut an end to this once and for all."

Storytelling: "He's in the mine." The captain replied.

Lyna (Aust): "What else can you tell us? Does he have any followers or minions waiting down there?"

Zurui (Shrike): Robern's wounds are more grave, I'll be fine for now." She said softly, nodding in thanks as Sophia's magic took some of the pain from her shoulder.

Storytelling: "I don't think he can summon that demon again for another day, but he can summon lesser demons almost at will it seems like." The captain replied.

Lyna (Aust): "Well, that saves us from having to fight him again. But the little ones might be an annoyance. We just need to be cautious."
You whisper to MAF: Without needing search rolls, there are three bedrolls in each of the small tent, each with a simple backpack next to each. The larger tent has the four miners, huddled behind a large wooden table.

Robern (Tass): Robern stood back numbly as his anger gave way to exhaustion and pain, bleeding from his numerous injuries even after Sofia's efforts to heal him. He hadn't noticed the rat girl entering the fight, and for the moment his gaze, still possessing some of its former fury, would be settled on the man who had tried to grab Zurui. The barbarian would, however, stay his anger for the moment, assuming the men had all dropped their weapons and surrendered.

Lang Fu (Spider): "Do we just talk to him, try to capture him or kill him?" Fu asks in a cool tone, apparently not preferring one solution to another.

MAF whispers: Nyktan searches ye backpacks, and also inquires to the miners. "Say, you wouldn't happen to know of any valuables here, would you?"

Storytelling: The men had dropped their weapons and were waiting to see what their fates were. Most looking nervous.

Robern (Tass): "Line up, over there," Robern would grunt, pointing off to the side where the unconscious man was.

You whisper to MAF: Each bag has silver coins and some travel gear. Rations, waterskins, that sort of thing. The miners shook their heads. "We were hired to mine for gold, but it was all taken away as it was brought out of the mine." One of them replies. Nyktan recognized him as the one from the tea house.

Lyna (Aust): "Honestly...I don't know. We clearly know he's up to some foul acts if he's summoning demons to stop us. Talking to him might waste time and only put us in danger. But if he surrenders willingly, bringing him in might be just as effective as killing him."

Storytelling: "We were hired to mine for gold, but it was all taken away as it was brought out of the mine." A voice said from the larger tent.
The men did so slowly, still watching the man carefully.

Rissiki (Tiff): "There's no sense leaving a man who summons demons alive" Rissiki spoke up after having done her best with Robern and Zurui's wounds, shrugging.

Lang Fu (Spider): "We were hired to make sure that the demon sightings in these woods would end and we know not of his goals. It would make little difference to us whether he is killed or merely persuaded to move his base elsewhere."

Zurui (Shrike): "He must be stopped, either way." Zurui said, pulling a jar of salve from her hidden pockets and reaching up to coat some of Robern's more open wounds.

You whisper to MAF: Nyktan had a feeling there was something else the miners were doing besides just digging up gold, based on the way the others reacted to the spokesman.

Robern (Tass): "Kill him, or capture him and let the town guards kill him later. One or the other, it matters little which. Allowing him to leave would not solve the problem of his existence, merely of his presence here."

MAF whispers: Nyktan curses, "Damn it." before noticing the man from the tea house. "Oh, it's you. Now, I hope you recall our conversation? I did promise we could help you. Unfortunately without your aid, it was a bit tedious. I want you to think hard on your mistake for not trusting the great Bard Nyktan," he chuckled. "So, what are your goals here?"

Lyna (Aust): "FIne. Then we'll deal with the problem ourselves. Strike him down here and end the problem before it gets even worse."

Lyna (Aust): "If I had to guess, he wouldn't give us the chance to talk and he'd only seek to fight us. Unless proven otherwise, that's what we'll assume."

Storytelling: "We're just here to earn money over the winter!" The voice came from the large tent again. "With the trade routes closed, we can't do any mining down south, this was the only way we could feed our families!"

MAF whispers: "How much were they paying you for the gold you mined?"

MAF whispers: "And by the way, be quiet. You're too loud." Nyktan grumbled.

You whisper to MAF: "Uh, about a two silver a day." The minor replied, quieter.

Storytelling: The voice from the tent seemed to get a bit quieter.

Lang Fu (Spider): "Have you considered poaching? It would probably be safer."

MAF whispers: "I see... I'll take up paying you instead. Bring me in the gold you mine. If you net me a nice profit, then you have a solid job. I might even give you much more if your findings are good~"

Storytelling: The miners looked a bit confused. "Uh... Sure, I guess..." The apparent leader replied. "But it seemed like it was starting to get tapped out."


Storytelling: "We didn't know the gold was going to run out this quickly!" One of the voices replied, fearfully.

Nyktan (MAF) whispers: "Whatever! Mine what you can, and give it to me! I'll pay well for whatever you manage to bring! Mine elsewhere if you have to! Bring me gold, and you'll get paid!"

You whisper to MAF: "W-we don't know where the gold is... The summoner found this place."

Lang Fu (Spider): "What do we do with them?" Fu asks, gesturing towards the guards. "I'm all for letting them go, but..."

Lyna (Aust): "Is there absolutly anything else you can tell us? Traps? Plans? Anything? Any information would be most helpful."

Rissiki (Tiff): "Could put them with the others" Rissiki offered.

Nyktan (MAF) whispers: Nyktan gets close to the miners, before slamming his hands down on the table. "So... Riddle me this... You're still here... Why is that? Because there's more work to be done, right?"

Storytelling: The guard captin looked up. "The miners said some of the tunnels were unstable, and we had them dump some crates that looked like gold dust into an underground river we had dug into. I don't know why, but the summoner demanded it."

Zurui (Shrike): "I'd say they should be fine to leave. We'll give them what we can, direct them to their comrades we have tied up, and send the miners with. They don't want to be anywhere near where we're going."

Lang Fu (Spider): "Dragging a score of prisoners with us into the town and accusing them all of consorting with demons would likely attract unwelcome attention."

Storytelling: The guard captin looked up. "The miners said some of the tunnels were unstable, and we had them dump some crates that looked like gold dust into an underground river we had dug into. I don't know why, but the summoner demanded it."

You whisper to MAF: "W-we were told to keep coming back or... or our families would be hurt..."

Robern (Tass): "Letting them go seems the best option. I would not kill a man on his knees unless his crimes were graver by far than theirs."
MAF: Nyktan came sprinting out of the tent towards the guard captain.

Nyktan (MAF): "COME AGAIN!? Is there any gold left!? At all!?"

Lyna (Aust): "Agreed. They've cooperated with us for the most part. And killing them would just be too savage. I guess we're all in agreement."

Nyktan (MAF): "You're my friend, right!? You'll be honest with me!!!"

Storytelling: The guard captain looked over to Nyktan with a bit of surprise. "Uh... there might be some left in the rock, but I don't know how much or how to get it out... the crates were all emptied into the river, but..." He shrugged. "There might be a bit of dust left in them. They were left by the pit we had them dumped into.

Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan collapses to his knees. Cries a little. "Why... Would anyone do that..."

Lyna (Aust): "You serious? Grow a spine you fur ball. It's just a little gold. "

Nyktan (MAF): "Economy... Is the life blood THAT RUNS SOCIETY! YOU IGNORANT...!" Nyktan screamed in frustration.

Lang Fu (Spider): "Why would he dump gold into the river," Fu ponders out loud. "You say it looked like gold, but could it have been something else? Was it heavy enough to be gold?"

Storytelling: "I don't know. It seemed like the summoner was doing it as part of some ritual."

Nyktan (MAF): "We have to kill him. There's no other way. It's come down to this."

Storytelling: He turned to Fu. "I wasn't carrying it... you'd have to ask the miners."

Lyna (Aust): "Oh now you grow a spine? My goodness, your priorities are all out of whack."

Nyktan (MAF): "SHUT. UP. You annoying woman!"

You whisper to Tiffanian: Rissiki knows that some arcane rituals involve sprinkling gold dust in a circle to contain demons, but never dumping large amounts into water.

You whisper to Spider: Fu knows that some arcane rituals involve sprinkling gold dust in a circle to contain demons, but never dumping large amounts into water.
Nov 12, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Session Logs

Robern (Tass): "Nyktan, calm yourself," Robern stated warningly.

Rissiki (Tiff): "Hmmm... Odd. Gold dust could potentially be used to contain a demon in a space, but it would be useless that way if dumped into the water. I can't think why they would do such a thing."

Storytelling: As they talked, four eastern men dressed in dirty miner's clothes walked out of the tent. The group recognized one of them as the miner from the tea house that they followed here. "Uh... we didn't want to hurt anyone..." The miner from the tea house said, looking at the group.

Nyktan (MAF): "You ask for too much!" Nyktan replied to Robern.

Lang Fu (Spider): Fu gestures the miners to come closer. "The guard captain said you were dumping something gold-like into the river. Was it really heavy enough to be gold?"

Robern (Tass): "I wasn't asking."

Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan turned to the miners. "I know... You are all great men, doing a service to the world by bringing such beautiful things into the surface world... You're like heroes to a man like mysle.f"
MAF: myself*

Storytelling: "Uh, that dust..." The lead miner mumbled and looked like he was thinking. "No, it seemed a bit too light to be all gold."

Nyktan (MAF): "Well, on that note, Robern, I don't recall you having any right to tell me what to do."

You whisper to Tiffanian: Rissiki can't come up with any possibilities as to what the mystery dust might be.

Zurui (Shrike): "Now is not the time, you two." Zurui said, loudly enough for them both to hear.

Lyna (Aust): Lyna said nothing as the cat and barbarian had a little verbal squabble of their own. Lyna smirked, knowing full well that furry bugger was annoying more than just her.

You whisper to Spider: Fu vaguely remembered hearing about some special kind of poison that was made from magically altered gold, but nothing more specific than that.

Lang Fu (Spider): "Hmm. If not gold, it must've been something else, and I'm guessing it would not be something you'd like in your drinking water. If he was feeding that into an underground river..." Fu's voice trails off as he considers the possibilities.

Robern (Tass): The look that Robern shot at Zurui for her interruption was not any more pleased than the one he'd looked at towards anyone else, and on that note the barbarian would step around the kitsune and walk toward Nyktan.

Storytelling: The captain frowned as Fu spoke. "He said the spring was fed by the underground river, but that the stuff wasn't harmful to huma-" He stopped and looked between Rissiki and Nyktan. "To living people."

Nyktan (MAF): "If you dare lay a hand on me, Robern..." Nyktan said as he approached.

Zurui (Shrike): The kitsune blanced slightly at the look, dipping her head and letting him pass, staying put.

Storytelling: The other guards looked worried as well.

Rissiki (Tiff): "Both of you, stop. Especially you, Nyktan. This arguing and silliness will get us nowhere."

Lyna (Aust): "But it could be harmful to other things. Wild animals, local plants perhaps. I may be reaching here, but anything is possible."

Lang Fu (Spider): "Perhaps capturing this conjurer for questioning is more important than we thought, then."

Lyna (Aust): "Seems so. Just why would he be dumping that material into the water when it could be potentially more valuable if he sold it to others?:"

Robern (Tass): "I don't need to lay a hand on you, boy," Robern said coldly, "not yet." Even without the spell he towered over the catman, and the flat look that he gave Nyktan as he loomed was entirely calm, as was his tone as he continued; "Would you like to change that?"

Lang Fu (Spider): "Let us not give this conjurer too much of a head start, shall we? For all we know, he could have a hidden escape tunnel. Or be conjuring an army of demons as we speak."

Nyktan (MAF): "You need only to leave me for dead in the snow." Nyktan replied flatly. "Risking my life to make your battle easier is a mistake I'll make no more."

Nyktan (MAF): With that, Nyktan turned and took a step away.

Nyktan (MAF): "Let's finish out objective."

Storytelling: "Oh!" The captain spoke up, apparently remembering something. "He had an office in the mines, first on the right. There might be some of his documents still there."
Nov 12, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Session Logs

So a few logs got missed. I'll (hopefully) get them up here at some point, so a few placeholder posts.

(Session 6: Battle with the Vines Placeholder)
Nov 12, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Session Logs

Session 7: Spirit Conclusion placeholder
Nov 12, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Session Logs

Session 8: Traveling and Wolf attack placeholder
Nov 12, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Session Logs

Session 9: The lusty cave and the very wrong village - Thanks to Shrike for editing!
Storytelling: Once curiosity about Robern's tattoo died down, and he got a shirt on, the group returned to inspecting the wolf. However, in the distraction over Robern's tattoo, the wolf had expired. Slowly, the faint, blue glow faded with the wolf's life, leaving what looked like an ordinary, if severely starved wolf.
Nyktan (MAF): "Well, that was disturbing a sight. We need to move the body so we won't be smelling corpse for the rest of the night."
Lyna (Aust): "Agreed. But where exactly are we going to put it?"
Nyktan (MAF): "Does it matter?"
Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki looked at the dead wolf with a heavy sigh, a hand lightly stroking its fur. "I should try to find out what sort of magic afflicted it. That might give us some hint as to who could have caused this and why."
Nyktan (MAF): "Away sounds like a good direction. Help me," he announced, wanting someone to help him drag or lift the corpse away from camp.
Nyktan (MAF): But he'd stop at Rissiki's words.
Zurui (Shrike): "Bury it." Zurui spoke up. "If we leave it nearby, it could draw other things we don't want around."
Lang Fu (Spider): Fu mutters a short incantation, concentrating on the corpse of the wolf(casting Detect magic)
Lyna (Aust): "True. A body tends to attract other animals and other animals would mean more problems for us. Especially if they're bigger then a wolf"
You whisper to Spider: Fu couldn't detect any lingering magical effect on the wolf.
Lang Fu (Spider): "Whatever magic there was, it's gone now." Fu comments, shaking his head and letting the spell drop.
Rissiki (Tiff): "Hmm... I suppose we ought to bury it then, yes" Rissiki said quietly, looking a bit upset.
Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan begins using his clawed hands to dig a hole
Nyktan (MAF): "Zurui, your paws are good at this! Assistance, yes?"
Zurui (Shrike): The kitsune cast a glance over to Robern, who gave a short nod. "Alright," SHe said, shifting into her natural form to help with the digging.
Lyna (Aust): "Just let me know if you two need anymore help."
Robern (Tass): Robern assisted as well.
Storytelling: Once the wolf was buried, it was still dark out, though the sky was starting to get a bit lighter in the east.
Storytelling: However, the snow from the day before seemed to be growing stronger.
Lyna (Aust): "Seems the weather is not agreeing with our travel plans. We'll need to hold down for the night"
Rissiki (Tiff): "It will likely get worse before it gets better... I think if we stay here we put ourselves in danger."
Lang Fu (Spider): "We should press on while we can. It's just a little snow. If it gets worse, then we can consider building a shelter."
Zurui (Shrike): "We aren't likely to escape the snow with travel. If it gets worse, so be it, but staying and using the time to make a better shelter could be to benefit, as well."
Lang Fu (Spider): "And getting to the city or at least to a decent road would be even more of a benefit."
Lyna (Aust): "Hmm... We'll have to figure something out. Pushing through will be tough, but staying put could be even worse."
Nyktan (MAF): Survival: « 1d20+0 = 10 + 0 = 10 »
Maiko: Better... won't have to have Robern say things when Tass isn't around.
You whisper to AustNailo: Lyna figured staying put would only get them buried in snow, even if they kept a fire going.
Spider: Not even going to roll for fu, he wouldn't let irrelevant things such as facts distract him from making an argument
Lyna (Aust): Looking at the weather, Lyna couldn't help but notice how hard it was falling. Seems staying would only get them in trouble. "We have to keep moving. Staying will only get us buried. We need to push on. That way, we can get some proper shelter instead of a flimsy tent"
Nyktan (MAF): "Is there any proper shelter ahead?" Nyktan inquired. "I honestly don't like this."
Spider: Isn't nyktan the one with know(local)?
Lyna (Aust): "We're heading towards a city right? That's our best bet at this point."
You whisper to MAF: Nyktan knew there was a small village, smaller than Rockside, relatively near by to the northeast. The village was so small that it was mostly missed by the westerners.
Lang Fu (Spider): "Looks like the sun is getting up. Time to get on the road."
Nyktan (MAF): "I think there's a village to the northeast! It's off the beaten path but it should protect us from the cold. It's quite small, often missed by westerners. We might have some luck finding a structure to take refuge in."
Zurui (Shrike): "Seems as good a plan as any." Zurui relented. She had shifted back to human after the wolf had been buried, wrapping herself in her blanket after hers and Robern's section of camp had been packed away.
Rissiki (Tiff): "Yes, a village would be nice right about now... I've probably been there at some point or other, even."
Lyna (Aust): "Small village? Sounds perfect. We should head out now before the bulk of the storm catches us."
Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan puts his back on his back, full of ten days worth of rations, before getting ready to follow the group.
Lang Fu (Spider): "Sounds as good a plan as any, as long as it doesn't take us too far out of the way"
Nyktan (MAF): "Here's to hoping we don't get lost."
Tiffanian: I can roll one of each that I'm okay at just to see, but we're probably looking at maybe 4 or 5 successes between us I think.
Storytelling: The trip to the village started out promising enough, with Rissiki and Nyktan using their knowledge of the terrain to get them around some perilous obstacles. However, the weather soon turned to blizzard conditions, making progress next to impossible. While they had been following the road for a good amount of the ways, looking around they realized that they couldn't see any sign of it now. Just snow and occasionally a tree whenever they could see further than a few feet in front of them.
Maiko: Since, if this where a table-top game, you'd see me rolling dice behind the screen, might as well say here that I'm making some secret rolls so that that terrible fate outlined above doesn't happen.
Nyktan (MAF): "Damn it... Damn it!" Nyktan cursed in the intense snow. "How could this happen!? I knew where I was going until this damned blizzard! I'm not about to die out here!" Nyktan cursed with determination. He still had a dream to make into reality.
Rissiki (Tiff): Things began to go quite badly as the trip progressed, the heavy snow turning into quite the blizzard... Rissiki couldn't see anything, could hardly see the others close to her. Being on the right trail had gone out the window long ago... now it was just about finding some sort of shelter to survive. Even a cave or some such would be preferable to wandering about in the driving snow.
Zurui (Shrike): The kitsune had been following her normal rocess of watching her feet, staying close to the barbarian to lead. When she looked up to find they were lost, she frowned softly, moving a little closer to the alrge man, but staying silent.
Lyna (Aust): "Of all the rotten luck!" Lyna cursed as she rode through the blizzarrd. She whispered to her horse. "It'll be ok girl. We'lll get out of this. You just have to remain strong for me.We still got a long way to go yet before we can rest." Lyna, while not a fan of the cold and near blindness, had to endure. She had to be the rock for the group. Calm and unafraid
Lang Fu (Spider): Almost unaware of the cold as usual, Fu is deep in thought, letting his horse follow Lyna's and the others worry about navigation, not that he would have much useful input to it anyway
You whisper to MAF: Even though the whiteout was nearly complete, occasionally Nyktan thought he saw something black against the white snow, just out of the corner of his eye. After a few near sightings, he finally caught sight of whatever it was. It looked like a woman, with long black hair, facing away from them. The person would pass behind a tree and disappear only to appear somewhere else. He had the distinct feeling she was trying to get him to follow her. (And can make a Knowledge(Nature) or Knowledge(Arcana) check)
You whisper to MAF: Nyktan has heard of creatures known in the eastern language as Yukionna. Taking the form of women, they appear in snowstorms to lost travelers. However, the knowledge about them was limited and he had heard both of them luring lost travelers to their deaths, or being more benevolent and leading them to safety. His bardic knowledge of folk stories tended to suggest the more benign version to be true while the 'luring travelers to their deaths' version was often more of a cautionary tale about getting lost in the snow.
Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan would look off into the snow as if he had seen something, and seemed rather focused on it. He remained silent, thinking for a moment, before looking to the others, and shouted. "Follow me!" he said, before suddenly choosing a direction and walking forth, shivering and forcing his body to move through the freezing cold.
MAF whispers: Nyktan follows the Yukionna
Lyna (Aust): Through the din of the weather, Lyna heard Nyktan call out for the team to follow him. Well, if there luck held out, maybe his knowledge of the area would lead them to something useful. "Lets go people! You heard him!"
Zurui (Shrike): Robern and zurui followed, the former giving the latter a shrug before they moved. along.
Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki gently grasped Nyktan's backpack, trying not to get separated.
Storytelling: Nyktan led the group eventually up a small hill, which was difficult enough to climb. At the top, however, was a rocky outcropping. Through the blizzard it was hard to make out much of it, but it seemed as if something were on top of the outcrop, like a monument or statue, or simply a big rock. Getting closer, it was soon clear there was a sheltered cave in the outcrop, large enough for all of them and their horses.
You whisper to MAF: Once they arrived at the cave, Nyktan lost sight of the apparition.
Nyktan (MAF): Once they arrived at the large object, Nyktan's eyes narrowed. "Be careful, everyone. I can't say for sure if we will be safe here. Stay together."
Nyktan (MAF): Having said that, Nyktan waits for the muscle of the group to take the lead, before following closely behind.
Zurui (Shrike): "How did you know of this place?" Zurui asked, glancing intot he dark of the cave entrance.
Lang Fu (Spider): As the group arrives at the cave entrance, Fu dismounts and goes in to take a look.
Nyktan (MAF): "I didn't." was all he had to reply.
Maiko: Not very proud of it, but... cave map.
Rissiki (Tiff): Eventually they came to a cave atop a rocky outcrop, even the entrance seeming deep and dark... It was better than nothing, though. Rissiki clung to Nyktan's pack a little harder, creating a light if necessary to see.
Lyna (Aust): Lyna joined the rest of the group at the entrence, dismounting her horse and making sure her equipment was in order
Spider says to the GMs: Does Fu see anything interesting?
Storytelling: The cave was sheltered from the blowing snow and seemed fairly safe inside. There didn't appear to be any hidden passages or crevaces for people or creatures to be hiding behind/in.
Lang Fu (Spider): "Looks like it's empty" Fu shouts out before going back outside to get his horse
Maiko: Knowledge(Dungeoneering) or (Engineering) checks if you want. Dwarven stonecunning would apply, but... no dwarves here.
Lyna (Aust): "Sounds good. Let me just get my horse as well. She won't like staying outside.
You whisper to Tiffanian: Rissiki can tell simply by looking at the cave floor that it wasn't a fully natural cave.
You whisper to MAF: Nyktan could tell that someone or some thing had carved the cave out, but took care to make it still look like an ordinary cave.
Rissiki (Tiff): "Hmm... I don't think this is natural" Rissiki said quietly, "I think it may have been carved out this way. Which makes sense, I guess, since it's by that monument."
Nyktan (MAF): "This is indeed not natural. But it's my gut feeling that says someone wants us to be here. Don't ask if that's a good or a bad thing."
Zurui (Shrike): "Likely a place to pay respects, or make prayers, in that case." THe kitsune commented, slipping inside and away from the windy entrance.
Lyna (Aust): "Hmm. " Lyna couldn't really add anything to what the trio before her said and simply entered the cave
Lang Fu (Spider): Fu frowns at the discussion and goes to take a look at the monument
AustNailo: Gotta take out the dog again. BRB
Storytelling: Inside, the cave was a welcome refuge from the storm outside. Some snow was blown inside, but Robern was able to fashion a simple covering to keep the worst of it out.
Although it was hard getting on top of the outcropping in the storm, Fu eventually managed. However, it was hard to tell, even at close range, just what the monument was of. It was tall, to be sure, a full two feet taller than Robern, but the snow on it and the blowing wind made making out any features impossible for now.
Lang Fu (Spider): Brushing aside some of the snow, Fu tries to find out if there's an inscription or the like in the base of the monument before heading back in
Storytelling: With the snow it was hard to tell, but it seemed like there was no pedistal or base to the monument. Any further investigation would have to wait until the storm had passed.
Nyktan (MAF): "Anything?" Nyktan asked Lang Fu. After being told, he sighed. "Let's get a fire going. I'm freezing to death."
Lang Fu (Spider): Fu shakes his head at the question. "Can't tell with so much snow flying around. Anyone happen to have firewood handy?"
Storytelling: Robern had some and started setting a fire up.
Zurui (Shrike): Zurui called on some of her natural magic, summoning a trio of orbs to cast a diffuse light over the cave while they waited for the fire to set up.
Maiko: It goes out the entrance.
Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki huddles close to the fire in the making, helping Robern out magically if he seemed to need or want it. (spark)
Lyna (Aust): "Damn this weather. If I knew this would happen I would have waited till spring"
Rissiki (Tiff): "It can pass almost as quickly as it comes in these parts" Rissiki said quietly, "it's just a matter of waiting it out I suppose."
Lang Fu (Spider): "It's going to be a cool night. I doubt the fire will help very much."
Lyna (Aust): "So what do you propose then? Not like we can do much else to keep warm"
Lang Fu (Spider): "Not much we can do, I suppose. Sleeping close together helps some, of course."
Lyna (Aust): "Oh...I see." Lyna said, not a slight bit of hesitation in her voice.
Nyktan (MAF): "The fire certainly feels good now, but once night hits..." Nyktan visibly shivered. "I wouldn't be surprised if we see the flames themselves turn to ice."
Lang Fu (Spider): "We could make a wall out of snow to keep worst of it coming through the entrance. Though I think someone will have to go get more firewood before the night is over."
Lyna (Aust): "A wall...of snow? Well, I haven't had to play in the snow since I was a child. Should be an ineresting experience"
Nyktan (MAF): "I'll go out with Robern to help collect extra wood as he cuts it up."
Robern (Tass): Robern agreed to Nyktan's suggestion.
Rissiki (Tiff): "If you pack it in tight it keeps the wind and the cold out" Rissiki replied, nodding as she sat near the fire. "I should be okay I think, at least compared to many of you... I'm used to being out and about in this sort of thing, and I have the advantage of fur."
Zurui (Shrike): "I will help as well. I don't think I'd be much aid to gathering fireweood, at least."
Nyktan (MAF): "I've got fur here and there..." Nyktan said, "I look more human than most, though."
Lang Fu (Spider): Fu starts whistling to himself as he goes out, reminiscing to the rare times his master had let him play in the snow as starts rolling a ball out of the snow, rolling it on the ground to make it grow.
Spider: Then that apparently didn't go through
Lyna (Aust): "Well, we all have a job to do. If we're to have all this done by night, we've got to get to work. Split into teams and lets get to work."
Storytelling: Though it was unplesant for even Fu to go back out into the storm, the group gets to work. Fu and Lyna use packed snow to extend the shelter around the cave's entrance while Robern and Nyktan collect enough wood for the fire to last the night, and maybe then some. Sophia got some food cooking over the fire while Zurui boiled some water for tea; a small bit of comfort can do wonders after a trial like they had been through. The cave floor wasn't that cold, thanks to the fire and their sheltering of the entrance. While it was probably still before sundown, there was little they could do but stay holed up until the storm passed.
Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan sighed after coming back in with Robern, flopping down in front of the fire. "I can't feel my everything..."
Lang Fu (Spider): As he comes back to the cave after making the snow wall, Fu takes off his cloak and shakes it to rid it of the snow before putting the cold and quite wet garment back on for the lack of spare clothes. Then the wizard takes a seat near the fire, shivering slightly.
Zurui (Shrike): Zurui poured tea for everyone as they returned. The flavour was a bit thin, but it was certainly hot enough. "Here, stay warm."
Rissiki (Tiff): "I used to do that without shoes" Rissiki said quietly, poking the meat she had cooking. She was probably overcooking it, but that was generally better than undercooking she found. Especially around here, with some of the odd things that went about in raw game...
Nyktan (MAF): "Thank you." Nyktan said to Zurui, taking the tea and sipping it, moaning pleasantly as he felt the warmth flow through him.
Lyna (Aust): Her hands bitterly cold from the construction and her armor practically stuck to her body thanks to the weather, Lyna would also scoot close to the fire, the half-elf shivering as she was given the tea.
Nyktan (MAF): "Same watch as last time. We need to be extra careful, alright? Remember what I said."
Lang Fu (Spider): "I suppose it wouldn't hurt to be careful. Though I doubt much anything is going to sneak up on us through the blizzard."
Spider: Good thing she didn't spend any of them, then
Lyna (Aust): "True. Who in there right mind would be so hell bent to push through a blizzard to ambush us? And most animals would be trying to find shelter too"
Rissiki (Tiff): "You never know, something like that wolf might sniff us out..."
Nyktan (MAF): "And what of that which needs no shelter?"
Nyktan (MAF): "Just be careful."
Nov 12, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Session Logs

Lyna (Aust): "Fair enough." Lyna shrugged, still shivvering slightly. "Damn this cold."
Nyktan (MAF): Unless anyone said anything, Nyktan would seek to lay down and get some rest near the fire with whoever decided to join with him to keep warm. If no one offered, he'd look to Lyna. "There's no helping it."
Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki would quietly lay down beside Nyktan, happy to share some space with him, and some warmth... but mostly just to be this close to him again.
Lyna (Aust): "I guess there isn't. I got an extra blanket to help keep us warm. Think the armor needs to go? I doubt you'd like sleeping with a tin can."
Lyna (Aust): Lyna lays out her sleeping pad, taking the blanket out and fitting it under the main section of the sleeping pad
Lang Fu (Spider): Fu shrugs and makes his bed on Lyna''s other side, using his saddle as a head rest and curling up on his cloak.
Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan's face would redden at the sight of Rissiki, but would quickly look back to Lyna. "Y-yes... An extra blanket would do wonders." he agreed. Even with Rissiki, he'd freeze without a blanket.
Zurui (Shrike): Zurui and RObern bedded down on the other side of the fire, grouping together for warmth and sharing blankets as well, the kitsune wrapping herself around the larger man and getting comfortable.
Nyktan (MAF): "And yes... No armor, please. Keep the rest on." He'd say, before taking off his outer layer of clothes that had gotten wet in the snow, leaving him only in his undershirt and pants.
Lyna (Aust): Lyna took a few moments removing the annoyingly cold armor so that she'd at least be midly comfortable. Underneath was only a basic tunic and pants as well. "Much better" She'd say as she climbed into her pad.
Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan climbed in next, chuckling a bit as he did so. "How close is too close?" he wondered. "I'm fine with spooning."
Lyna (Aust): "Whatever keeps us warmest. I won't object. Mind you, we might be forming a chain of some kind, with Rissiki in the mix."
Nyktan (MAF): "Yes... I'm aware." Nyktan said slowly. "Guess that fur only helps so much, eh?"
Rissiki (Tiff): "Well... it's best for everyone if we stay relatively close, I think" Rissiki replied. "I don't mind most any sleeping arrangement, though."
Lang Fu (Spider): "Well, as long as it's only for the warmth," Fu comments, moving to within elbowing reach of Lyna, but no closer.
Lyna (Aust): "Gods we must look silly. But...we have to do this." She said, trying to joke with her companions as she scooted into position.
Nyktan (MAF): "It's perfectly normal for several people to share a bed in such weather..."
Lang Fu (Spider): "Such is the glorious life of an adventurer," Fu replies jokingly. "All the closeness of bedfellows without the intimacy."
Nyktan (MAF): "Do you want to be the big spoon or the little spoon?" he asked Lyna.
Lyna (Aust): With a slight bit of hesitation, Lyna would respond meekly... "Little..."
Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan blushed a bit. "R-really? I picture you as the big... N-nevermind..." he stuttered, before cautiously getting behind Lyna, sharing their body heat together. Feeling her warmth for a bit, he began to purr.
Lang Fu (Spider): Fu chuckles a bit at Nyktans' reaction, turning face to face with Lyna. "Warm enough yet?"
Lyna (Aust): "S...Shush. It's a long story and I'd rather not go into the details right now." She said in a slightly grumpy tone befre Lang turned to face her. "Getting there."
You whisper to AustNailo: Pst... what's the tattoos Lyna has. All that're listed are the locations "Hand, right shoulder, behind (Left cheek)"
Lang Fu (Spider): "I forget, who is taking the first watch?" Fu asks, inching a bit closer to Lyna before turning to lay on his back. "I'd get closer, but I've been told that I move quite a bit in my sleep and I'd rather not elbow you by accident."
You whisper to AustNailo: that works!
Nyktan (MAF): "Fu is a little spoon as well!?"
Nyktan (MAF): "Oh, thought you were... No, you're on your back."
AustNailo says to the GMs: the hand tattoo is a religious symbol, the right shoulder is her order symbol (A blue rose) while the one on her behind is a lily or some other symbol of a prostitute
Lyna (Aust): "It's fine. I'll get as close as you feel is necessary. And actually...I think I have first watch."
Nyktan (MAF): "No point in leaving the covers... Just don't close your eyes."
Lang Fu (Spider): "Ah. Good thing we didn't get too comfortable, then."
Lyna (Aust): "Fair enough. I do feel rather comfy right now..."
Nyktan (MAF): If nothing else happened, Nyktan would fall asleep with Lyna in front, and Rissiki behind.
You whisper to AustNailo: During her watch, Lyna fought to keep from drifing off, but was unable to keep from closing her eyes. As she slept, she drempt of her earlier years, spent as a prostitute in one of the poorer districts of the coastal city she grew up in. It wasn't pleasant; most of her 'clients' were sailors or labourers and always seemed more interested in fucking her and paying her, some even neglected the second part of that. There wasn't much she could do about it though, they were stronger, bigger and simply held more power over her. Her dream shifted, though, and she remembered one particular encounter (or was she remembering or just dreaming of something? She couldn't tell). It was a wandering bard who had purchased her services that day. Unlike the brutish sailors and dock workers, he seemed more interested in her as a person, instead of just a sex object. For the first time, she found herself enjoying her 'job'. But she realized something else as well: she had power over this man. Whether straddling him, or with her mouth around his cock, he was under her control. As she knelt before Nyktan, sucking gently on his disk, she realized she didn't need her armor or sword to be strong.
As Lyna slowly woke up, she felt something warm in her mouth. Blinking to full wakefullness, she realized she actually was giving the feline bard a blowjob! And that she was completely naked too (so was Nyktan for that matter)! Worse still, everyone else (except Robern) was awake and looking at her too!
You whisper to MAF: Nyktan drempt of one of his many escapades involving his performance, a couple of adoring and beautiful fans, and their jealous and not-at-all attractive husbands. It wasn't his fault that one had a broken nose and was missing teeth while the other looked like he had headbutted a porcupine. Still, they were strong and drove him out of the bar, though he was able to take the money he had earned at least. Given how well the performance had been, he felt he deserved a reward. He decided to go to a local brothel to spend some of his earnings on someone who would at least pretend to appreciate him. As he entered the whore's room, he thought she looked somewhat familiar, but couldn't place her face. After some time, he was honestly surprised by her, unlike most prostitutes who seemed only into it for the money, she seemed actually interested in making it enjoyable for them both. He had been in enough women's beds to know when a woman was faking an orgasm, but all of the ones she had were geniune.
As he sat in the bed he found himself back in the cave, only this time he was alone. There was no sign of his companions. The fire was still burning low, but now, instead of red and orange flames, it was burning blue and violet, casting purple shadows on the cave wall. The woman who had led him here was standing on the opposite side of the fire, facing away from him. Closer now, and without blinding snow and wind, he could tell she was wearing a traditional eastern kimono, white with small purple flowers. "This is the most help I can give you." The woman said, Nyktan recognizing the voice that had led him back to his companions after he had run away from some guards back at the mine. "Please, if you want to save this world, and yourself, from the coming storm, go to the village in the east. Curing the sickness there will be one step towards ensuring this world is not swallowed into darkness." She paused, sounding a bit worried. "I'm afraid that guiding you here has taken too much out of me. I won't be able to help any more for some time. Please be careful." As the woman turned to face Nyktan, she faded from sight before he could see her face. As she faded, so did the blue flames, returning to their normal red. His companions were visible now too. He quickly became aware of two things, first, that he had apparently taken his clothes off in the night, and second, that something warm and rather plesant was around his manhood. Looking down, he saw Lyna bobbing her head, still looking as if she were half asleep. She quickly woke up though, looking as surprised as he was at her actions.
You whisper to Shrike7: Zurui's dream was full of dark shadows and a feeling of being chased. Whenever she looked over her shoulder, she saw an angry red creature with great wings just behind her. As she ran, she caught glimpses of her companions, torn to ribbons by the creature chasing her. Finally she felt herself falter, tripping and falling. Her persuer was upon her in an instant, claws tearing the thin clothes from her body before roughly grabbing her waist. The intrusion was sudden and painful, but something inside of her told her this was normal for her, that this was how it was supposed to be. As the creature raped her, she heard herself calling out Robern's name, begging for help. The creature spun her over, onto her back and she was looking up at it. A firey red dragon tattoo blazed on the creature's chest and she realized that this creature was her beloved. The monsterous Robern continued to violate Zurui until she felt him peak and spill his seed into her, like so many times before. As she recovered, she saw the creature that was her Robern raise a claw before driving it towards her chest.
Zurui woke, feeling more than just the chill of the winter. Robern was sleeping peacefully beside her. An odd sound caught her attention though, and she looked over to see Lyna, naked and on her knees, giving Nyktan a blowjob.

Maiko: As usual, Rissiki was left mostly to herself as she slept. In her dream, she was standing in utter blackness. Her familiar sat in front of her, but as she approached it, it seemed to get bigger until she realized that it had simply been far away and was always this size, its head nearly reaching her shoulders. Knowing what she needed to do, she got on all fours and let the now-giant feline mount her. As it painfully started to mate with her, she became aware that the blackness was receeding. She was in the middle of the cave, next to the fire, being taken by her cat in front of her companions who looked on. At first she thought their looks were ones of contempt, but as the show went on, she realized they were looks of envy. The scene shifted, she was still being taken by her cat, but now her companions were all involved with some related activity. Lyna was laying under her horse as it pushed into her. Nyktan was across from her being taken by a large wolf from behind. Fu was trapped in a web as a spider pushed its ovipositor into him. Zurui was now a normal fox and Robern was fucking her. As the sounds of bestial fornicating filled the cave, Rissiki slowly woke.
She had bundled her blanket up and was curled around it. She heard some odd sounds and looked up to see a naked, kneeling Lyna servicing Nyktan with her mouth.

You whisper to Spider: As Fu drifted off, his thoughts went back to his time with his mentor, teaching him the magical arts. One day he was being taught to control a demon from the shadowlands, near to where he was born, and supposedly, one of the creatures that may have sired him. The demon was a Seducer, a shadow demon who lured men with promises of carnel pleasure. It was rumoured that it was a Seducer that gave birth to the first fetchlings. This one had onyx black skin that seemed to shine in the light of the candles. Her body was perfectly porportioned. The fact that she had shadowy wings didn't really enter into it. As Fu started to go through the ritual to bind her, the Seducer stepped forward, over the binding circle until she was in front of him. He knew he should be alarmed, but as she guided him back onto his bed, he found he couldn't bring himself to resist. The demon removed his robes, the claws on her hands gently scratching him. As she straddled him, her form shifted to be that of Lyna. The woman smiled down at him as she positioned herself over his now-hard length and lowered herself on it. She turned around to ride him reverse-cowgirl style, and Fu noticed the tattoo of a lily on her behind. She continued to ride him until he felt himself cumming inside of her.
Fu's eyes blinked open. The dream had been so real it almost felt as though it had actually happened. His eyes were drawn to a sound coming from near the campfire, where a naked Lyna was kneeling before Nyktan, the catfolk's cock deep in her mouth. From where he was laying, he noticed that, even out of his dream, Lyna had the same tattoo on her butt as he had seen in his dream.
Zurui (Shrike): Zurui awoke with a startled gasp, throwing herself up and away from the spot she had been in, the fear from the dream slowly replacing itself with confusion. Robern was fine, she was whole, everyone was still in the cave. And the knight was servicing the bard, right there int he middle of it all. That earned her a second gasp of surprise, as she turned away from the scene, staring at the wall. "What... Is it daylight outside yet?"
Nov 12, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Session Logs

Lang Fu (Spider): Fu slowly blinks in surprise, almost hypnotized by the scene happening above him and somehow afraid to break the spell, also taking a note of the tattoo that had also appeared in his dream.
Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan at first didn't react, laying there as his eyes slowly opened. At first he'd act like what was happening between his legs was normal, before he became more aware. Seeing Lyna down below, with his length in her mouth, he stared at her, wide eyed. "... Given everyone's reaction, we all had a dream?" he inquired to the group, not looking too bothered about being naked in front of everyone. Damage has been done, and he wasn't too ashamed of his body anyway.
Lang Fu (Spider): "I definitely had A dream, though I doubt we all had the same one," Fu would reply, slowly pushing himself to a sitting position, still unable to take his eyes off of Lyna
Zurui (Shrike): "Y-yes." Zurui answered, her hand rising to a spot on her chest. "What's going on?"
Nyktan (MAF): "I'll be clear. I saw a yukionna in the snow. She revealed herself to me and seems to be in need of help. Nevermind the dream... Or what we all likely did to each other during the night, I was told to travel to the east, and find a village to cure it's sickness. I never refuse a request from a lady, so I will venture to the east. You all are welcome to join me or not. I'll venture alone if you'd prefer to continue elsewhere."
Lyna (Aust): Dreaming about her old life was never a pleasant experience. Her old home was a hole in the wall, and her job made her feel like less of a person. Each man just treated her like a toy to be fucked and tossed aside. But then there was that one man. That one soul who treated her like a person. And it reminded her that she didn't need steel and iron to be strong. As she continued to suck off her companion, her drive was renewed. But she would wake from her slumber, finding something warm in her mouth. It took a moment for her to fully realize just what she was doing. She was actually sucking off the bard and with a start, she pulled her head back, finding both of them nude as the day they were born. "G...Gods above, what happen! I...How did I get like this?!"
Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan looked dejected and violated.
Lang Fu (Spider): "I don't know. But SOMETHING is definitely messing with our minds here. I saw a demon in my dream, Nyktan saw a spirit, and no doubt each of you saw something different."
Lyna (Aust): "I saw...I saw my past. Living my horrible life before I finally escaped that wretched port and those horrible men. Save for one kind man who was everything the others weren't. He was...a bard."
You whisper to AustNailo: Just a note, I left it ambiguous if it was actually something that had actually happened, or if it was a fabrication of her dream. I'll leave it up to you.
Zurui (Shrike): Zurui stayed silent, glancing over at Robern, still asleep. "A demon." She commented quietly, wrapping her arms around herself.
Lang Fu (Spider): "Past... Nyktan, did the Yukionna remind you of anything in your past? Whatever brought these dreams probably drew from our memories."
Lyna (Aust): "Well...I thought it was my past....It seemed so clear and vivid and the pain just reminded me so much of it. And that man...Ugh..." She held her head, the memories quite painful for her to remember. "...I just want them to go away. I'm not that woman anymore!"
Lang Fu (Spider): "I think it might be best to get away from this place as soon as we can. Who knows what else might happen if we stay for another night." Fu says, carefully trying not to wonder whether it might be worth it just to satisfy his curiousity.
Zurui (Shrike): "The past..." She said slowly, thinking back on all the times they've acted out the scene in her dream, with less demonic influence. Shaking her head both in denile and to clear the images, she hugged herself a little closer. "No."
Nyktan (MAF): "Well... Not exactly." Nyktan replied to Fu. "I just dreamed of... A certain woman..." Nyktan went silent for a moment, as if choosing his words carefully. "Though the yukionna and she were of no relation... To my knowledge." he said. "I still plan to heed her request. Whether or not she reminded me of anyone else."
Lang Fu (Spider): Fu frowns as he hears Nyktan's insistence. "You do realize that it probably was no lady, whatever planted that dream in your mind? It might well be the work of some trickster spirit or even a demon."
Nyktan (MAF): "I have reasons beyond that to heed her."
Nyktan (MAF): Having said that, Nyktan said no more on the topic.
Lyna (Aust): "Whatever it is, I don't care!" Lyna yelled as she scrambled to find her clothing. If and when she did, she'd don her armor and head over to her horse. "I'm not waiting any more. We're leaving now"
Storytelling: Lyna found her clothes in a bundle, mixed in with Nyktan's.
Lang Fu (Spider): Fu slowly staggers to his feet and shakes his head to clear it before finally thinking to mutter a familiar incantation to see if he could catch traces of whatever magic it was that caused all this.
Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan would fetch his clothes after Lyna got her own, getting dressed, looking to the others to see if they were in.
You whisper to Spider: The only magical auras that Fu could sense were those of the few magical items the party carried. That was until he started to focus on the spell. There was another aura, pervasive, but almost non-existant, that lay throughout the whole cave. The aura was so weak he wasn't even able to identify what school of magic it was from.
Lang Fu (Spider): "How far is the village? If it's more than a few days of travel, we might have to resupply first."
Storytelling: The storm had disorientated them, so Nyktan wasn't able to tell how far they still were from the town, but when the blizzard had hit, they had been less than a day away.
Nyktan (MAF): I'd say about a day's travel.
Storytelling: Outside, the blizzard had subsided and the eastern sky was just starting to brighten. It looked like it would be a rather pleasant day. However, it didn't take a tracker to notice something odd in the fresh snow. A set of tracks led away from their cave, towards the rising sun, but none led towards it.
Robern and Rissiki both inspected the tracks and came away with the same conclusion. They appeared to be made by a human, or human-like woman, barefoot.
Lang Fu (Spider): "Looks like we may have our way marked. I guess whatever it is doesn't want us to get lost."
Lyna (Aust): "Well, what are we doing standing around?! Lets go. I'll ride all day if I have to to get there."
Zurui (Shrike): "Reaching an actual village before tonight would be very nice." Zurui commented from the back.
Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan stared at the tracks, eyes narrowed. Though he said nothing.
Lang Fu (Spider): "Agreed. I for one would like a hot bath." Fu says, mounting the colt after making sure he hadn't left anything in the cave.
Rissiki (Tiff): What a weird night... what a weirder morning. It was still floating through Rissiki's head as she peeked outside, her eyes sometimes darting over to first Nyktan and then Lyna every so often when they weren't looking. Getting to a village, and away from this crazy cave, sounded like a wonderful idea indeed...
Storytelling: As they left the cave and looked back, they could see the monument more clearly now. It was stone, and looked to be made in the shape of a giant sword that had been driven into the rock. The image of a woman was carved into the stone with the sword. The features on the woman were weathered away by time, but it was clear that she was both very beautiful, and naked. The carving had been made to make it seem like she had been chained to the sword, her head resting near the crossbar and looking out over the landscape from atop the hill.
You whisper to Spider: Fu could recognize a tombstone when he saw one, though it seemed rather ornate.
You whisper to MAF: Nyktan had heard of a western general who fell in love with an eastern princess during the war. The story ended tragically, with the general being forced to kill the woman, and then turning his sword on himself. It was said this happened on a stoney hill overlooking a forest, where a battle had been fought that ended with the lovers sacrifices.
The style of the monument, a grave stone to even the untrained eye, specifically the chains around the woman, look to indicate that whoever built it seemed to do so to bind or lock away something.
You whisper to AustNailo: Lyna had heard of a western general who fell in love with an eastern princess during the war. The story ended tragically, with the general being forced to kill the woman, and then turning his sword on himself. It was said this happened on a stoney hill overlooking a forest, where a battle had been fought that ended with the lovers sacrifices.
The style of the monument, a grave stone to even the untrained eye, specifically the chains around the woman, look to indicate that whoever built it seemed to do so to bind or lock away something. The woman being chained to the sword indicated that the builder believed her spirit was still restless and saught to bind it here.
You whisper to Shrike7: Zurui knew that in the west, the military leaders were generally considered to also be of the noble caste and would often have elaborate grave markers made for them, often with some martial symbolism.
Nyktan (MAF): "So, we were visited by someone who died... Maybe." Nyktan theorized. "The chains around the woman seem to indicate someone or something being bound here. I'm guessing that's who I saw."
Zurui (Shrike): "I think she was part of the military." Zurui added. "It looks like a noble's gravesite from the west, they were the ones who tended to elad.
Lyna (Aust): "The spirit that rests here is quite...restless. A love torn between both realms. The man forced to kill the woman before he died himself. All this taking place at the end of a battle. And it was the man that was iin the military. A general from the west. The woman was a princess during the war. This was clearly built to contain her spirit, no doubt upset by how things turned out."
Nyktan (MAF): "I think the one she loved was from the west... And she hailed from the east. No surprise their relationship would end in tragedy." he said, looking to Robern and Zurui for a moment.
Lyna (Aust): "Exactly. Forbidden romance that was found out. The General had no choice to do what he did. Perhaps his lover felt he could have done more so that neither had to die."
Nyktan (MAF): "I get what her intentions might be... But why she attached Lyna's face to my unmentionables is beyond me. "
Lang Fu (Spider): "Well, no use wasting daylight. Let's go."
Lyna (Aust): "Yes...Lets. We can discuss the details later." She said, trying to keep her gaze away from Nyktan at least in the mean time.
Nyktan (MAF): After a while, Nyktan bided his time until he thought the moment was right to speak to Lyna. "I apologize." he said. "Making light of what happened was rude. It clearly bothered you. I'll find somewhere else to sleep if it helps."
Storytelling: As they traveled along the tracks, they noticed that they became more and more shallower until they disappeared alltogether. Fu glanced back as the footprints disappeared and noticed that the grave marker just vanished from sight where they stopped.
Lang Fu (Spider): "Well, I guess that proves the spirit is bound to that place, at least. Couldn't get out of sight of its own gravesite."
Lyna (Aust): "Good. It stays there, the less likely it is to harass us again."
MAF: Lyna doesn't reply to Nyktan?
Rissiki (Tiff): Rissiki looked back in the direction of the cave and the grave marker they had just left, a feeling of sadness washing over her. She couldn't help but think that the events of the past night had been because of a lonely spirit, one she could do nothing to aid. The ratgirl sighed heavily and turned away again, ready to follow behind the others.
Lyna (Aust): However, she couldn't ignore the sword hanging over her head. Nyktan was at least making an effort to apologize and make thngs right. She couldn't stay mad, nor could she remain distant. "It's fine Nyktan. We'll just have to be careful from here on out. I'm not going to shut you out if you need help though. THat's just who I am."
Storytelling: Staying east, they continued for a while before they could all notice the scent of cooking on the wind. Coming out of the trees, they find themselves at the bottom of a glen, a small village of about ten houses, all built in the eastern style, built around a small stone footbridge over a similarly small stream. Brook would be a more accurate term. Smoke from cooking fires rose from most of the buildings, carrying mouthwatering smells. Glancing back at the sun, they estimated that it was getting close to dinner time, and the sun would be setting soon.
Nyktan (MAF): "Only if I need help?" he inquired, though the scent of food distracted him. "I hope there's some for us." Nyktan said, his spirit brightening.
Lyna (Aust): "Yes. Any time. We're trudging through this mess together, I'm not going to shut people out because of one incident." She closed, the smell in the air distracting her somewhat. "Well, I don't think I've ever been happier to smell real food."
Zurui (Shrike): Zurui walked in silence, her mind on the dream and what they figured of the spirit that caused it. She perked up as the scent of civilization wafted to her nose as well. "Looks like a small hamlet, they likely don't have an inn for visitors. We may have to petition one of the families to put us up for the night." She commented.
Nyktan (MAF): "That may be difficult..." Nyktan hummed. "We are a lot of people for a small village."
Zurui (Shrike): "We are." She agreed simply.
Tiffanian says to the GMs: « 1d20 = 20 »
Lang Fu (Spider): "I hope they have enough spare beds for everyone." Fu says, riding forth.
You whisper to Tiffanian: Rissiki recognized the small collection of houses as one she had been to about a year ago. She had treated a young child with a persistant cough, but it wasn't anything notable. The hamlet, if it could even be called that, didn't even have a name. Those who lived there simply called it 'Home'. The elder of the community was Morioka Jirou (Just a reminder, Morioka is the family name), an elderly man of nearly 80. His wife and both of his children had died, leaving him to be cared for by his granddaughter, Asuka, who would be around 18 or 19 now.
Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan would lead the group, putting their best foot forward, mostly heading for the smell of food. If he saw anyone, he'd smile and give a friendly wave. "We're here to lend assistance. A little bird told me that there is some kind of trouble here. A sickness? As good samaritans, we're here to help with that."
Rissiki (Tiff): "I recognize this town" Rissiki spoke up after a moment of staring at it, resting from trudging through the deep snow. "I've been here before. I believe I helped to heal a child who had a slight illness at the time. The village elder, if he still lives, was a kind man, perhaps he'll help us."
Storytelling: As they entered the village, there were no children playing in the snow. There were a couple of adults out, sweeping the snow away. They smiled warmly to the group, but didn't reply to Nyktan. "Sickness now?" They heard someone say. Looking over, they saw a very elderly man, leaning heavily on a crutch, smiling at him. The crutch wasn't because he was missing a limb, but seemed to to support his considerable weight. Despite being easily in his 80s, the man was nearly obese. He had a friendly smile on though, and chuckled, causing the fat on him to jiggle a bit. "Can't think of any sickness here." He commented, looking over the group. "But you look famished, come inside. My granddaughter is preparing supper and travelers are always welcome to join us." He said, motioning them into his house. He moved ponderously, waddling almost, with his weight.
Storytelling: The group noticed the two other adults that were out sweeping the snow away were also rather large around the belly.
You whisper to AustNailo: However, as they entered, Lyna had spotted what she thought was a child in one of the windows. In contrast to the adults, he looked nearly skeletal. Before she could call attention to it, he was pulled out of sight by someone in the house and the window shuttered.
Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan's ears tilted back when he saw the trend around town. In a few moments, he was not in the front of the group.
You whisper to MAF: However, as they entered, Nyktan had spotted what he thought was a child in one of the windows. In contrast to the adults, he looked nearly skeletal. Before he could call attention to it, the boy was pulled out of sight by someone in the house and the window shuttered.
Zurui (Shrike): "Perhaps we were misled, then. Thank you for your hospitality, regardless." Zurui replied, offering the large man a small bow. Nyktan seemed to scamper off, so she took the lead instead, following him into the house.
Lang Fu (Spider): Fu ties his horse off before following Zurui inside, carefully keeping a smile in his face and acting as if he saw nothing suspicious at all.
You whisper to Tiffanian: However, as they entered, Rissiki had spotted what she thought was a child in one of the windows. In contrast to the adults, he looked nearly skeletal. Before she could call attention to it, he was pulled out of sight by someone in the house and the window shuttered. She realized that he had been the boy she had treated a year ago. He was looking much more healthy then. Jirou, who she barely recognized, also looked very different. He had been probably less than 100 lbs when she was last here, and now he looked nearly over 300. The other adults looked to have gained signficant amounts of weight as well.
Lyna (Aust): What Lyna saw was somewhat unnerving. The child she just saw was nothing more than skin and bones and compared to the rest of the people here, it was more then a little bothersome. Why starve a child when everone else seems so full? The rest of her group seemed content to move on though and Lyna would have to bring this up later. She'd do as Fu did and tie off her horse before heading inside.
Nyktan (MAF): Nyktan would sneak behind Zurui, and whisper quietly. "Did you see that child? Nothing but bones."
Zurui (Shrike): The kitsune frowned, looking back at the catman. "I didn't, no." She said slowly, looking about.
Nov 12, 2008
Re: Maiko's Game - Session Logs

Session 10 - The Whispering Village (on account of the record amount of whispers done)
Attached is the raw, unedited log file, in html format (inside a zip file). Anyone who wants to take a crack at editing it, feel free to. A quick guide for anyone wanting to do that: Take out the OOC comments, those are the ones without the IC name in front or "Storyteller" (that's me). The whispers I leave in as well, for the most part, depending on if they're IC or OOC, which can be hard to tell, so no marks will be taken off for any OOC ones left in (if in doubt, leave it in, also, any edited log will not be marked).