Trisha (Darkwyn)


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Nov 24, 2009
Re: Trisha (Darkwyn)

Trisha's Stats: 0/500 XP, 319/1500 KP.

Strength: 40
Dexterity: 35
Vitality: 35
Energy: 20
Intelligence: 20

HP: 105/105
Stamina: 75/75

(Trisha twist free then dances around sparring with the bug for several turns only managing a single hit for 48 damage on the creature. After that punch though she can't escape the bug and gets grappled then impaled but manages to avoid only orgasming once and avoiding being impregnated but remains mounted for several turns before she can escape again losing 21 stamina and taking 105 pleasure and gaining 175 KP)

Jerking free Trisha finds herself in what feels like a boxing match with a giant bug, bobing and weaving she finally uppercuts the bug. Unfortunatly it stuns it much less than it would a human and Trisha finds herself impaled on the giant member and orgasms from the sheer shock of something so large pounding into her. Regaining her senses she struggles and pushes escaping just in time as the bug appears to climax the moment Trisha pulls free and stumbles back avoiding being impregnated by mere seconds.

Altered stats:

0/500 XP, 494/1500 KP.

HP: 105/105
Stamina: 54/75


(See how the thing like a right hook)

(That giant thing pounding in my felt kinda good....maybe another ride wouldn't hurt.)