RPG RPG Maker [WhiteMoor] エミリアーナ-魔契の聖女- / Emiliana -Holy Lady's Demonic Covenant- (RJ236651)


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Nov 1, 2011
Still trying to figure out myself what all the Heart NPCs do, since only some of them seem to result in H scenes. I can't read Japanese myself, so I'm curious if it just means Heart NPCs will either give you a scene or maybe they just make some lewd comments? Anyone figured this out further?


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Jun 26, 2015

is there getting this while doing things to the monster B?

I got this error after I open the "auto" for the monster B (the white option).

edit: now I'm stuck in this error. I can't do things with monster B.. -_-"
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Jun 26, 2015
Yep I also experienced that with v1.00.
I haven't checked with v1.11 though
how you deal with that error? because I can't continued my game.

maybe later, I want to tried fresh..

Is there any impact to that monster? I mean, if I just skip that monster, it will affect the progress in the future?


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May 6, 2018
You have to unpack it first, then remove the "%" from the folder's name it creates, then you can use the hooker on the "game.exe" inside that folder.

Pretty much any game where the main .exe file isn't "game.exe" requires this.
Ok, before hooking the text from the RPGM MV game we need to unpack the game with EnigmaVBUnpacker right? but in my case,
i can't play the game after unpacking it, to be precise the game window freeze when i open it after unpacking it. but when i play the original (still packed file) it turn out fine. are there anyone have similar problem with me? How can i solve this?


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Nov 13, 2013
Seems to me that you are acquainted with libellule's RPGMaker MV hook patcher, since you know how things should go. Now in that thread's opening post EnigmaVB Unpacker is mentioned, and...


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Mar 6, 2011
if interested it was on the torrent page 1.25 of whom highly charged ^^ .
Only missing ne complete description of what has been fixed XD
Jan 1, 2013
Well, I just complete the game, have to say the H ending is not a happy one. Although, if you can somehow stay pure through out this game, I think the true ending is out there as well. Anyhow, I did enjoy the game, getting to level 47 is a must if you want to beat the last boss with out too much difficulty.
Also, the forest gets to be fairly important later in the game for progression of the storyline.
Mar 29, 2013
So, game seems simple enough to just bumble around in and complete, but can anyone just list the titles?

I assume you need a specific title for the NPC's with red hearts above their heads...which is awkward when you don't know how to read them.
Flicking through like 10 titles per NPC and hoping you get a scene and are wearing the right outfit is...not fun.


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Aug 30, 2011
Does anyone know why this game require you to run with administrator permissions in order to create a temporary file...?


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Apr 29, 2013
From what I played, I'm pretty sure that the title that you're using doesn't matter at all and it's only clothing and time that affects CGs.
Here's my vague memory for events up to a certain point.

- The first CG in the original church's confessional.
- The initial demon meeting.
- The dream that Emiliana has after being kicked out of the convent.
- One of Emiliana's breasts being poked from doing the quest to find a woman's kid.
- One from successfully fishing something up.
- A few from the helping out at the town's confessionals.
- One from losing at the fight where the blue-haired girl's in the cave. This results in a game-over by the way.
- One from heading to the right-part of town for the first time.
- One from doing a quest to meet up with a shota. I don't remember where I got the quest for it. You needed to wear the sweater for this one. There's also an animated one where you enter one of the right houses at night with that sweater on.
- If you wear the lewd nun outfit, there's an animated paizuri event to the south-east of the church. There were also still CGs in the right-side of town, I believe.
- During progressing through the main story, you can play as a nun that Emiliana interacted with in the beginning. You have the opportunity to sneak in a rudimentary stealth portion but if you get caught, you get a CG. I have no idea if it actually impacted something besides the CG.
- If you progress through the main story, you fight a succubus and some thugs or something. Winning or losing results in the same CG.
- If you progress through the main story, you reach some kind of adventurer camp or something and see a CG of the Succubus with the leader.

And my vague memory of what to do for plot.
- Talk until you're able to go to the Confessional.
- Go back into the church until the attack. Head upstairs. Defeat all the enemies.
- Head to town and head to the church or something. You'll eventually encounter the blue-haired girl in an argument. I kinda remember heading to the jail to the top-left of the church during this part, but I dunno.
- She gets dragged to a cave, which you go and save her. This unlocks the right-part of the town.
- You need to buy a non-typical nun outfit from her (she's at the docks) and go to the bar. If you head to the bar and try talking to someone who's seated at the top-right side. He wants to grab something from the men's toilets. Talk to him again once you're done.
- This unlocks the slums or something. One of the buildings, like right-most is how I'd describe it, has the succubus/thugs fight.
- If you head back to town, I think you unlock a forest area. If you go through that, you eventually meet up with some group of adventurers or something.
- They do some raid on a temple or something. You follow them in. Go through the area, you'll eventually be forced to attempt to leave before the temple starts breaking up. Go back towards the boss and you'll eventually end up in the main town again.

At this point, I didn't know what the fuck to do. I read something about buying another piece of clothing from the shop and using that to head to the tower up on the top of the map, but I haven't really been too motivated.

As a side note, the most recent version has all the animated CGs and stuff now, included in combat stuff and out-combat but animated stuff.
Oct 22, 2011
At this point, I didn't know what the fuck to do. I read something about buying another piece of clothing from the shop and using that to head to the tower up on the top of the map, but I haven't really been too motivated.

As a side note, the most recent version has all the animated CGs and stuff now, included in combat stuff and out-combat but animated stuff.
At this point you have to go back to the adventurer's hideout in the forest area. I don't remember if you get the teleport scroll that ports you there instantly or not, but once you get there you can walk around in their hideout until you try to eavesdrop on the leader in his private room.

Afterwards, you have to find the succubus in the forest area, which unlocks the tower dungeon where you have to beat her.

Go back to town and get the lingerie if you haven't already. Wait until night, equip the lingerie then attempt to enter the bar. You'll get accosted by a soldier who takes you to help "placate" some prisoners. Afterwards, you'll be extended an invitation to visit the large church (area right next to the town on the world map) at night while wearing the lingerie. Doing so will result in a scene and your character waking up in the morning none the wiser.

Once that's done, you go back to the hideout and go through a cut scene where you decide to start the rebellion.

In order to actually start it, you have to wait until night, equip the lingerie then leave town. You can then go to the large church and begin the last part of the game (or see a slightly different version of the scene described above). You will get a warning that once you start it you can't leave.
Sep 23, 2015
weird i see this scene before beating succubus

now i equiped lingerie and enter bar nothing happening, town exit too

i go to hideout and nothing happened too lol